Liz Truss – stirring up conflict – ++ Mick Lynch, her nemesis

Liz Truss, affectionately dubbed ‘the human hand grenade’ by the ever acerbic Dominic Cummings is lurching her way towards No 10, despite misgivings about her erratic and absurd economic policies.

 He reckoned she blew up everything she touched and she’s wasted no time in casting aspersions over Emmanuel Macron, throwing poison darts at the Chinese and Russians and heading for an explosive relationship with Joe Biden and the US. Ukraine and the Northern Ireland Protocol being the initial areas of conflict.

  Born 26 July 1975 Oxford, no birth time, she’s a Sun Leo with two T squares – a Cardinal T Square of Jupiter in confident Aries opposition an adventurous Uranus square a rigid Saturn Mercury in excitable Cancer – and a Mutable T Square of Venus opposition a Pisces Moon square Neptune in Sagittarius.  She’s an odd mid of an executive with organising ability though a tendency to be domineering and overbearing; and a head-in-the-clouds disorganised daydreamer. Plus she has Mars in ultra-stubborn Taurus which I might suspect from her belligerent, combative approach is on the chart axis.

 The USA will be in the firing line of her ire. Her Saturn is conjunct Joe Biden’s Jupiter so she squelches his enthusiasm; her Mars opposes his Scorpio Mars Mercury; and his Saturn is opposition her Neptune and square her Venus – not much love in there.

  Their relationship chart is incendiary and volatile with a composite Mars Uranus conjunction, suggesting two individuals, neither of whom will be happy to compromise. That will blow a fuse this December to mid January and again February to mid March.  At a time when the USA/UK relationship chart is also being upended. Not so much an ice shower falling on the special relationship as light-the-touch-paper and stand back.

  Her connection with Biden also has a tussle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter square Pluto which suggests a constant jousting for power. There’ll be no room for a win-win in their relations.

 Her relationship chart with the USA is equally stark and hostile with a composite Mars Jupiter opposition Pluto square Saturn, which is under discouraging Saturn transits from early 2023 right through next year.  

  The Conservative Party (1912) is looking less than enthusiastic about her progress with their composite Sun, Saturn, Mars catching an undermining run of Neptune squares until 2024.

  The UK will be having anxious moments about her across the New Year into January and it is essentially a ratchety, irritable, strained relationship.

 What is intriguing is that all of her composite charts – with Biden, the USA, UK, Conservative Party – all have Jupiter Pluto hard aspects. That suggests a thirst for personal power is ingrained in all her relationships. Not even Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair, both of them micromanaging control-freaks, had such Jupiter Pluto aspects. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  She is tied into the UK chart with her Sun conjunct the 10th house UK Jupiter; her Mars in the UK 8th not far from the UK Mars and in hard aspect to the UK’s financial Neptune and Venus. Most significantly of all her Pluto is conjunct the UK’s Ascendant so she will attempt to railroad changes through which will affect the UK’s image abroad and be felt as coercive and bullying.

  What is floating her boat at the moment against all odds is tr Pluto conjunct her lucky Jupiter/Uranus midpoint which runs out early this December – with a catastrophic tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Pluto picking up on December 9th running till mid January 2023, and repeating late year; and a depressed slog from mid January, also on and off till late year. Plus a failure-strewn tr Neptune square her Sun/Mars midpoint throughout 2023.

  What is odd is that the two central T squares in her chart – the Cardinal Uranus Jupiter Saturn Mercury and the Mutable Venus, Neptune Moon are colliding at the moment and for the next several years as their Solar Arc positions sit on top of the other T Square. Usually this presages a life-changing crisis – again interesting to watch.

  The November 8th Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will conjunct her Mars – which will bring a shock, an over hasty reactions and arguments running on for months thereafter.

   She is volunteering for a poisoned chalice given the economic calamity the UK and elsewhere are facing but her approach won’t bring too many remedies. Making relations with the USA and the EU worse is hardly helpful in these troubled times.

Add On: The major thorn in her side in domestic politics is likely to be not the leader of the Opposition but Mick Lynch, spokesman for the Rail Union, who is speaking up for struggling workers in every industry. Not even Maggie Thatcher’s relationship with miners’ leader Arthur Scargill was as bad.

 Lynch’s Saturn in Aquarius opposes her Leo Sun and her Saturn in Cancer opposes his Capricorn Sun. His Neptune opposes her Mars and his Pluto is conjunct her Venus, square her Neptune opposition her Moon. Saturn criticises and sets up barriers. Neptune undermines. Pluto controls. If the outcome wasn’t so serious, it would be good spectator sport.

