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  1. Here is birth date for Pierre Poilievre – birth time unknown.

    Pierre Marcel Poilievre
    June 3, 1979 (age 43)
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  2. Hi Marjorie!

    If you have some time can you look at:

    Do you think Saturn/Neptun conjunction in 2025 will bring another pandemic (like 1918 Saturn/Neptun conjunction)?

    How about Canada’s election in 2025? Trudeau or Poildelievre?

    Is Alberta province will succeed to pass the “Sovereignty Act”?

    Thank’s a lot for your time!

  3. Wow…comments this time!

    I have a request. Los Angeles just inaugurated it’s first female mayor. (2nd black mayor). This is very cool and interesting BUT here’s my request because Stevie Wonder performed.

    I love Stevie Wonder’s music. He’s incredibly talented and also, to me, seems to be of a beautiful heart. So many great love songs & songs about social issues. He’s had recent kidney problems. His voice, preforming at Karen Bass’s inauguration ceremony sounded as it always has – and he’s 72 now.

    So…can you tell me more about him?

  4. Can you do a reading on princess Carolina of Monaco? She has aged so gracefully and has accepted her role as back-up when Princess Charlene was at home in South Africa due to ‘health issues’. Caroline reminds me of Princess Royal Anne she has accepted her place in the monarchy and seems to be asset in Monaco.

    Charlene is back now but I do admire Caroline, she’s been through a lot in her life.

  5. Hi Marjorie
    Can you have a look at Ruth Madoc, the actress who has died after a fall? She was still working at the age of 79 and was going to appear in the panto Aladdin in Torquay. She was best known for Hi-de Hi! but was also in the film of Fiddler on the Roof.
    Thank you.

  6. The Sunday Times has today published an article by Suk Morys, daughter of writer and pioneer Jan Morris who transitioned when Suki was around 6 years old, about the unhappy relationship she had with her former father. I know you wrote about Jan when she died in 2020, but I was wondering if you could have another look at Jan’s chart in the light of these revelations. Thank you, Marjorie.

  7. Hi Marjorie,

    Do you see England’s chances of winning the World Cup football?

    They have done well so far in the tournament.

    Thank you

  8. Reading that KC3 and QCC visited Wrexham today and met Ryan Reynolds / Rob McElhenny who are the Hollywood stars who own the football club.

    I find it quite a heart-warming, almost mystifying story, that they have picked some seemingly random Welsh football club and want to improve it and get it back from its non-league status – so unlikely to be profitable. They talk about doing it for the community.

    Would be interested by any astrological insight on the owners, their motivation and choice.

  9. The government has announced reforms to remove some of the restrictions put on the banking industry following the GFC.

    Those were put in at the start of Pluto in Cap and getting taken away as we exit it.

    Double astrological interest that it happens on the Gemini-Sag full moon. After all it was the Pluto in Sag era that pumped it all up!

  10. Got curious about @judith bramall’s statement of for some reason, so did a little digging. Apparently, Meghan is not ‘the first woman of colour in the royal family ….’. There was Queen Charlotte of the 18th century who was of black Portuguese descent and turns out to be Queen Victoria’s great grandmother and, William and Harry’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother.

    Further, Philippa of Hainault, a fourteenth-century Queen of England, was also rumoured to have African ancestry.

    Hmm……. interesting! So ‘blackness’ is actually peppered right through the royal family’s bloodline people which I am sure they are aware of. We do get everywhere for real lol

    • Jennifer E – Yes, fascinating isn’t it? There’s also Princess Diana’s Armenian/Indian ancestor, Eliza Kewark. She’s William’s 5 times great grandmother. Eliza married Thomas Forbes (1788-1820), who worked in Surat, Gujarat, for the East India Company. Some DNA tests were done on William’s cousins some years back, and there’s the South Asian DNA in the female line.

  11. Completely agree with your analysis, Marjorie. Meghan’s Leonine lust for the spotlight is the key to this whole mess. Truth be known, she fancies the title of “queen” and I’m sure deeply resents Kate for having that role all wrapped up. Harry is being used.

    • Lets not forget Kate went to far off St. Andrews University to meet the Prince. She had her eye on him and wanted the lifestyle, arguably more than Meghan. She got all the attention before Meghan came into the picture, by the family AND both brothers. I certaintly think there was some jealously on her end and its no surprise the institution took her side. She’s one of them and Meghan isn’t.

