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  1. I have been rediscovering 60s music, and have been recently been listening to Jefferson Airplane. Absolutely adored their music. I was a child during their hey-day. But the bus I took to school passed The Matrix, which was a club in the Fillmore area that was owned by one of the band members.

    All the public transport buses had all this wild psychedelic graffiti all based on Jefferson Airplane. So I would absolutely love it if you could do a reading on Grace Slick, who hD the best voice in the world!

  2. Just reading about the 1 in 6 chance a mega volcano could occur this century. I don’t know if it is possible to look at horoscopes for natural disasters but if it’s possible I would love your assessment of the risk. And many thanks for all your work. Your insights are as good as your writing- which is high praise!
    https://www.daily mail.co.uk/news/article-11143067/Scientists-warn-1-6-chance-mega-volcano-eruption-century.html

  3. Can you do an analysis on Harry and Meghan’s new Archetypes podcast launched today 23/8/22? Please point out the positive aspects in it too. There are some good ones in there.
    (sometimes you tend look out for the negative with people you don’t like so much).
    Thank you

  4. Yes, of course, you’re right, but most generations don’t have subsequent generations pointing the finger at them saying you had it all, took it all and now look at poor us, it’s all your fault and you owe us! Or at least, I don’t think they did.
    Mind you there are a lot of chickens coming home to roost at the moment.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    Can you do an updated reading on the US Sibley chart? It’s been a couple of years.
    I am curious where the consciousness of the States is headed given there will most likely be a reformation in the Constitution.

    • Depends on your version of lucky.

      Having Pluto square my Sun began one of the toughest periods of my life BUT it turned me into a much better person. Without that experience, I’d probably still be pointing fingers.

      Two of my Aries Sun friends became dads while while Pluto was squaring their Suns from Capricorn. One of them also had his father die but, my friend was able to take a sabbatical from work and spend three months being with him and looking after him in his final days. Maybe not an easy experience but one he seemed grateful for.

  6. Just like to thank Marjorie, Jane, Tara and Trish for their thought provoking comments on my Pluto Leo opposition Pluto Aqua question.
    One of my problems with generational stuff is the blithe assumption that everyone in the Pluto Leo generation profited in the same way. Women certainly didn’t, although perhaps being allowed to borrow money in their own name and not signed off by husband or father, plus divorce laws recognising their contributions of childcare, etc in marriage could be attributed to changes in the Pluto Leo era, although they didn’t occur until the 1970’s. Neither were they holding the levers of power.
    Anyway my response was too late and too long to post, so thank you for yours!
    I still think there are specific elements to be considered astrologically not least that the Pluto Leo generation has experienced more incessant, fundamental change in all areas of their lives than any previous generation, as well as living longer and healthier lives, as they are continuing to do.
    Both these aspects will give them a more emphatic presence than previous oldies.

    • I took out a mortgage circa 1966 in my own name for my first flat and I remember the lawyer remarking to my surprise it was unusual for a solo woman. Since I was earning and could fit the requirements it seemed outrageous to me that there would be any question about it.
      I do think the Pluto in Cancer generation also had it tough in terms of massive changes – WW1 was a game changer. And truthfully before that the Pluto in Gemini generation lived through a time of considerable adjustment in terms of technological advances.
      I take the point about not generalising too much.

      • I think every generation has its trial and tribulations to face.

        Perhaps the irregular orbit of Pluto means some don’t have as much because the general background stays the same.

        The Pluto in Aries (1820-1850ish) and Taurus (1850-1880ish) generations lasted 30 years each and many of the early ones barely reached their Pluto square Pluto which happened at 90 years old. Mine happened at 36 which is about as young as it gets and if I make it to 95, Pluto will be entering it’s 8th sign in my lifetime!

        • Gnarly dude-that’s so interesting.
          So, a Leo with Pluto in Sag won’t experience any Pluto transits? Is this correct and if yes, I would think it’s highly auspicious to bypass these difficult transits…? thanks.

          • They’ll definitely experience some.

            I was simply talking about Pluto transits to natal Pluto. Let’s say, you have Pluto at 0Sag (1996 birth). Then there’s a sextile coming up next year when Pluto transits from 0Aqua; a square from 0 Pisces circa 2043 (age 47); a trine from 0Aries in 2066 (age 70) and if they live to 100 there will be a square from 0Taurus. Transiting Pluto will be moving around the houses of the natal chart.

            But all the other natal planets could be hit by transiting Pluto depending on their placements. There’s at least an opposition from Aqua to the Leo sun coming up. If Leo sun is later than Sag pluto by degree then it missed the trine. In Cap and Pisces, it makes quincunx or inconjunct transits which are often not talked about. In Aries, it’s another trine and in Taurus it would be a square but that’s likely at age 100. So yes, the Leo sun is unlikely to experience many bad hits from Pluto – if it was born while Pluto was in Sag.

        • Hello All! Re the generational conflicts and resentments – Zita’s point about everyone not profiting in the same way is spot on.
          There are marked differences between nations and cultures across that time period. China, for instance, had the massive upheaval of the Cultural Revolution and the challenging one child policy during the lifetimes of the ‘Boomer’ demographic. Economic growth in Africa has been slow, or even negative, over that period too. There are also significant longstanding poverty levels in European countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, and so on.

          According to tradingeconomics.com 65% of UK homes are owner occupied across the age groups. 35% of those aged 65 or over own their homes in the UK, a lower rate than many European countries according to Statista. So it seems to me that there’s something more nuanced underpinning this apparent generational conflict, much of which could simply be old fashioned ‘generation gap’ perceptions and views?

          • Re: generational conflict.

