Fox and Murdoch – warping the American mindset

‘Incredibly damning’ documents indicating the top Fox News brass and staff knew Trump et al’s claims of a stolen election were false but still floated the conspiracies on air, increase the chances of Dominion Voting winning its $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit.

 Whether Fox and Murdoch were terrified of Trump or of losing their fixated audience hardly matters – or whether Dominion wins or loses since such cases are notoriously difficult to stand up in court – though Alex Jones did fall into a similar sinkhole.  

   What is of crucial importance is a) the stranglehold which Murdoch has had in perverting the American mindset in recent years: and b) whether the evidence in this court case will finally blow a scud missile through the ascendancy of the ‘fake news’ clap trap and paranoia of the past seven years.

  What I never noticed before is that Murdoch’s ruthlessly ambitious Mars in Cancer is exactly opposition the USA Pluto and conjunct the USA Mercury. And it is that fanatical US Pluto opposition Mercury which has been triggered and causing problems through the years of Trump’s demagogic rants, lies and smears. Without Murdoch would he have had the same damaging effect on the culture? Now in its final year with the USA Pluto Return – there may be significant changes ahead.

  Murdoch’s Jupiter Pluto are also conjunct the USA Cancer Sun and square the USA fair-minded Saturn in Libra with Murdoch’s Uranus North Node in opposition – Murdoch’s bulldozer, confident, I’m-more-important-than-rules approach is certainly on a collision course with a good many American values.

  Maybe just maybe with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun of Murdoch/USA chart from mid March, the power-hungry, disruptive bond might be split asunder.

  Fox News, 7 October 1996, is due for an almighty upheaval with tr Pluto moving into Aquarius late next month as it is conjunct the Fox Uranus, plus it’ll get a shock in April this year from tr Uranus square the composite Mars. And that is followed by another massive jolt from Solar Arc Saturn square the Uranus over coming months.  I’m not sure what a $1.6 billion hole would do to its finances. But the Murdoch empire has form for closing down troublesome outlets – the flagship UK News of the World Sunday newspaper was closed down after the phone hacking scandal some years back.  Though Fox is admittedly an entity of a different order for Murdoch.

  The Fox News chart also has its Neptune conjunct the USA Pluto and opposition the US’s Mercury – fitting for a channel that has tended to skirt round and cast smokescreens over the actualite.

  Murdoch is not having a good year with tr Pluto in a frustrating opposition to his Mars and moving into his 2nd house of finances which can often start with a breakdown phase where money is concerned.

Maybe Pluto heading for a sign change is having an impact.

See previous Post on Dominion court case:  11 December 2022  

7 thoughts on “Fox and Murdoch – warping the American mindset

  1. This posting got me thinking about William Randolph Hearst (April 29, 1863 at 5:58 AM in San Francisco) and HIS contribution to using the media (along with his competitor Pulitzer!!!!), to misinform the public about Spain and Cuba…. leading to the Spanish American war. The term “yellow journalism” was coined at the time… first for one reason but then to mean manipulating the news.

    WRH’s Uranus at 18 Gemini is conj. USA Mars at 21 Gemini; his Saturn at 29 Virgo sits just near the USA Neptune at 22 Virgo and the Asc at 28 Virgo. Plenty more links, I’m sure.

    Then, for some reason, I found myself reading about Sun Tsu (544 BC). His book, The Art of War, was a foundational guide to the military of Kubla Khan (who defeated China!) and was key to the success of Mao Tse Tung AND is used by China today. Sun Tsu carefully lays out the strategies to achieve victory in war and those strategies include deception, propaganda, spying, etc.

    Essentially a manual on the use of psychological and media warfare to achieve victory without a high physical or economic cost. This media manipulation has been going on for a very long time!


    • oh dear…. a bit more to add!!

      Joseph Pulitzer was the “architect” of journalism as storytelling rather than simply writing the facts. He purchased a paper in 1883 and transformed how news was presented.

      “ Pulitzer accomplished that by bringing drama to news—by turning news articles into stories with a plot, actors in conflict, and colourful details.….. His journalism took events out of their dry, institutional contexts and made them emotional rather than rational, immediate rather than considered, and sensational rather than informative. The press became a stage on which the actions of government were a series of dramas.”

      Add to this our sound-byte news culture of a good headline to lure you in and a quick 2 sentences of information…. there is no chance to go deeper into the complexity of any issue.

  2. Fox News is also facing a $2.7 billion defamation suit from Smartmatic USA. Between that and the suit from Dominion Voting, they should do quite a bit of damage to Fox News.

  3. A parallel issue is that the MAGA-dominated House has now handed Tucker Carlson, exclusively, all of the security camera footage from January 6. The potential for Fox and Carlson to do mischief-editing and misrepresentation is massive…and no other outlets will have this official footage. Murdoch must have been elated by this development, which stems from agreements McCarthy made to get a sufficient number of votes to win the House Speakership; he’s firmly in bed with Marjorie Taylor Green and the other MAGA/conspiracy theory fanatics. By the time Carlson gets through with his fiddling, chances are the Fox audience will think Jan. 6 was a peaceful tourist excursion, with deaths and police attacks buried.

  4. One of the reasons I have became cynical with the News/Media in America and Britain is the closeness with Politicians from all Political parties, even some activists groups and their contacts with the media per-se. Although I appreciate a fine line needed between a scoop and liaison. I dislike feeling controlled. Although the Murdoch/Fox issue will be fascinating from an Astrological perspective, as transiting Pluto conjunct Fox’s Uranus in Aquarius may not be as cut throat as it looks. Given the fact the Uranus is Aquarius’s ruler – surely this would make it have a very strong energy? Pluto is a water element and although explosive and destructive, Uranus (air) has an enlightening strength, which may bring something to this discussion unforeseen. It will be quite interesting to see how Pluto the planet with a kick, interacts with Uranus, which incidentally is also in its natural 11th house – a triple energy. Fox’s Chart has Pluto sextile it’s Uranus in the 8th house Politics and Money. Sextile’s work in a doggedly/ purposeful way. I can’t help feeling Pluto will have a battle, as it is in Sagittarius (fire) and is transiting Aquarius Air. Uranus is also associated with technology and media; either way this means high stakes and a change of direction for Fox News.

  5. Thank you Marjorie, I’ve been anxiously looking forward to trial which I believe begins in April as transiting Pluto clobbers the Fox Uranus. I looked at Trump’s chart and was fascinated but not surprised to see his Mercury conjunct the Fox Jupiter and I see that Black Moon Lilith is moving into an opposition to their cozy relationship.

  6. The voters who brought in Trump will continue to be enamoured with him and his. Murdoch is too far above mere American mortals & voters to care…but other institutions affected by those voters could be pulled down.

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