      • Catherine has hung in there, paid her dues and has earned in role. Meghan can be whatever she wants, an activist, retired royal, it’s her world let her chose her role.

        She’s ‘out of the firm’. She and her hubby need to find their purpose in life. Positivity and humility can take you a long way ‘whinging about your past is boring’ time to move on. The comedians are starting to make fun of the duo on NPR.

  12. would like more compassion for the first woman of colour in the royal family her husband who lost his mum so young and their infant son and daughter

    • Can you imagine the energy in the air when the family met Doria, Meghan’s mother? For the first time an American black woman was marrying into an old institution and bringing her family baggage along that was sensationalized on every headline in the press. This was not something the Royals wanted or liked.

      We have created fantasies in our minds about Kings and Queens and when the truth comes out that ruin those fantasies, like unconscious racism, the public has to find a scapegoat, and who else than the person sharing the story: Meghan.

      • Maisy, you have swallowed Meghans poor me ‘all royals are racist’ meme, hook, line and sinker. Did you know that even in the ‘evil empire’ days, Queen Victoria wished to and subsequently became godmother to a Maori Child whose parents had visited her in England. It is said she loved the child and loved to cuddle and bounce him on her knee. When they returned to NZ she paid for his education. Hardly the actions of overt institutional racism.
        However, the most awful case of racism in the royal family was, Harry’s great great uncle. You know, the one that abdicated to marry his american divorcee. His views were repugnant to others in the family. He was a supporter of Hitler and reportedly held racial prejudice against foreigners and many of the then Empire’s subjects. In 1920, on his visit to Australia, he wrote of Indigenous Australians: “they are the most revolting form of living creatures I’ve ever seen!! To paint all royals with a broad accusatory brush in this era is to ignore facts.

    • Meghan is a study in narcissism but she is not a black woman. She is biracial and even her former acting resumes say she is Caucasian. I can guarantee you that absolutely no one cares about her skin, they care about her piss poor actions. She is purposely race baiting to stay relevant and to get her own back at the Royal Family.

      Personally, I would have liked to see more compassion given to Prince Phillip by this gruesome twosome as he lay dying and they couldn’t be bothered. Nor could they be bothered to visit the Queen before she died even though they were in Britain for some awards ceremony and she had invited them to Balmoral.

      Harry has had years upon years upon decades of compassion due to his mother dying when he was young. He has sucked that tit dry and most don’t care anymore. William at least grew up and moved forward like most adults do. He doesn’t trade her name for money and attention like his man child brother does.

      And who said anything about their kids? I do have compassion for them because it’s no picnic being raised by a narcissistic mother and a clueless father. Much love and luck to those innocents.

    • Got curious about your statement for some reason, so did a little digging. Apparently, Meghan is not ‘the first woman of colour in the royal family ….’. There was Queen Charlotte of the 18th century who was of black Portuguese descent and turns out to be Queen Victoria’s great grandmother and, William and Harry’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother.

      Further, Philippa of Hainault, a fourteenth-century Queen of England, was also rumoured to have African ancestry.

      Hmm……. interesting! So ‘blackness’ is actually peppered right through the royal family’s bloodline people which I am sure they are aware of. We do get everywhere for real lol

    • Very long sigh. He’s a brainless toddler throwing a tantrum because elder brother got more attention – and she is an egomaniac craving a global super stardom she hasn’t earned.

      • @ Marjorie,

        Thank you so much. You just said everything I’ve been thinking of Harry and Meghan for some time now.

        The only reason why Meghan is so popular here in the U.S. is because she’s an American herself. However, many (if not most) Americans know very little about the actual social structure and traditions of the British Monarchy – they seem to think it’s an institution that just anyone can marry into and be accepted if they have money.

        So many Americans fail to understand that the British Monarchy has its own culture and traditions. Meghan married into this…yet she appears resentful for being expected to conform. In other words: she wants the glamour and opulence associated with the Royal Family, but she wants it all on her own terms. Doesn’t work like that.

        As for Harry, well, I’ve been adverse to him for years. He likes to be the “Rogue Prince” who causes shock and awe and, like Meghan, wants all the benefits of being royal without doing the work.

        Also, I can’t get over that time he wore a Nazi costume to a party – I mean, he should’ve known better.