            Millennials are usually defined as those born between 1980-1995. Pluto was in Scorpio from 1983-1995. I’ve wondered whether its simply Scorpio jealousy at wanting what others have. Not helped by Neptune in Capricorn (1984-98) idealising the family, home and tradition.

          • GD I think you’re onto something there. There’s also a distinct lack of historical focus or ability to see the wider world in this ‘OK Boomer’ phenomenon. I think there are issues with class, ethnicity, location and even gender to be considered.
            The signs Scorpio and Capricorn are broadly linked with money and ambition, and can have quite a narrow focus on things. Mostly, this debate completely ignores those who struggled with the decline of industry, the lack of a university education, racial prejudice, and discrimination against women – including the ‘equal pay’ (oh, hahaha) situation. It’s all a bit ‘first world problems’ I think……

  7. Darya Dugina: Daughter of Putin ally killed in Moscow bomb “https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-62621509?piano-modal”

    “According to state media, Darya Dugina died after her car exploded in flames while she was travelling home.

    It is not clear if her father, the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin who is known as “Putin’s brain,” was the intended target of an attack.

    Mr Dugin is a prominent ultra-nationalist ideologue who is believed to be close to the Russian president.

    According to Russian media outlet 112, the pair were due to travel back from an event on Saturday evening in the same car before Mr Dugin made the decision to travel separately from his daughter at the last minute.

    Unverified footage posted on Telegram appears to show Mr Dugin watching in shock as emergency services arrive at the scene of the burning wreck of a vehicle.”

    The long arm of Ukraine reaches out ?

      • Ugh, yes… I noted the previous post about Dugin. He and I were born the same year, but our charts are VERY different–him in January, and me in early October–I was born during the Cuban Missile Crisis with a father who was a career military officer. I have lots of “4th/10th house drama” in my chart. Interesting to note how very different natal charts can be, though just a few months apart. I’m also thinking of that pileup in Aquarius in February 1962 which produced Eddie Izzard (whose comedy I really love!) Dugin has SO… MUCH… Capricorn, while my chart is SO watery (I’m on the mutable cross, and most of my planets are in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). IMO, Dugin seems like such a garbage human… that said, I’m truly sorry for his daughter.

          • Larry, that is putting it gently. Both very bad and more importantly, dangerous people who support Putin’s terrorism, barbarism.

          • KG,

            There’s an old Hebrew saying, “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”

            She was sanctioned for her opinions and views against Ukraine. And she is described as an ultra nationalist. Her father is described as the architect of the war in Ukraine and for being Putin’s Rasputin. Isn’t it odd that Russia, with all its post WW2 might and present strengths, cannot achieve basic successes in a country known to grow wheat and sunflowers?

            Ukrainian proverb, “Here, fill your pockets with these sunflower seeds.”

          • Update from The Guardian on the car bomb – (“https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/21/ex-russian-mp-claims-russian-partisans-responsible-for-moscow-car-bomb?fbclid=IwAR0cLFAZCbaYQcVLwCnztfgQbWjwPujyeIvRfiL1dzR_iPi94COtA_EO7gY”)

            “…the explosion on Saturday evening was the work of the National Republican Army, which [he] claimed was an underground group working inside Russia and dedicated to overthrowing the Putin regime.”

          • My ancestors are all from places that were Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania & Russia. It is weird to have that connection but not all the stories–but…I do think that they were treated the worst by Russia and that’s why they immigrated to the US. Pale of Settlement is Ukraine.

    • Thank you -Pisces Rising.
      So a very late degree Cap. Interesting.
      I bet growing up in Hollywood had a lot to do with the plastic surgery —maybe more so than her natal chart/transits.

      • Mmm Gnarlydude and Jane As a baby boomer pluto in Leo I too experienced and battled against the influences you describe in the UK., but in the end , like a lot of my peers, didn’t do too badly with my own property and final salary pension scheme. However I’m not sure that scorpion jealousy is really the explanation. If I were a millennial I might feel quite exasperated by a baby boomer generation that benefitted from a functioning welfare state, fair rents, and full employment but is voting in great numbers for politicians who are destroying the NHS, don’t belive in climate change, brought in BREXIT and are quite happy with zero hours contracts and food banks that previously never existed.

  8. Mark Meadows has gone curiously silent in recent times. Also, a former chief of staff for Trump has said it’s only a handful of people could’ve have known where Trump’s Safe is located, so I’m looking at Jared and Ivanka.
    Is there anything is the Astro of these 3 that could indicate ‘flipping’ Marjorie?

  9. Hello again. Would you also please consider the chart of Chloe Lattanzi (daughter of ONJ)? She has reportedly spent between 400-500k on plastic surgery. I don’t mean to criticize her at all but the surgery did result in a “less natural” look which I find interesting since ONJ had such a natural, ethereal type of glow. I’m curious about the Venus aspects and “going to extremes.”

    Also curious because my birthmother’s sun is exactly conjunct my Ascendant and my adoptive mother’s sun is also exactly conj my ascendant. So I am fascinated by mother-daughter astrology. Thank you.

  10. Hello. I’ve been watching the HBO show, The Rehearsal. It’s so wild. Nathan Fielder, a Canadian comedian, helps people rehearse events (they are usually worried or scared) about the outcomes) before they take the plunge. He hires actors to portray the people the “subjects” will be dealing with and there are even sets built to mirror real life places. The sets are meticulous as is the rehearsal (flow charts for every possible outcome).
    I assumed Nathan would be a Virgo but he’s a Taurus.
    This show perhaps crystallizes the general anxiety and fear coupled with people being to scared to act—these days. If possible, please consider his chart. Thanks!

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