 That translates into an astoundingly difficult relationship chart. With a locked together, fated, deeply frustrating and self-defeating Yod onto Saturn inconjunct Pluto Uranus sextile Neptune, with Saturn opposition Sun.  For good or for ill, individuals with a Yodal relationship chart have their destiny intertwined.  

  Tr Pluto is bearing inexorably down on the composite Yod, squaring the Sun and Saturn through this year till late 2023 – depressing, discouraging and an unrelenting battle. With a worrisome tr Saturn square Neptune on one leg of the Yod in early 2023; and tr Uranus in a highly-strung opposition in 2024. The other leg of the Yod is catching the undermining tr Neptune opposition to Pluto and Uranus now till 2025. As if that wasn’t enough tr Pluto will square the composite Mercury from March 2023 till late 2024 for bitter arguments and hostile discussions.

  See previous Mick Lynch post 15 August 2022. He does have a ‘leadership’ North Node in Leo as Maggie Thatcher did – born to be out front.  Liz Truss’s North Node is Scorpio – born to be embroiled in endless arguments until she learns to let go.  

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  1. Just dreading this next installment of this mess. Anyway, I noticed one curious pattern tying Liz Truss’ natal horoscope to Union history. Perhaps it’s one to watch?

    Trade Union Act, 29 June,1871 – first time trade unions were legalised in the UK. It has Uranus 25 Cancer square Neptune 23 Aries. Liz Truss’ Mercury 26 Cancer, Saturn 23 Cancer, Jupiter 24 Aries. It’s Pluto happens to be 19 Taurus, close to LT’s Mars.

    Repeal of this Act happened a year before LT’s birth, in 1974. No date, but that year Uranus crossed 25 Libra, and Pluto aligned with her natal Pluto in Libra. Plus a square from Saturn in the summer, in Cancer.

    Trade Union Act 2016, implemented 1st March 2017. Jupiter 22 Libra, opposing Uranus 22 Aries, conjunct Mars 23 Aries, square Pluto 18 Capricron. LT’s Jupiter 24 Aries, square Saturn 23 Cancer. The rules of Liz T’s Saturn up against the Act’s incandescent Uranus/Mars in Aries?

    In April 2023 there’s an eclipse at 29 Aries, opposing Liz T’s Uranus in Libra. Jupiter is then 23 Aries – a Jupiter return for Liz Truss and potentially an over-confident or impulsive phase for her. With added upheavals.
    If we get as far as the autumn, another eclipse occurs at 21 scales-of-justice Libra on 14 October. The Moon’s Nodes will be 24 Aries then – maybe symbolising the angry Aries warrior masses? The legal Jupiter, battling Uranus and Mars of the Trade Union Act are activated. As is the idealistic Neptune of 1871.
    The Conservative Party Conference is usually held in October too. Surely they won’t consider yet another leader before the General election is due in 2024?

  2. This article in The Times today confirms your predictions Marjorie.

    “Truss eyes bonfire of workers’ rights to boost economy”

    This will put Truss in collision course with the Unions.

  3. Interesting that Truss has planets at similar degrees in Cancer to Donald Trump. Both have Saturn at 23 Cancer conjunct fixed star Pollux. Ebertin says it is in the nature of Mars and the Moon and with Saturn can be brutal, tyrannical, violent and cruel. That does not sound much fun. The other points of her mutable T Square have the Moon conjunct fixed star Skat and Neptune conjunct the tough and belligerent star Antares

    • That’s so interesting Hugh. I was particularly interested to see the Neptune/Antares connection, and what Marjorie says about Liz Truss and difficult relations with the USA and Joe Biden.

      The USA 1776 has Uranus at 8-9 Gemini. This aligns with Aldebaran, 9 Gemini. Aldebaran is The Bull’s Eye of Taurus, and known as The Watcher in the East. Antares, 9 Sagittarius, opposes it from the constellation of Scorpio. Antares is the Heart of the Scorpion, and the Watcher in the (or of the) West. This is a very powerful pair of stars.
      The first controlled nuclear reaction, 2 December 1942, has Saturn at 8 Gemini, opposing Sun/Mercury at 10-11 Sagittarius – the Aldebaran/Antares axis.