        Anyway, Harry and Meghan will never be as popular as the late Queen Elizabeth II or the late Princess Diana. I wish they’d both just give it up and go mingle with the Hollywood celebrity crowd instead of causing trouble for King Charles III and the rest of the Royal Family.

      • From The Times review of Episode One.

        “Those unlucky enough to have seen the tasters for Harry & Meghan will have guessed that strong stomachs were likely to be required for the main course. But, I didn’t expect to need a whole packet of Rennies just to get through the saccharine tsunami that was episode one. At times it presented like a Center Parcs ad: “This is a great love story,” gushed Harry, modestly (shouldn’t others be the judge of that?). “And the craziest thing is I think this love story is only just getting started.” Please, don’t say that! It suggests there will be many more Netflix “volumes” and this one is an absolute masterclass in cloth-eared self–indulgence as it is.
        Most gauche of all was the tone. The confetti of carefully selected photos of Harry and Meghan set to tinkling, sad piano music had the suspenseful feel of one of those TV documentaries about a terrible murder. Happy, carefree days leading up to horrific tragedy. “They are DESTROYING us,” said Meghan to a video diary in a voice that suggested she and Harry were refugees running for their lives from trained assassins not simply opting to swap royal castles for a mansion in California. “I really just want to get to the other side of this.” Of what? “How did we end up here?” she asked. Dunno — private jet?
        Harry was eager to frame their story as a grand epic romance. “She sacrificed everything she ever knew, the freedom she had to join me in my world,” he said, as if he was an alien from Mars, not a privileged mega-rich young man. “And then pretty soon after that I ended up sacrificing everything I know to join her in her world.” Don’t these multimillionaire “humanitarians” have any self-awareness? Do they know there’s a brutal war in Ukraine? That back in Harry’s homeland nurses are using food banks and pensioners freezing, yet everyone is supposed to feel sorry for a couple of multimillionaires.”

        • I can’t believe they can’t see that this level of self-pity is delusional with everything else going on. The note of optimism for me is that they can only milk this cow for so long and that time will surely expire in the next 12 months. Then they actually have the potential to do something really constructive with that joint energy.

          • I don’t think their joint energy can be used positively. It’s a pity party and they needed to keep the anger focused on others.

            Your underlying point is a good question – how do they keep milking this? Usually people like this keep it going by creating a new drama or inflaming the situation just as it’s dying down. Except the Royal Family aren’t very good at taking the bait.

            So, at a stretch, I’d say you might see the Californians make moves to come back into the fray then kick up a fuss and leave again with all the blame and finger pointing thereby new milk!!

          • GD – just interested to know why you think their joint energy can’t be used positively? I had always hoped it could be. Maybe I hoped for too much. Much of the engagement and run up to the wedding was positive, with many people happy for them.

          • Jane – you’re right they ‘could’. But I just don’t see both of them having the transformative moment where they both agree to change direction from the pity party to working for something bigger than themselves.

            I think if one has the epiphany and wants to use the energy positively, the other will try and pull them back towards negativity to maintain the status quo and avoid change.

          • Thanks GD. Yes, very sadly, I see your point. What a waste. More money than sense, as my grandma would have said! I have encountered some very wealthy people in my life, with personal problems and dramas – we all have those. Emotional pain is the same for everyone. But in one instance, the person complained they would “have” to sell some incredibly valuable antiques, due to a messy divorce. In two other instances, they both said they would have to sell villages. Yup. Villages. At that level, people really don’t get what everyone else must face! I’ve commented on the actual H&M post re Diana’s untimely death, and an interesting eclipse pattern.

      • Absolutely agree Marjorie. I think the longer they whine and are over-exposed, the more that people will see them for what they are. Now to get thru his book release in January.

    • Despite all the negativity surrounding them, there is a huge level of interest and intrigue from the public. People love to talk about them yet “dislike” them.

    • I’ve just reading the BBC live blog of the first 3 episodes. Apparently there is nothing so far to worry the Royal Family. I am pleased for Harry that’s the case. Keeping the door open to reconciliation needs to be the priority even if it isn’t immediate. Not everybody gets on with their parents but one day seeing/hearing their side allows you to heal your self and move past the emotional impact.

