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  1. Hi Marjorie,
    It’s hard to look away from worldwide slow-rolling political train wrecks.
    Yet for anyone who needs a distraction — albeit a somewhat dismaying one — are you interested in looking at tennis star Simona Halep?
    Shock doping charge + split from billionaire husband + season-ending nose surgery

  2. I know there has often been links between stock market crashes and eclipses, I read an Indian astrologer who said that next week’s eclipse is very similar to Nov 1929 – Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    UK again in political turmoil. The main contenders for next PM right now are Sunak, Mordaunt and Johnson.

    Any insights on who might make it. Dreading to see Johnson as PM again. What does astrology say.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    I know this topic keeps coming up but a lot has happened since you last wrote about Ukraine.

    The Russian Federation is now using Kamikaze drones that they purchased from Iran and they’re bombing infrastructure and civilian residential areas in Kyiv and other cities throughout Ukraine. Iran has stated that they will back the Russian Federation for “better or for worse.”

    Also, 9,000 Russian soldiers have arrived near the border with Belarus and Ukraine in recent weeks. Some fear there could be plans for another full scale invasion of the country.

    Israel has reaffirmed that they will continue supplying humanitarian aid as well as drone detection systems to Ukraine. However, they will not be supplying Ukraine with arms or weaponry.

    India has also made it clear that they will also continue supplying unlimited humanitarian aid to Ukraine. However, they have no plans to end their close business and economic ties with the Russian Federation – they will remain in BRICS, they will not engage in sanctions, and they will continue purchasing Russian oil.

    And last but not least, here in the United States, Republican politicians and lawmakers are threatening to either cut or sharply reduce military aid to Ukraine if they win the House and Senate this November (which, according to.the polls, that’s becoming more of a horrifying possibility).

    Anyway, I know you’ve discussed in previous posts about Ukraine that 2023 looked challenging (“jarring” is the word I believe you used).

    Given the Global South’s unrelenting commitment to remain economically and geopolitically tied to the Russian Federation as well as the West’s support for Ukraine beginning to falter (just could just be my own personal observation), does the astrology indicate that Ukraine is basically “screwed” (for a lack of a better term)?

    As a supporter of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, I’m hoping that my fears of Ukraine falling back into the clutches of a sociopath are unsubstantiated and just irrational jitters. However, the media hasn’t provided much encouraging news lately….so, Indo have to wonder.

    I suppose my question is: with nations such as Iran, Israel, India, and now the United States (should the Republicans regain power) indirectly working as enablers of the war in Ukraine, does the astrology suggest Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation will benefit from all of this chaos?

    Anyway, any thoughts you could share regarding the recent developments in Ukraine would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Marjorie: Former U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has dramatically announced her departure from the Democratic Party. Her fiery rhetoric suggests that she has gone full MAGA. Some are opining that she’s blatantly seeking the VP spot on the 2024 Republican ticket (with Trump perhaps?) or even aiming for the Oval Office. I believe she’s an Aries with a Leo moon, so it’s a given that she loves attention. Can you elaborate re her personality and chances of becoming a political star/heavyweight? Many thanks if you can look into this.

  6. The Iranian protests have gone beyond just women waving hijabs. Large scale protests in minority areas especially Baloch and Kurd regions. These have sparked massive crackdowns by the “Persian” theocratic rulers and widespread unrest in the country. Deaths and widespread beatings have been reported. This is happening at the same time as the hijabi protests in the cities. How likely is there to be a civil war or regime change over the next 2 years in Iran?

  7. Could you do some predictions for Armenia? They are still in conflict with Azerbaijan and last month Pelosi has visited the country.

  8. “Israeli minister: Time has come for Israel to support Ukraine.

    The delivery of Iranian ballistic missiles to Russia impels Israel to deliver military aid to Ukraine, Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai wrote on Twitter. ”

    Does Israeli entry make much of a difference in the war, astrologically?



      • Likely not. Very expensive. I suspect Israel will provide the means to disable/render ineffective the Iranian drones now employed by Russia. Easier to electronically jam them/disable and crash them than to try to shoot them ALL down. Do not think the Israelis want to be too overtly supporting. They’d prefer a more covert approach. But hey, tomorrow is another day.

        • @ larryc,

          Well, I’m reading now – from The Times of Israel, that it was never promised that Israel was going to supply Ukraine with weaponry. Apparently, it was just Minister Nachman Shai’s personal opinion…but not the Israeli Government’s.

          Also, it’s been reported by Politico that the Russian Federation is warning Israel that if they were to supply weapons to Ukraine, then it would cause irrevocable damage to diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Israel (and apparently Israel wants to maintain those ties).

          I don’t know, it seems like there has been enough betrayal to go around with regards to Ukraine. These supposed “Western nations” are talking the talking…but not walking the walk. Plus, NATO recently announces Ukraine will not be eligible to join until AFTER they win the war (how very convenient for NATO). And it will likely take YEARS (possibly a decade or more) before Ukraine will be allowed to the join the exclusive European Union “club”

          I get so angry when reading all of this; I’m starting to see why the Global South has so much resentment for the West sometimes.

