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  1. Marjorie, A Federal election has been called for Australia on 21 May 2022.

    Scott Morrison, born 13 May 1968, Sydney NSW, no tob, is the current PM and leader of the Australian Liberal Party. Anthony Albanese, born 2 March 1963, Sydney NSW, no tob, is the current Opposition Leader for the Australian Labor Party.

    Would you consider sharing some thoughts on this upcoming election? A standout astrologically is that Mercury retrograde will be in effect on the day of the election.

  2. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting engaged is fascinating, as I always felt they were rebounding with each other after failed relationships. It doesn’t seem like a recipe for long term success.
    Can you analyze their charts? I am so curious where this is headed.

  3. Hi, Marjorie,

    May I ask two questions:

    1) Russia’s long-term prospects, which don’t look good. (I pity the Russian people.)

    2) The outcome of the upcoming Battle of Donbas: the most pivotal conflict of the 21st century so far. Putin is desperate for victory by May 9th. Western allies fear that if Russia can hold onto Donbas, the conquest of other countries like Moldova will be next. I believe you indicated trouble for Putin at the end of May and I sincerely hope that that “trouble” is terminal…

    Many thanks for your wonderful service!

  4. Little Rocket Man is back at it, having launched its best ICBM. Possibly to regain attention from the Ukraine crisis. There’s a newly elected president in SKorea, who launched some “rockets” that would be used to take out any NKorea ICBM rockets before launch.

    What a mess. Tho he has lost weight and is wearing stylish black leather jackets for photo ops…

    Is there recently posted article touching on issues 2022 and beyond?


  5. BLM seems to be having some accounting difficulties, as revealed by New York Magazine. Founder, Patrice Cullors, described the article as little more than racist and sexist.

    • 13 April 2021 previous post. I didn’t read the piece but its a lame excuse in the circumstances. There needs to be a good deal of explanation for what appears to have gone on.

  6. Stephen Wiltshire, who has autism, is an architectural artist best known for his ability to draw intricate city landscapes from memory after seeing them just once. Does his chart give any indication of this unique talent?

  7. Hi Marjorie, With the announcement of govt’s plans to sell Channel 4, there has been lot of opposition even from senior Tories. There are rumours that Murdoch might buy channel 4.
    Do you see this going ahead?
    Thank you.

  8. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married. Can you do an analysis on their charts?

    Their new show is also about to debut on Hulu on the 14th as well.

    • Hello Jane – I wonder if you’d like to add an initial or something to your name, to distinguish between us? Or I can do that if you’d prefer? It might get a bit confusing otherwise! I can see we’re most likely in different countries though. Thank you, Jane

  9. Pope Francis considering a papal visit to Kyiv. The dangers are clearly legion but how would the Kremlin view this dangerous precedent?

    Initial dates were early April, following the Pope’s visit to Malta.

    He might actually walk thru the valley of death but will he return, safe and sound?


    Thank you.

  10. Thanks for your insights Marjorie, compelling and revealing. I am wondering about the china-Australia dynamic and which has been ramping up since Australia called on an investigation into the origins of COVID, with China appearing to bully Australia through words and economic sanctions (or just destroying stuff such as wine). With the Solomon Islands agreement causing great distress in Canberra, can you see if there’s any resolution? Thanks so much

  11. Sarah Palin announced she is running for a seat in Congress. Trump has, of course, endorsed her. Thoughts?


  12. From previous post on parallels with previous UK financial sinkholes. May 14 2020
    “The 1976 humiliation for the UK when it was forced to go cap in hand to the IMF for a loan. PM James Callaghan said: “We used to think you could spend your way out of a recession and increase employment by cutting taxes and boosting government spending. I tell you in all candour, that option no longer exists.” What followed was a reduction in government spending, tax increases and rises in interest rates. The economy did recover and it was paid back within three years but it ultimately paved the way for Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 victory.
    The IMF Bailout came in December 1976 when tr Uranus was in early Scorpio and squaring Saturn in Leo, in the months running in and after. Tr Uranus in hard aspect to tr Saturn is traditionally associated with economic recessions and another such turns up in 2021 with tr Uranus half a cycle on in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius.
    On the UK chart around the time of the bailout tr Uranus was poised to oppose the 8th house financial Mars by January 1977 with tr Saturn in square. This time round tr Uranus will conjunct that UK Mars with tr Saturn in square in 2021 – so very similar. The Solar Arcs were marginally more damaging in 1976/77 with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the financial Venus with tr Saturn in opposition to the UK Venus; and tr Uranus square the Solar Arc Venus.”
    There are some similarities at the moment with tr Tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting the 8th house UK Mars last year and this – with a more serious disruption in 2025 when the Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the UK Mars. All of which will bring serious disruption to the legislature (11th house Saturn) – the pressure for change will be irresistible.

