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  1. Marjorie

    I have to say that I much prefer when the comments and questions stay up so we can all look through, as with the old set up. I am sometimes so disappointed when it is reset and we lose everything before we can scroll through and read everyone’s perspectives/responses.

    Is there no way with this new website to keep this page from resetting or is it by design?

  2. Marjorie, do you think you could take a look at Jung’s chart some time? As far as I’m concerned he was a most amazing healer, my hero in life. Reading his work saved me from madness. At last there was someone who saw life as a mythical jouney and a mystery.

    • Loretta, September 11 post was on him. He did have some marvellous ideas, despite not being the most wonderful human being on the planet.

  3. Don’t know if this is real or a scam…news article claims NASA has inserted a new constellation into the zodiac – Ophiuchus…between Scorp and Sag. What do you make of it? Will I suddenly be swallowed up by the earth and sea ?

  4. Don’t know if this is real or a scam…news article claims NASA has inserted a new constellation into the zodiac – Ophiuchus…bewtweem Scorp and Sag. What do you make of it? Will I suddenly be swallowed up by the earth and sea ?

  5. Hi Marjorie

    Just saw the Daily Mail online headlines that Kim Kardashian got tied up and robbed at gunpoint in Paris over the weekend? Thought I would have a quick look at her chart on Astrotheme and guess what? ….. Transiting Saturn (11 Sag) is conjuncting her natal Mars (6 Sag) in her 12 house and it will soon conjunct her Ascendant at 13 Sag. Would it all be in effect now?

    You always say Saturn in first quadrant is about laying low /being less public (or words to that effect). I wondered whether this incident will spark that ….?

    There goes Mars/Saturn again!!

    Best regards

  6. “A toxic mix of low interest rates and the calamitous crash of 2008 mean it is much harder to accumulate wealth, leaving them with meagre pensions and a lower rate of home ownership.”

    It does read as gloomy but this applies to anyone coming out of a one-down situation today.

    In the 1970’s, the economy was quite a different beast. Mortgage rates were upwards of 15% but home prices were quite a lot lower, and disposible income was much higher. I received 15% raises in 1980 from COLA and performance…but mostly due to COLA. That animal no longer exists. Certain tax deductions (individual retirement accounts) simply up and disappeared. Why? The US gov’t claimed it removed too much disposible cash from the economy.

    While it is largely true that your geenration is certainly one-down…it isn’t necessarily limited to a certain group of individuals. Influences do affect the entire population to some degree.

    • Thanks Larry, I don’t know where my brain is. It’s as simple as Pluto in Capricorn, especially the hard cut off (border) of those in their 30’s born in the 80’s and those of us just a decade older described in this story. Interesting to observe in action, though I feel for those with no safety net.

      • The early 1980s generation were Saturn Pluto in Libra which can be tough going. But there again, so were the late 1940s Saturn Pluto in Leo; and the 1930 depression generation with a Saturn opposition Pluto.
        My impression from friends who have kids that age is that they don’t have the drive or the work ethic which previous generations had. And it isn’t just lack of opportunity, since most of us in extremis in ye olden days would turn our hands to anything, no matter how menial, to pay the rent. Maybe I’m just ancient and grumpy, but they seem to have a grandiosity which prevents them getting their hands dirty and just slogging it out. Almost as if they don’t see a purpose in life, and just drift along, many of them not separating from home. They want to step straight into their parents’ standard of living without working their way up to it.
        Maybe it is more difficult now especially with low interest and savings; and too many must-haves to buy which weren’t around decades ago. Housing is a horrible price if you aren’t already on the ladder. But I know parents who would happily put down a deposit for their kids except they don’t have an income to support mortgage payments. I’m sounding very Saturnine but work, work, work isn’t what floats their boat in many cases.
        Can’t think how to sort it out astrologically. Will ponder.

        • Concur with your ideas of working whatever to pay the rent – turned to home construction and installing laminate/countertops in the late 1990’s to make ends meet when out of work as an engineer. Was quite rewarding – always something to show for my days’ work. Of late, tho – out of work for 18 months and only this late spring finding something…it’s difficult for any generation. The “must have” toys of ultra-expensive laptops and iPhones (or whatever)…why the urge and the pressure “to have”? Not that far fetched from Yuppies and their need to have, perhaps?

          What comes to mind is the series Portlandia. ThHose living in Portland don’t realise it’s a sarcastic skit on the city and those who drift from barista job to barista job…or end up immersed in Clown College classes.

        • I agree Marjorie, there are some who are like you describe. I remember sitting in on interviews when they were graduates, although the ones with the more entitled attitudes were often from quite comfortable backgrounds, they had that confidence.

          However, I know plenty of people born during those years who are very hard working. One family I know, both parents working full time, ended up in emergency bed and breakfast with their children because their landlord decided to sell up, giving 8 weeks notice. We all tried our best to help, but it took 3 months to get out of that awful B&B and back to their community. They are always 8 weeks away from it happening all over again. If they wanted what they and their parents had, would it be unreasonable?

          The 1990’s generation 10 years down from them will say, “at least they have permanent jobs and careers!”, as they are subjected to long unpaid internships, crippling student debt and zero-hour contracts. So perhaps we do look at the overarching outer planetary transits rather than the astrology of particular cohorts. I can see how this could be another manifestation of division (and isn’t our society divided enough already?) from Pluto in Capricorn. Perhaps Saturn had us aiming for a wonderful meritocratic golden age for a while and we are heading back towards some sort of Plutonic age of inherited power and wealth, land owners and serfs etc. That is my worry.

          Sorry, this has ended up way more complex than I intended! I will try to think of a more cheerful topic…

  7. Hi Marjorie, reading today about the group of people born in early 80’s, whose wealth is half that of those born a decade earlier. My younger siblings fall in this cohort and I would say it is accurate. http://tinyurl.com/jh635ct

    Is this the Jupiter/Saturn influence? What is the future for this group?

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