          • @Chris

            ‘These supposed “Western nations” are talking the talking…but not walking the walk. ….’

            Seems to me quite simply that no one wants to go to the point of no return – nuclear war!!! It only takes one fool in anger!

          • “Reuters: Russia will reassess work with UN chief if he inspects drones in Ukraine.

            Russia’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy told reporters after a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on Russia’s use of drones against Ukraine that if UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sends experts to Ukraine to inspect Iranian-made drones Russia “will have to reassess (its) collaboration” with the UN, Reuters reports. ”

            From “https://kyivindependent.com/news-feed/reuters-russia-will-reassess-work-with-un-chief-if-he-inspects-drones-in-ukraine”

            Maybe Russia will leave the UN? Or…something more sinister…?

  9. Hi, Marjorie!

    What is going on in the world of chess – could you write about Magnus Carlsen, born on 30 November 1990 at 03:04 in Tønsberg, Norway (chart rated C in the Astro-Databank), and Hans Niemann (born on 20 June 2003 in San Francisco, CA, USA)?

    There’s also a just-came-out memoir by Susannah Constantine (3 June 1962, Hammersmith, London, UK), which The Times is calling “a romp”, so I was wondering if you could tell us something about her through astrology, as well as something about her synastry with Trinny Woodall (8 February 1964, Marylebone, London, UK)?

    Suddenly, I got reminded of another TV duo, the Two Fat Ladies. One of them, Clarissa, wrote a memoir, and their lives and interaction could be interesting to see through the lens of astrology.

    There’s also the David Dimbleby memoir and his interview in The Times, in which he says he has no friends.

    I was also wondering if you could look at the US dollar (maybe even the pound sterling): Karen Hamaker-Zondag in her in English not yet translated book Die financiële crisis has a time for the dollar as 2 April 1792, at 12:00 p.m., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Look at that transiting Pluto on the descendant of that chart…

    Thank you so much!

  10. Marjorie,

    Yesterday, 14th October, was the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings 1066, which is often used to date the current monarchy (all royal ordinals count from that date, for instance). And of course, it could be considered a chart for England as well.

    It will be seeing a Pluto Return in 2058 approximately (after similar returns in 1314, 1562 and 1810). Nothing notable about those years leaps out to me, though the last two were in the midst of a transition in the UK’s role in Europe. The 1560s was at the start of England becoming a Protestant power in Europe, in conflict with Spain and the Catholic countries. The 1810s was of course in the middle of the Napoleonic wars. I don’t see anything similar for the 1310s, but perhaps Hugh Fowler could help.

    Can you cast a chart for that event and comment on what it would say for the monarchy and for England?

    • Hi The 973 chart makes more sense – especially on Pluto Returns.
      England 11 May 973 JC AD chart – Pluto 27 Leo. Pluto Returns in 1956; 1709/10; 1463/64; and 1217/18. The Pluto Return of 1709/10 propelled the British Empire into existence after the Act of Union with Scotland in 1707 – at its height it was the largest empire in history. The Suez Crisis in 1956 was the consummate humiliation for Great Britain, signalling its fall from world super-power with the empire crumbling fast in the years before and after.
      That chart is being rattled considerably by tr Uranus until it moves into Gemini in 2026 with much Neptunian confusion this year and for the next two.

  11. I have been away for the day and the Truss munitions dump blew up – again!

    Hunt looking none too cheerful over next year. But I’ll ponder longer tomorrow.

    Her Term chart with Uranus on the Descendant is clearly flagging relationship ructions – and then some.

    It’s surreal.

    • Laughing at the punchline of the opening sentence!

      Hope you had a nice day away. It’s testament to you and your site that we all come here running to discuss the goings-on.

  12. Marjorie do you think the impending solar eclipse in early Scorpio and square Truss’s sun will be impactful? Given the febrile atmosphere I can’t see it not being….

    • UK has now had 4 chancellors since 2019 and obviously a 5th coming up. Since Rishi resigned in early July, we’ve had Nadhim Zahawi for 63 days, now Kwarteng just over a month. Plus Sajid Javid’s 204 days – 4th shortest term ever.

      Very Uranian to be chopping and changing. Uranus of course transiting UK’s 8th I seem to recall Marjorie saying.

      • Scorpio Jeremy Hunt is now Chancellor! Its intriguing to see that Marjorie wrote he’d “shine after 2025” (11 July post). That’ll be after the next election, whenever we have one. They used to call him ‘continuity May’ – but honestly, don’t we need someone calm? His nodes are 16 Taurus/Scorpio – November Lunar Eclipse awaits! I’m wondering about a Sajid Javid return as well. Everything’s up for grabs it seems.

        • As I recall Jeremy Hunt has a Gemini moon. Think it’s early degree and if so, it would be replacing Kwasi’s Gemini sun which filled in the empty leg of Truss’ mutable t-square.

