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  1. Several psychics predicted that Ron DeSantis will not win re-election for Governor of Florida. In two pieces you wrote about him, you said he did not look happy after the midterm elections. Charlie Crist will be running against him on the Democratic ticket. Could you look at Charlie Crist’s chances of winning.

    • @ Stephanie,

      Reading that gives me hope. I’m a Floridian and I recently voted for Charlie Crist and Val Demings in the Democratic primary we had.

      I’m feeling a little more enthusiastic about our elections this year because Charlie Crist is campaigning better than he did in 2014. He picked an excellent running mate, Karla Hernandez-Mats.

      Hernandez-Mats is Latina and the daughter of Honduran immigrants. She’s head of the teacher’s union in Miami-Dade, and she was once voted teacher of the year in 2010 for the amazing work she’s done teaching children with special needs. Also, she’s a mom raising two children.

      In other words, education has been a pivotal issue for many Floridians right now. We’ve lost over 9,000 teachers here in Florida due to Desantis’s antics – like refusing to increase their pay, endorsing far-right school board members in elections, and encouraging book bans and prohbiting certain topics from being taught in schools.

      Teachers and parents here in Florida are deeply concerned about their students and children not having access to an adequate liberal arts education. Charlie Crist is being very strategic in making education his base platform issue this election.

      Also, there is the issue of women’s reproductive rights. Floridian women voters are just as furious over losing their rights as women voters in other parts of the nation.

      And then there is the issue of voting rights and voter suppression that is running rampant here in Florida. Floridian voters of Color and LGBT+ Floridians in particular are being targeted and they’re now fighting back.

      In fact, this Democratic primary was kind of historic. We actually nominated 3 women of Color (2 African-American and one Haitian-American) to statewide offices here in Florida.

      I’m excited that Charlie Crist is our gubernatorial nominee because he is of Greek-Cypriot and Lebanese-American heritage, so he’s not your typical White Southern Anglo-American male candidate who usually dominate the politics in this part of the country.

      Plus, it’s about time the Florida Democratic Party start reaching out out to the Hispanic, Latina, and Latino community in this state. I mean, Hispanic and Latina/Latino people are the largest minority group in this state (even outnumbering the African American and Afro-Caribbean communities) yet, our Democratic Party has never (not that I can remember) ever had a Hispanic or Latina/Latino nominee for a statewide office.

      So, I welcome Crist’s decision to ask Hernandez-Mats to be on the ticket with him – she’s a highly accomplished individual and a sign of progress.

      Last but not least, we have Val Demings (who I also voted for in the primary) as our nominee for the U.S. Senate. I swear, Demings is a godsend and if we can get her elected this November, she’ll quickly become a national treasure.

      Val Demings (who is originally from my city – Jacksonville) is the first Black woman to be nominated for the US Senate here in Florida. She’ll become the first Black woman in the American South to hold a US Senate seat if elected this November.

      Demings is actually raising more money than Marco Rubio and she is bringing so much energy to our Florida Democratic Party right now. The polls are tightening as Rubio’s lead keeps getting smaller and smaller. So, I’m feeling like we might actually have a shot.

      • Chris, I’d be grateful if you would remember this is not a political forum and many of the participants are not American so won’t be as interested in the minutiae of US elections.

        • Marjorie, that state is turning fascist. The policies there are being modeled on Hungary–I cannot express how serious the situation is in some places in the U.S. Florida & Texas are actually dangerous–both because of really nasty governors–mean men with harsh policies. And they are both big starts with big populations.–

          And Chris–just come to Califiornia. By the coast if very nice.

  2. Leonardo Di Caprio keeps dating very young women and then dumping them when they turn about 25. Is there anything in his chart to indicate such callous behavior?

  3. Too much Meghan Markle in the news this week, she’s exhausting and I’m sure the BRF feels the same. I noticed Prince Harry’s Solar Arc Venus will be conjunct her Uranus and his Solar Arc Mars conjunct her ascendant within the year. Do you think this means a breakup?

    • Know what you mean about over-saturated. I don’t think its’ getting happier and indeed will dip further in 2024/25 – but that may be when any cut off point comes. The children will be a stumbling block for him leaving and she won’t let go since in a sense they are her meal ticket. All a ghastly mess. She’s flipped.

      • The October 25th lunar eclipse will square MM’s Leo NN at same time as it opposes HMQ’s Taurus Sun. When Pluto makes its ingress into Aquarius, it will square HMQ’s Sun and conjunct MM’s South Node. Even as someone not overly fond of the BRF, the latest claims are bizarre for example the Mandela comments and the fact that she has never met the South African actor who she claimed had compared her wedding to Harry to Mandela’s prison release. I know she has a grandiose first house Leo Sun which speaks volumes but her perfectionist Venus in Virgo in a widish square to Neptune in Sagittarius is often overlooked and there’s a ton of self delusion and undoing in that aspect. See also that 12th house Mars.

        • Astrologically, I think MM’s chart is a really good learning tool.

          Apparently on the podcasts she spends about 60% of the interviews doing the talking. Turning the spotlight of any thing her interviewee says back on herself. Very Leo Sun in 1st. That said, there’s a fine line in conversation between that and acknowledging/empathising/sharing your own experience.

          But also the Cancer ascendant with Mars in 12th – always looking back and passive-aggressively attacking others (the BRF).