      What I take away from what I’ve read is that Harry is using Meghan to replace Diana in his life – MM is being the mother he never had. So, he is following and listening to her thinking she can help him move on from his arrested development. What he hasn’t realised is that she has her own agenda. But also like Diana, she has a very dark emotionally unintelligent side.

      As for Meghan, she gets to be in control of the relationship which her chart loves. What has become increasingly apparent whenever I read anything she says is that she is either telling us her innermost thinking by accident, or you should believe the exact opposite of what she is saying.

      • I listened to an extract, so far more of what we’ve heard already. Of astro interest – today’s full Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Harry’s natal Mars. Angry emotions? Angry women?

        Tr Neptune opposes his 22 Virgo Sun in the 8th, and squares Meghan’s 22 Sagittarius Neptune in the 5th. What interested me about that, apart from Neptune’s association with film, scandal, glamour etc. is the ongoing Mars square Neptune was exact at 22 degrees this autumn. The potential for confusion would appear to be quite high.
        In March Pluto begins to square Harry’s 0 Scorpio Pluto, while moving towards Meghan’s 1 Aquarius South Node. Perhaps that’ll bring up more hidden issues with her past, her connections and friendships. King Charles’ Moon is 0 Taurus as well. Prince William’s Jupiter – 0 Scorpio, MC 2 Scorpio…..more to come?

        Meanwhile, in January 2022, Marjorie wrote:

        “What will be worth watching is her relationship with Harry since tr Pluto opposes the composite Moon from March 10th this year running to late June, and repeating on and off in 2023. Part of that may be moving house but it also suggests family issues will loom even larger than usual”

        • “So far more of what we’ve heard already” … yep and it probably always will be. Emotionally unintelligent people get stuck repeating the same stuff over and over because they never get over it!

          Actually there was one interesting new titbit … Harry has apologised hundreds of times for creating the split between MM and her father. Apparently they were close before he started dating her. I can’t believe he’s copped the blame for this one.

          As I recall MM’s chart – she has transiting Pluto hitting her descendant. That’s a doozy – open enemies.

          The other thing about Harry which occurred to me is whether this pathological need to “protect his family” is being stuck at the bargaining stage of the grief cycle. I recall back at the engagement looking at the synastry and being somewhat mystified by what they saw in each other; but that he had transit Pluto square his Libra Venus (she neptune opposite her venus). I wonder if MM didn’t come into his life to help him move on from his mother in some way.

          Anyway we still have his book to look forward to …

  13. Can you do an updated reading on AOC? The White House released a statement to the press that she is under investigation by Congress, but could not list why.

  14. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any further insights regarding Ukraine. I read that Hungary is now blocking an EU proposal to send more aid. Plus, here in the U.S., that idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing everything she can to rally other Republicans in the House to support cutting aid to Ukraine (although, with only a 9 seat majority and with some Republicans still supporting Ukraine, I doubt she’ll be successful).

    Radio Free Europe estimates that over 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced both internally and abroad due to the ongoing war. However, they predict more Ukrainian refugees will pour into neighboring European countries as their infrastructures water, and electricity facilities continue to be damaged and destroyed.

    Any further astrological thoughts you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    • @Chris, fortunately, EU as whole, or single EU countries, have ways to unblock this situation. I’d be, in fact, more concerned for Hungary and/or Orbàn here. The patience for his attics is wearing extremely thin not only in Bruxelles, but in Warsaw, Bratislava, and Bucharest.

      • @ Solaia,

        that’s good to know about the EU having measures to counteract Orbàn. I really do hope Ukraine receives as much aid as she needs.

        I’m aware of Vikor Orbàn and his antics and it’s awful that somebody like him is even representing an EU country. He’s very far-right and very sympathetic to Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. I can’t believe how somebody like him is so popular in Hungary.

        Does the EU have a process for expelling a nation that refuses to comply with the principles and ordinances of the union? It seems awfully counterproductive to a have a system in which one rogue member can delay, hold up, or obstruct everything.

        Here in the U.S., we’re bracing ourselves for the “House of Horrors” that’s coming into power in January. With only a 9 seat majority, I’m hoping the Republicans won’t be able to block the funding to Ukraine….but I wonder how much the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene has on her party (she’s been leading the defunding of Ukraine campaign).

  15. Hello Marjorie and All, can someone please explain how to reply so that my comment is not at the top but indented under the post I’m replying to? I can’t seem to figure this out.