          He’s about ten years older than Truss, so maybe he’ll provide a safer pair of hands to her. Even so, Scorpio Sun square Leo Sun. He probably has Saturn-Chiron in Pisces opposing Virgo Uranus-Pluto which also hit her mutable t-square. Just going on memory here.

      • Also noting we’ve moved from the earth grand trine at the start of LT’s term to a current air grand trine with Sun/Venus in Libra (plus Mercury out of orb), Moon-Mars in Gemin, Saturn in Aquarius. All very theoretical !

        I did get to wondering the other day whether the LT term as PM will coincide with the long Mars in Gemini retrograde. It finally leaves next March just after Pluto enters Aquarius (and Saturn into Pisces).

        • Yes, GD, you’re right about the Pluto Uranus opposite Saturn Chiron. It’ll be interesting to see how the Mars in Gemini works out, as there’s that melty square with Neptune now and November, and again next year. That aspects Hunt’s Uranus Pluto etc. Hunt’s Sun is opposite UK Taurus Mars in the 8th.
          Much more chaos to come I suspect. Mars Rx in Gemini hasn’t even started yet……

          • Just to add – Bank of England Neptune, 23 Pisces. Kwasi K’s Mercury 23 Gemini. Transiting Neptune 23 Pisces. Transiting Mars, 23 Gemini. Moon in Gemini today, as you’ve noted. Some pleasing astrology there, even if everything else is all over the place.

        • Ha! In a chat, I said LT didn’t matter, she’d be gone by March. Mind you, at this rate she’ll be lucky to be there by next Friday.

          • And I said that before she was PM. Honestly, even after all the kerfuffle of recent years, I can’t believe what’s happening. What a mess.

    • Bizarre performance by the increasingly cardboard Truss at the press conference today. She answered the 3 or 4 questions from the press with the same robotic response on repeat before slithering away and appears to have all the fighting spirit of a block of wood.

      • Her delivery is like a 5-year-old doing the school panto … the highlight being about Kwasi “I was incred-ib-ly sorry to lose him .. as he .. is .. a .. great … friend”.

        I guess we should read the increasingly cardboard performance as a sign that Saturn is trying to suppress all the inner goings-on. Deep down I’m sure she is bricking it and hoping no-one will tell her off – Saturn’s biggest fear – or worse, sack her.

        I was reminded of Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” book where he talks about “the unflappables”. People who seem to be doing alright on the outside but have all the physiological signs of stress going on underneath – they’re simply unaware of it.

        Thing is, when you switch off the negative emotion; you also switch off the positives. So it’s hard to be excited, enjoying or inspired by life.

        • Along with Saturn approaching the square to her nodes, there’s been a series of calamitous transits almost conspiring to expose the weakness of her Cardinal T-square – transit Pluto doing its worst in Capricorn – as well as the catastrophic Uranus North Node conjunction on her Taurus Mars which caught the August conjunction with Mars. I’d take a guess that it’s partly her natal Cancerian Mercury/Saturn at the root of the robotic delivery too.

          It’s odd how she embodies what atm feels to many like a more fragile and weakened U.K.,following the death of the Queen and the falling apart of the Johnson administration, plus increasing anxiety about the advantageousness of Brexit in the current economic climate.

  13. Here’s one for you: Today, September 13, at about 345 pm, the house voted to subpoena Trump in the Jan 6 investigation. What is likely to come of it? And since experts are saying it will be moot if the house flips to the GOP, what’s the chart for the request look like around the mid-terms?

  14. Similar energy query to Chris.

    Comenco just bought a stake in Westinghouse Electric, an acquisition of one of the world’s largest nuclear service businesses.

    France is to restart all nuclear reactors by winter. Palisades Michigan, Diablo canyon California and Pickering Ontario will be refurbished or continued operation.
    UAE and Finland have just begun running new plants.

    Even Greta Thunberg recently said that Germany should keep its nuclear plants open.

    This has all been within the last little while. Something intriguing with Uranus perhaps?

  15. Hi Marjorie,

    Thank you so much for answering my last question about OPEC and Saudi Arabia. I do have another geopolitics question though.

    Yesterday, The Hill reported that President Biden and his administration had successfully helped broker a maritime deal between Israel and Lebanon that will allow gas extraction from the Karish field in the Eastern Mediterranean. Apparently, this could provide a potential petroleum alternative for Europe – now that Europe plans to sever ties with the Russian Federation.

    I was very happy to read this. I was also pleasantly surprised that such a deal was able to come about given the contentious history between Israel and Lebanon.

    Astrologically speaking, what is the suggested foreseeable outcome of this maritime agreement? Do relations between Israel, Lebanon, and the United States appear to be heading into a positive direction? Does the astrologically suggest this new maritime agreement will last and successfully offset the antics that the Russians, Saudis, Emiratis, and OPEC are engaging in?

    I really look forward to reading your thoughts on this. Anything you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    As always, thank you so much for taking our questions and suggestions. I love reading your daily posts and discussions.

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