          Plus she’s got zero sense of humour. Can’t take a joke. Totally thin-skinned. Hard to pinpoint that other than every thing points towards it. Her chart planets dominating houses 1-4 – very self-absorbed.

          • I know. I keep having to haul myself back from dong yet another post on her. It always felt like a car crash waiting to happen and is getting more embarrassing by the week.

          • Like Trump, another 12th house Mars – they cannot laugh at themselves, get overly defensive and lash out at any perceived criticism.

            There’s a psychologist on YouTube, a Doctor Grande who with a dry, deadpan humour critiques Meghan’s new podcast and describes her as a ‘privileged victim’. The victim mentality is particularly tin-eared at a time when most people are bracing themselves for global recession and financial hardship. She and Harry are displaying a staggering lack of self-awareness. It won’t end well.

          • Just wanted to add that in Doctor Grande’s analysis of her ‘Cut’ interview he talks about Meghan’s ‘prison of entitlement’ which I think is quite an apt phrase considering that 12th House Mars.

          • Dr Grande summed it all up pretty well.

            Interesting analogy about how she substituted criticism (“social climber”, “self-serving”, “attention-seeking”) into “ambitious” to avoid letting other people know her feelings have been hurt and to frame and win the argument. To me, that really ties in with her Libra planets – unable to assert she’s feeling hurt but needing to defend herself. (But you could also point at Mars in 12th, Leo in 1st, perfectionist Virgo Venus square Sag Neptune etc, etc).

            He makes a good point that she seems to be trying to get the Royal Family to attack her, so she can play the victim again. And they’re simply not going to do that. So she’ll ramp up her attacks in an attempt to get “the switch” of roles (she persecutes and victimises them until it turns). All very drama triangle!!

    • I’m not sure whether they will ever separate – they seem good at feeding each other’s misery and pointing the finger at the rest of the world. Harry’s chart is very fixed with the Taurus moon opposite Scorpio Saturn and his 4th house moon. If anything, it’s more likely the bubble bursts for her and she ghosts him out of the situation – that is not uncommon with Libra moon – as per Leo DiCaprio – and she has a track record for it.

      If Harry reaches a point of discontent, I think he may start to absent himself more and go find someone to have an affair with. As Marjorie says, he won’t leave the children. And she is far too insecure/controlling to let them go and, while moving to America was about her resurrounding herself in her comfort zone, she will also have considered it probably better for custody/divorce. However positive she may seem, that moon-saturn says she is the sort of person who deep down always expect things to end badly and be ready for it.

      There is a lot going on each of their charts. Not least transiting Neptune opposing his Virgo Sun and transiting Pluto crossing her Capricorn descendant.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    we recently had our Democratic primary here in Florida and Val Demings (whom I voted for) easily won the nomination for the U.S. Senate race. Right now, the media is saying Val Demings is the most exciting candidate we have here in Florida and she’s actually been raising more money than incumbent Republican Marco Rubio.

    Despite the enthusiasm Demings appears to be bringing to Florida (she’s also been an excellent campaigner), the data analysts and psephologists are convinced Marco Rubio is slated to win reelection once again. The polling has been tightening between Demings and Rubio, but the projection models still predict Rubio will win. Who really knows though? Florida is such an unpredictable state sometimes.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a write-up on Val Demings since she did make HERstory on August 23 by becoming the first Black woman U.S. Senate nominee for either party in Florida and one of very few Black women in the American South to ever receive the nomination as a U.S. Senate candidate for either party.

    I’m curious to know what the astrology suggest for Demings this November. Any thoughts or astrological insights you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    I couldn’t find a birth time for Val Demings, but I do know she was born on Tuesday, Mar 12, 1957 right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

  5. Nicki Minaj just won the Vanguard award at the VMAs and her new single went #1. Things seem to be looking bright for Miss Minaj.

    • There’s a search function to the top right of the page. See 4 June 2022 and 8 Feb 2022.

      The October Solar Eclipse will oppose Joe Biden’s 5th house Moon which might be a trigger point.

  6. “What’s your zodiac sign? (It may not be what you think it is)”

    Today on From Space.com “https://www.space.com/zodiac-sign-astrology-astronomy”

    Another variation on an old theme…

  7. Marjorie, could you please take a look at the Brazilian presidential election? The first round is October 2nd, the second round October 30, between the vile incumbent Jair Bolsonaro and earlier president Lula da Silva.

    Do you see Bolsonaro staging a coup if he loses, as he’s signaling?


  8. NASA are due to relaunch for the moon today … 8:33am (12:33 BST) from the Kennedy Space Centre , Merritt Island, Florida. I assume the current fixed t-square will give the programme staying power which is important with something this dangerous . Any other insights?

    – NASA created 29Jul1958
    – JFK asked Congress for the money for the moon programme on 25 May 1961
    – Apollo 1 – never launched due to a fire in the cockpit killing the 3 men in it … 21Feb1967
    – Apolllo 11 – launched 16July1969 – 13:32 from KSC. Landed on moon 20July1969

  9. You frequently refer to someone’s harmonic chart as “strong.” What makes a harmonic chart strong? Lots of good aspects? Lots of aspects, period? Something else?

  10. Lisa LaFlamme, a popular newsreader in Canada abruptly lost her post. Bell media, is in the spotlight at the moment, drawing the ire of many for this decision. Anne Murray, no less, has added her name to a letter from various luminaries writing in support of Lisa.

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