    • You should see a ‘reply’ on the right hand end of the name of the person you are responding to – though occasionally if there are several responses the reply button disappears so you have to go further up to the initial comment.

  16. David Gilmour has been dubbed “the Sexiest Guitarist Alive” by Glamour’s magazine in its December 2022 issue.
    He was unquestionably handsome in the 1960’s, but has been building his career on more than his looks. Well educated and very creative, he replaced Syd Barrett in Pink Floyd. Then he took the lead after Roger Waters’ increasingly politicized world view, along with his total negativity and complete disparagement of the contributions of bandmates, led to a considerable amount of tension in the band. More recently he sold off 123 of his precious guitars to raise money to combat climate change.

    What is your take on his astrology, Marjorie ?

    • Neige

      Gilmour is a genius. Born 6.3.46 in Cambridge. I have seen a scorpio ascendent chart for him, with Sun/Venus in Pisces in the 5th, Mars/Saturn Cancer in the 9th so a grand trine with Asc in water. His very emotional playing combined with beautiful musicality and tone, alongside equally capable players in Pink Floyd are a joy. The greatest guitar player alive IMO. Part 1 of Shine on you Crazy Diamond says it all….

  17. The medically assisted death program in Canada, MAID, seems to be gaining worldwide attention. The NYT, Daily Mail as well as Vancouver Sun have been exploring this practice.

    People who have been living with homelessness, disability or poor access to healthcare have been advised to pursue this approach. 10,000 people made use of it last year. Next March, access to the program will be expanded for mental health and mature minors.

      • Yes. Astonishing as that sounds. Veterans desperate for mobility aids advised by Veterans affairs to consider MAIDS.

        There was even a video commercial for Simons . ca for clothes with the MAID theme. An article has recently revealed that the woman featured in that ad chose MAID because of lack of healthcare and then ensuing lack of palliative care.

      • A 54-year-old St. Catharines man Amir Farsoud for instance. I think the medical ethicists have been dozing in Canada.

        There’s more to discover:

        Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario

        Ontario’s waiting list for organs typically hovers around 1,600 without any great headway made to eliminate that number.

        Author of the article: Bruce Deachman
        Publishing date:Jan 06, 2020 Ottawa Citizen

        “Canada decriminalized medically assisted death in 2016, and Ontario, through Trillium, immediately moved to the forefront of organ and tissue donation through MAiD, becoming the first jurisdiction in the world to proactively reach out to those who had been approved for assisted death to discuss donation. When a death is imminent, whether through a hospital or MAiD, Trillium must by law be notified.”

        • I’m still stunned. Plenty of countries have medically assisted suicide laws, some US States do, and if your country doesn’t you can travel to places like Dignitas in Switzerland. But that’s for terminally ill, or severe physical or mental illness.

          I’ve never heard of euthanasia just because you can’t afford your bills & your organs would be useful elsewhere. I must be interpreting this wrongly, as that is horrific & Canada too great a country. I’ll have to go and read up on it.

          • Yes, Belle. Please read up on this.
            MAID came into effect in Canada in 2016. It has been a HUGE benefit to a number of my clients and a few friends. It gives people the right to decide their death with dignity.

            Yes, there were a number of fears that MAID would open the floodgates to disadvantaged people using it or having it be used, somehow, on them. It is 2022 and that, clearly, has not happened.

            These few cases that PC mentions (and they are few) are being exaggerated by the media to make a point… that we have an issue in Canada regarding poverty and health care. Conflating the 2 is not accurate at all.

            The quote below clarifies;

            “Inadequate housing is not one of the eligibility criteria for medical assistance in dying. While somebody’s living circumstances may contribute to their suffering, it does not constitute the grievous and irremediable medical condition, which must exist,” said Chantal Perrot, a physician and Maid provider.”

            There is are “rigorous eligibility requirements” to get MAID… and certain involves having a serious, chronic condition. All other options to ease the suffering must be pursued.

            Certainly these people have a valid point about not being able to afford housing.
            THAT is an issue, not MAID.

            MAID has been of great value to many.. a real gift.

          • The 10,000 MAiD cases last year made up 3% of all Canadian deaths. In four months time, it expands to include mental health and “mature minors”.