      The ‘official’ end of the Cold War, the Treaty of Paris, 19 November 1990, has Mars Rx at 8 Gemini, opposing Mercury at 12 Sagittarius. It’s Pluto at 18 Scorpio opposes Liz Truss Mars, and the recent Mars Uranus Nodes conjunction in Taurus. Also:

      “The November 8th Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will conjunct her Mars – which will bring a shock, an over hasty reactions and arguments running on for months thereafter.” as Marjorie writes.

      It’s interesting, and concerning, to see that Mars will turn direct at 8 Gemini in January 2023, conjunct Aldebaran, the USA Uranus, and opposite Liz Truss’ Neptune and Antares.

      Bernadette Brady’s Fixed Stars has this to say about Aldebaran, which once marked the spring equinox:

      “In this capacity Aldebaran was the god Mithras….the slayer of the cosmic bull. Mithras was a great military god who gave victories to his followers but only if they followed the strictest procedure in his worship…….In the case of Aldebaran, this challenge is one of integrity and honor. Greatness can be achieved but the individual will be challenged on issues of integrity…..If they fail this test they lose everything.”

      • If Truss wins the leadership election then she is likely to begin her Premiership next Tuesday 6th September 2022. Mars will be conjunct Aldebaran on that date and opposing her natal Neptune/Anatares

        • Thanks Hugh. Quite a chilling thought. Mars activates what looks like a sensitive point twice. Interesting that Mars and Aldebaran will oppose LT’s Neptune/Antares with all the bluster about nuclear energy today, plus the enormous impact of the approaching energy crisis. Neptune’s gas and oil has been making endless headlines, and being endlessly ignored by the pretend government of this summer, and wafted away by LT herself.

          It’s also worth noting, I think, that Ukraine’s legal independence chart, December 1st, 1991, has Sun at 9 Sagittarius conjunct the LT Neptune and Antares. It’s Saturn is 2 Aquarius, opposing LT’s Leo Sun.

          Mars will be at 9 Gemini by the end of December – it’s closest to us here on Earth in December too I think. It travels back to 8 in January, and only reaches 10 by the end of January. I do feel that this Antares/Aldebaran axis, and everything in it’s path, will be a troubled and troubling focal point at that time. I imagine more than one war of words will erupt, at the very least. Clues in the next few days perhaps.

  4. It is an enigmatic and conflicted chart as that mutable Moon in Pisces opposition to Venus in Virgo square Neptune in Sagittarius does not really tie in with her public image or even how she may think about herself. She may be a lot more uncertain and emotion driven than appearances suggest. The Pisces Moon will obviously be interacting with her Cancer planets. Certainly, her less than considered public announcements suggests her Mercury may prompt her to speak as she “feels” rather then thinking through the consequences. And needless to say her fixed Leo Sun and Mars in Taurus wont make it easy for her to backdown in a confrontation even though inside her mutable planets will probably be chipping away at her confidence. Shame we don’t know her time of birth.

    • Affairs are not uncommon, and she did have an 18-month affair with Mark Field when she was younger. I thought of that when I saw her mutable Moon Venus Neptune t-square which fits in with a romantic indiscretion/ scandal. Her marriage survived and she has since said she is “really happily married”.

      From the FT: “She’s a very odd person,” says one Tory MP, who knows her well. “Not good or bad – just very weird…Jumping the gun is naturally her thing. She’s always full of energy and moving on to the next thing.”

      • Her father is a professor of pure maths. From the Guardian: “Liz Truss loves maths. She loves it so much that she used to fire mental arithmetic questions at civil servants during meetings, and once told an audience of female high-flyers that her best advice for their ambitious daughters was to study the subject. She loves maths so much, indeed, that she approaches political decisions like an equation to be solved.”

        Truss has a focal Neptune conjunct the NN – there was a post on this website about the (surprisingly) strong Neptune placements in the charts of scientists / mathematicians.

        • As I said lower down, I’m more inclined to think the Saturn-Mercury in Cancer conjunction needs the rigidity of numbers/equations and suppression of feelings in decision making. But maybe the Neptune/NN plays in there too.

          • I agree about the Saturn/ Mercury. But there was an interesting post a while ago on Neptune and its unexpected prominence in the charts of scientists and mathematicians. Dominic Cummings has a heavily aspected Neptune (conjunct Saturn) and apparently, he has taught himself maths to degree level.