    • Thanks Marjorie – you’ve been saying for a while that the transit to the UK’s 8th would be problematic and … here we are!

  13. I happen to be watching Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake documentary about Afghanistan and the middle east, and it brings up the oil crisis of 1973 (Oct 73 – March 74). This was as a result of the Arab-Israel War and America backing the Israelis until Saudi Arabia forced their hand with an oil embargo.

    I’m not old enough to remember these times but I’m struck by the similarities to where we are now with Russia cutting off gas supplies and rising energy prices. Boris going to Saudi Arabia only a couple of weeks ago to try and get an oil deal. I can’t imagine a modern government implementing a three-day week and yet …

    Any astro thoughts on this time and maybe the chart of OPEC or any other oil producers involved?

    • @GnarlyDude, 1973 Oil Crisis is a great find! I wasn’t born yet, but there are quite a few family stories around this. One outcome in Finland was that indoor pools had become very popular in Finland in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, for private houses, but especially apartment buildings, that are built as co-ops here in Finland (in fact, apparently Finns had strong representation in unions which built first co-ops in New York), all but disappeared for 15 years. The next ones would be built in the late 1980’s.

      • Very interesting Solaia. Are they still popular? Did the lack of pools have an effect on health or socialising or … ?

    • I’m old enough to remember this. Turned eighteen in 1972. Short term pain to wait in line for gas (petrol). It eased after a few months.

      USA did NOT back off support for Israel back then. The pull back from Israel is more recent and due more to Israel’s intransigent authoritarian attitude towards Palestinians. Non-Jewish discrimination in Israel is overt for some time now. This for me is one of the saddest situations in our world. Jews suffered immensely for centuries and now they are switching that role.

      The real important outcome of that time was rampant inflation. It was a combination though of rising energy prices from the oil embargo AND massive spending from the Vietnam war. As the economists would say guns or butter when people wanted spending on everything AFTER the war wound down. Until 1980s with Reagan, and tight Fed Reserve interest rate/money supply control, that spiral wasn’t tamped down. (Not a Reagan lover but the facts are the facts). For example, in the early seventies college tuition was about $1000/yr for public universities and $3000/yr or so for private ones. The cost quadrupled in 3-4 years. And now it is $15,000/yr for public supported unis and $35,000 to $100,000/yr for the private ones. That’s good reason why so many are forgoing college now.

      Russia is more of a bad guy state than we think they are. Incredible insider corruption and top down authoritarianism with tight control of all news and opinions expressed. Lots of changes to come to our world this generation.

      • Thanks for the clarification Carson on US-Israel. The documentary isn’t focused on the Oil Crisis and I was trying to be brief in my question – good to have your input.

        Your comment about inflation being the lasting issue is pertinent because the UK is at 5-6% when it has consistently been around 2-3% for the past 30 years. Although some of this is down to other factors beyond the current energy crisis. Even so, I think it’s interesting to see this all occurring as Uranus goes through Taurus opposing the Uranus in Scorpio placements of 74-81 – the money and debt signs.

    • So interesting to see the astrological wheels turning! It looks as if the chart for the first oil strike, August 28th, 1859, Pennsylvania, is relevant. It’s in the Book of World Horoscopses by Nick Campion. Mars at 22 Leo is opposed by Saturn and Mars this week. Saturn, 18 Leo; Uranus, 7 Gemini; Neptune 26 Pisces; Pluto 8 Taurus. The nodes are 20 Aquarius/Leo.
      OPEC is 14th September, 1960 – with some links to the 1859 chart. It’s Jupiter/Mars opposition in Sagittarius/Gemini is 24 and 26 degrees for instance – grabbing onto that 1859 Neptune in Pisces. Uranus at 23 Leo sits on the Mars.
      It’s confusing and sad to think that the original cheapness of oil powered the motor industry, when viable electric cars had already been invented, and used, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the ads for these cars are quite hilarious – they are promoted for the use of “ladies”, who might want to go shopping or meet their friends for tea!

      • Good stuff Jane – always appreciate your posts with their references.

        I read somewhere that economies are driven by what powers them … the steam engine replaced horse and water power … oil replaced steam. Question is where does it end? Without power, the economies of the industrial revolution crumble.

        • Thanks GD, I always enjoy your posts too. Yes, where does it end? Or, hopefully, transform? Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius will be interesting for that first oil strike chart, amongst other things. Perhaps there’s a form of energy waiting to be discovered? Change is often so slow.

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