            The Simons commercial had been glorifying the program for months. Etherial setting on a beach in Tofino with lanterns and cheesecake. Ghastly in my eyes and I know death. A remarkable approach to sell clothes and furnishings. It turns out that she herself wanted to live but the healthcare was lacking, as was palliative care.

            Sandra, certainly those “few” cases above deserve more than being diminished or otherwise minimized. Veterans affairs advising a disabled veteran/parolympian to consider MAiD rather provide mobility aids?

            These cases are worthy of our attention. Certainly before expanding the program further, we need to take these things seriously rather than minimize or justify.

            Sandra, when reading up on this topic please consider have a look at what Rupa Subramanya or Darshan Maharaja have found. Both have guested recently on Benjamin Boyce u tube.

  18. Marjorie, can you please analyze the chart of a man who claims to be Charles’ and Camilla’s son? I wonder if there is any astrological and karmic link. Interestingly, his adoptive grandparents worked in the Royal household were the first ones to tell him he was their son which is how he found out and subsequently began his decades long research. Since the Queen’s death, he has been approached by top documentary and filmmakers to expose his story which he says has merit and fact to prove his case. Except a dna test of course.

    Dorante-Day was born on April 5, 1966, in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the UK.


  19. The world is in utter chaos. Our resources are being abused and exhausted while the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer.

    Can you shed some light what these coming few years will bring for us humans here on Earth with outer planets shifting signs? 2023-2026 seems like it will shift us all into a new level of consciousness and the buildup is happening right now.

  20. Just to highlight Starmer announced some policies yesterday to include getting rid of the House of Lords in the first term. Assuming Labour win power such a constitutional change would sit astrologically very well with the Pluto in Aquarius era.

    Next scheduled election would occur place their first term between 2025-30 – Neptune in Aries / Gemini in Uranus. Saturn in Aries and Taurus.

    PS The slightly rhetorical question I have is – won’t the House of Lords have to endorse such legislation?!?

    • Interesting conundrum GD! I don’t know, but he did say it would be replaced with some kind of second chamber of elected people. His big challenge is his stance on the unions, with all the upcoming strikes before Christmas. A very difficult situation. The future planetary weather you describe would seem to favour some re-nationalisation initiatives – another area where he has not been exactly clear – except perhaps on water companies. I’ve noticed some tv ads for Thames Water, all about how they’re “fixing leaks”….a pre-emptive strike perhaps?!

      • I was thinking further on this after I posted and when you look at the US and how their Republican-led Senate seems blocks everything the Democrat-led House of Representatives propose, I wonder whether it is as good an idea as it seems. And then this morning, I saw an article on front of The Times by a member of the House of Lords saying reform is needed but making it elected is probably not going to be any better than currently. You’d lose expertise and replace it with elected representatives following a party line.

        As for the water companies Jane. Interesting. Privatising water seems to have been the most silly privatisation of the lot as we don’t even get the choice of using different companies.

        The whole set up of things really seems unfit-for-purpose these days. But then I’m a believer it’s not about the structure itself; it’s about how you use that structure. Government works if the people in it are genuinely doing their best, for example.

        • Yes, government certainly needs more people ‘doing their best’ as you say. And re water, essential for all life on Earth, something needs to change. Water was privatised in July 1989. I can’t find a date. But there’s a Saturn, Uranus, Neptune line up in Capricorn, all retrograde. Pluto was retrograde in Scorpio. Kerching! Nodes 26 Aquarius, the Water Bearer, (more or less), so perhaps Saturn and then Uranus can shift things along? They both rule Aquarius. Water god Neptune in Aries may also decide enough is enough! Clearly, I certainly have…..

  21. Could you have a look at Baroness Mone (8/10/1971, Dennistoun, Glasgow) following her leave of absence from the HoL over PPE contracts, Marjorie? Records show she hasn’t voted in the House since April 26th. To what extent will these revelations effect the fate of the House of Lords. Also, I’m curious as to why someone like Mone whose net worth is estimated to be around £20 million feels the need to amass even more amounts of money, even at the expense of the public and her own reputation – can you see this in her astrology? Thank you.

  22. Another request from me. Another Libra Sun like Heyerdahl it seems as well. Guillermo del Toro has an interesting and imaginative body of film work, 9 oct 1964. Would be nice to see his chart as he has a new (old) film out, Pinocchio.

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