          • I know someone, not exactly a birthday twin but born within 2 weeks and a tighter Neptune/NN who is a biochemist and biomedical researcher. She is quite quirky – or at least I think she sometimes tries quite hard to be. She comes out with some odd things sometimes.

        • I have this exact placement (virgo rising) and I am terrible at maths (I believe I may even have dyscalculia), but very good at languages. I like to think of grammar as formulas and I approach learning in a very methodical manner. Mercury in cancer could make her a very moving and persuasive speaker, and with a pisces moon, from my experience, it will be hard to disengage her emotions from how she communicates. Her saturn may be over compensating here if she believes that to be taken seriously she must sound more logical. I think the Thatcher cos playing and the speaking lessons she’s had recently are so unnatural to her that they come across as robotic and fake.

          When I saw her the other day in a clip finishing an speech and then not knowing which direction to go to leave the room, I thought to myself, I mustn’t laugh, this is exactly the thing I would do. That clumsiness is very familiar to me. She would have been so focused on her mind she would have not registered where the door was.

          Its a very “uneasy” chart. On one hand I got excellent marks in philosophy
          in university but in the other I struggle to open doors I’m not familiar with. I dont know where her leo sun is, but mine is house 12, so it’s like having a lion roaring in the dark. Venus in the ascendant gives me (I think) a bit of charm, but it’s in its detriment in the uncomfortable virgo. Mars in taurus (house 9 for me, I live abroad) is slow and very passive but when it gets moving it’s a force to be reckoned with. I dont have her ambition, (my tenth house is empty in gemini) and neptune in the 4th gave me a textbook absent father. I read that her own father is so ashamed of her politics he can barely bring himself to speak about her.

      • The infamous Whips list seen on line states on Truss “ fornicates with male researchers and affair with Kwasi Kwartang” as well as the affair with Field.

      • Jumping the gun or acting on impulse is a very mutable characteristic. However her chart also has plenty of Fixed and Cardinal planets. The nodes suggest her life path should be a move from the material to the spiritual. She is a bit of a puzzle.

      • Her affair with Mark Field seems to have occurred around 1999. That would have been when transiting Pluto was hitting her mutable t-square. Also when transiting Neptune opposed her Leo Sun. All very easy astrology to see why a misjudged affair would occur.

  5. Her Pluto on the 1801 Ascendant feels like a very fated connection in this final Pluto in Capricorn phase. It suggests turmoil – a transformative crisis at best? I think there could be something symbolic in that she comes from a left-wing (anti-war) family – according to the media she is estranged from her father due to her lurch to the right. Saturn-Mercury-Sun square Uranus suggests a strong need to be recognised as unique, to shine in her own right and not be overlooked, which she may have felt could only be achieved by rebelling/ breaking away from her father’s authority.

  6. Just thinking about the unions vs Government. I was too young to be interested by it in the 70s and 80s but, as I recall the miners strike was about pit closures, the print unions were about leaving Fleet Street and using computer run printing. The Government invariably held the cards in those disputes, with the threat to sack workers. But, this time around, as Lynch has pointed out – if the government wants to change the law to allow temp workers to fill positions, where are they going to find qualified train drivers? They’re not. Brexit and loss of overseas labour sees us in a time of low unemployment, there simply aren’t going to be workers to fill the shoes of any one who is sacked.

    Again, unions representing the common worker vs the powers that be feels very Pluto in Aquarius.

    • This time round people can work from home. Nobody has to travel by train or tube.

      The majority of people in the UK use neither train or tube (everyone forgets that 85% of people live outside London). For these people the price of petrol is more important, and it’s coming down.

      As for Londoners, they are not swing voters. The drawback with rigidly saying, “I’m never going to vote for you no matter what you do”, is that politicians give up on you. It’s the open-minded swing voters who have the power to change politicians minds, and they’re not in London and don’t use trains.

      • Hmm. It’s not just rail strikes (incidentally I live in the countryside and I use the train) it’s post office, barristers, teachers, binmen…. In fact, in the face of 20 percent inflation, everyone wants a pay rise that means they can live, eat and keep warm. Very reasonable if you ask me. It’s just the billionaire Tories and company bosses aren’t reasonable people.

        • Inflation isn’t 20%.

          According to the Office of National Statistics, inflation is 10.01%.

          People need to stop taking speculative articles which breathlessly claim inflation COULD reach 20%, and then go round asserting this as fact – “Inflation IS 20%”.

          This is how fake news starts. People desperately want to believe something is true because it suits their agenda and start pretending it is so.

          • I think the exchange rate of Sterling to USD at 1:1.10 speaks for itself in terms of how bad things are. Has it ever been this low and when?

      • I disagree. Do you use the train? I do and they’re always packed. Not everyone works from home or even able to do so. Regarding petrol prices; we’re living in a time where using cars is being discouraged in favour for public transport.

      • Love to see a hospital staffed by nurses, doctors and surgeons ‘working from home’! There are many jobs where WFH is impossible. And many commutes that are quicker by train, not to mention better for the environment. Yes, I know trains aren’t always reliable and may be crowded at certain times. But people do commute into other major UK cities such as Manchester, Newcastle, and Bristol.

        • ‘In the face of’ is not ‘is’.Various estimates of inflation by the new year range between 13% and 22%. ( the latter if energy prices remain high) This is by respected thinktanks/banks and hardly fake news. Nonetheless 10% inflation is still bad news for many families and the astrology for the UK reflects this.

  7. Her Pluto might sit on the ascendant of the 1801 chart – but her Jupiter sits on the ascendant of the 1066 England chart (the Aries ascendant that was conj tr Uranus at the time of the Brexit ref).

    I think she might be a Lucky PM. Has anyone noticed gas prices tumbling by 27% today? Turns out it was a bubble caused by frenzied EU buying of gas to fill storage. Now that the storage is 80% full, the speculators who were front-running the EU are departing and the prices are falling.

    • FT: In the UK, gas prices fell by 24 per cent on Tuesday, having spiked just before, but they remain almost 10 times the level they were at the start of 2021.

  8. The prospects are deeply ironic given her left-wing background.
    You see how she started out full of hope and has been totally zombified by the Tory apparatchik. Her obsession with power will indeed be her downfall (as it was for Boris).
    As a Leo myself with a strong stellium in that sign I was once described as ‘a born leader’, which came as a shock to me at the time. What I came to understand however is that as a leader your role is to facilitate and delegate, not dictate. Manage resources, not control people. Only those who feel powerless seek absolute power and will inevitably be confronted with their own shortcomings. It will indeed be a rocky ride given her apparent lack of self insight.

    • That’s an interesting article. My big takeaway came towards the end … the only thing she can see as important is achievement. School need to be better etc, etc. Reflects her Saturn in Cancer inability to allow the softer qualities to matter.

      She became a Conservative in 1996. That was when Uranus-Neptune were opposing her Cancer Saturn-Mercury. As the outlet of her cardinal t-square and conjunct her Leo Sun, it’s seems to define her. I note transiting Pluto is now opposing it. Perhaps that is her arc/opportunity for growth – finding out that her Saturnian inflexibility needs to change – Pluto will surely give her a hard time.

  9. I think the ERG-UKIP faction are the parasites which now inhabit the carcass of the old Tory party, which is moribund at best if not dead. They are driving the bus and promote those right wing and unpleasant views which are meat and drink to the little Englanders, aided by their friends in the Press. Pluto’s grind will eventually take a wrecking ball to them, to wider politics and the country at large, so we can rise like the phoenix. I dont think we have reached rock bottom yet.

  10. Thanks Marjorie, very enlightening! Glad I had a lovely relaxing day today….the thought of what’s coming is very depressing indeed. Intuition says an early election, and a very turbulent time as PM. Anyone would have a turbulent time with things as they are now, but Liz Truss creates her very own stormy sea. She could probably have a stand up fight with herself in an empty room.

    Anyway, I noticed that the 2nd June, 1868 TUC planets have Pluto at 16 Taurus, right in the path of that potent Lunar Eclipse this autumn. As far as I understand it, the TUC would have to call for anything like a general strike in the UK.
    The TUC’s Moon’s Nodes at 29 Leo square Liz Truss’ Nodes at 28 Scorpio – inevitable tension between groups of people and their aims there? All a bit fated?
    Unison (1 July 1993), representing public service and utilities workers, has Saturn at 29 Aquarius, feeding into the general Nodal tensions with Liz Truss. It’s Saturn Return approaches too.

    Unite the Union (1st May 2007) representing workers in all sectors of the economy, has Pluto at 28 Sagittarius, making a connection. But Unite also has Saturn at 18 Leo square the Liz Truss natal Mars, very tough, and the Uranus transit ongoing to both of them.
    We’ve discussed Mick Lynch recently (NURMT), and his natal Uranus squares onto Liz Truss’ Nodes, and is conjunct the TUC Leo Nodes. Saturn approaches all of that too, suggesting legal action against strikers on the part of the government I imagine.

    I think GD could be right about Liz and her Leo Sun, with Pluto in Aquarius staring her down! As it will also be staring down the UK leadership and legalities Jupiter in Leo and egging on the UK Uranus in Libra, I’d say there may be trouble ahead, without the moonlight and music, and love and romance of the old song.

  11. I wonder what her ascendant is , any ideas from all the astrologers on this site .
    She seems a bit fussy , and uncharismatic to me

  12. I saw her in an interview with labrov. Nothing to say, but nevertheless yap -yapping . I thought her plain stupid.
    You are going to regret bojo if she becomes prime minister, that for sure. But no country at the moment is blessed with a wise or inspiring politician . Pluto in last degrees of capricorn seem to offer but rebuke to society

  13. Very depressing to see Liz Truss becoming PM. What is wrong with Conservative members? Any person with some sense can clearly see that she is the worse option out of the two contenders.

    Marjorie, do you see any chances of General election in May 2023? Many astrologers have predicted political instability during spring-summer 2023 due to the movement of Saturn.

  14. I find it interesting to think about how the Tory party have got themselves to this point. A steady downward spiral of worse and worse leaders. It seems very 12th house – self undoing to me; shame we don’t have a chart to pinpoint that on. Trouble is, even if we were to lose the Cons (unlikely) there will always be room for a new right wing party for many Brits (English?) to get behind.

  15. Thanks Marjorie for the intriguing analysis. A poisoned chalice as you say and the November eclipse heading for her ‘bull in a china shop’ Mars doesn’t bode well. In an interview on BBC radio with a pundit last weekend, it was strongly suggested she would not survive the approaching economic crisis.

    The right-wing media seems intent on pushing the return of Johnson, but I think in the country itself there is little enthusiasm for that, as he basks in the sun and sulks while his Zombie government does as little work as possible. Meanwhile the uk braces itself for a winter of economic hardship.

  16. Speaking of the “human hand grenade” nickname, I have encountered two others: “Thick Lizzy” (with apologies to Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy) and “Unsurgical Truss!” It seems an inevitability that Truss will win the Tory leadership, but I feel whoever wins may not make it through to the next General Election. Boris may take the new leader’s unpopularity as a sign he should try and get back in power, but he will probably fail. I think things have to happen as they appear to be happening to bring the Tories down. Looking at some of Marjorie’s past postings, Labour may not fair so well either. Pluto still has a couple of years to smash the world’s political systems – please God something fairer comes out the other side!

  17. LT’s dogmatic approach will be her undoing. She is picking fights that she cannot win.
    I suspect that eventually, her own party will remove her if she becomes too belliigrant with her colleagues.

    The wrong person at the wrong time.

    • Robert.
      She is Elizabeth, so ET.!
      What I really like is the meaning of Truss.
      The triangle holding the strutts of a bridge.! Probably over very choppy troubled waters.

  18. A scary prospect at any time but right now it’s downright terrifying . A scattergun Johnson had less ability to make trouble . He was indecisive probably due to all those mutable planets.
    Truss is downright scary. Her astrology suggests she is not someone who thinks she can ever be wrong. One glimmer of hope is that in her lust for power she has promised too many things to the wrong kind of people and I don’t think the British public will stand for her bullying and hectoring. Johnson got away with a lot because of his ( fake ) bonhomie and charm.
    I don’t think Truss can carry the country with her.

    • She is truly awful and uninspiring … Boris may have been terrible but at least there was some charisma and his optimistic BS. Her policies are welded to the idea of tax cuts, she has no idea what to do outside of those; or that she has to raise money for the country somehow. These dark times need a leader with genuinely creative solutions and adaptability.

      Watching a mash-up of her speeches over the years, it was interesting to see her as a young LibDem, she actually seemed to have some passion and authenticity. It all seems to have been squeezed out of her, as she has undergone a series of voice/body language makeovers to try and help her be more presentable. Unfortunately, it’s the equivalent of plastic surgery gone wrong; she comes across as stilted and robotic. Not really surprising though given her Cardinal t-square outlets through her Saturn-Mercury in Cancer conjunct Sun – Saturn killing any inner spark.

      I said it before but I wonder if her Leo sun is going to be the first casualty of the Pluto in Aqua era!

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