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  1. Hello Marjorie. In your post on the Transgender debate a few days ago you remarked “The last posts brought a discussion which pointed to the fanatical bent of the transgender debate perhaps being triggered by the generation born 1995 to 2003 who are of the Uranus Neptune generation which can lean towards an extremism that is not open to debate”

    This kind of “woke thinking” always puts me in mind of the Puritans, with the run up to the Civil War in the UK and Oliver Cromwell. I looked on an earlier post of yours, (I am not an astrologer and so probably making a huge mistake, and if I am sincere apologies), but it seemed to me that he had Neptune, Pluto and Uranus marked quite strongly in his chart. As these same planets are wandering around causing quite a bit of aggro lately, I wondered if there was any similarities to that time and present day, and if there is – any chance when we could hazard a guess of when the pendulum might swing back and usher in a more moderate period? Thank you

  2. Hi Marjorie, was just looking back through your postings on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and the most recent one 7/3/21 I believe has an incorrect date of birth (16/9/78) but you were using the wiki date 26 December 1978 on a previous posting (18/7/19). Thought you might want to know.

    • Hi Thanks for that. I glanced at the September chart which didn’t make sense of her release. Will do later and take other one out.

  3. Sorry, just catching up a bit and have seen that some people are worrying about being birthday twins with the Chechen leader bloke and others (I’m more Zelensky/Macron vintage, dunno if that good or bad!). Just want to reassure you that my husband is birthday twins with Kate Moss, even born a just few miles apart. And although he has many talents, he’d be the first to admit that his sense of fashion leaves a lot to be desired and I don’t think he’s going to be called to the catwalk any time soon 😉 Personally, I don’t believe there are “good” or “bad” charts, but others may disagree

    • @tara, LOL, I’m one of the 1976 Libras, and yes, this is essentially my conclusion, too. Two of my exact BD twins according to Wikipedia are a former Wunderbra model and former Playmate.
      And I don’t like being photographed from below the neck.

    • A sister is almost birthday twins with Roman Abramovich, I learned last week when Marjorie covered him. She is a Taurus moon and Scorpio Sun square a Leo Jupiter and lets just say likes the finer things of life (expensive tastes) and is an avid globetrotter. Not at all greedy though, a kind, loyal person — certainly has no desire to own a yacht or a football club and pays her taxes.

  4. Comment: It seems both Russian and Ukrainian forces are currently regrouping, as we approach a Virgo Full Moon. And it’s been uncannily claer in Finland. Not an overcast day in a week and not one to come in a week. Saint Petersborgh weather would be similar.

  5. Any views on the Klitschko brothers?
    Wladimir was born on 25 March 1976 in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan
    and Vitali was born on 19 July 1971 in Belovodskoje, Krygyzstan.
    Sorry have no birth times.
    And thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  6. Hi Marjorie,
    The Godfather was released this day 50 years ago.
    Was wondering if you any thoughts re it at it has certainly been influential
    since it’s release and made huge careers for Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Duvall, Al Pacino
    and others.
    Thank you if you comment!

  7. Kim kardashian has come under fire because she recently said that people should get off their derrieres and work harder. Considering she became successful from a sex tape and having famous parents, it’s a callous statement. Do you see any winding down of her popularity? She and Kylie are already billionaires in dollars apparently.

  8. Marjorie, could you do a chart on President Eisenhower. It is interesting that his family have great links with Russia. Did he himself forge those links?

  9. Hi Marjorie, There is some news going round about Russian money links to Christopher Chandler whose company funds GB News channel. His company Legatum is Dubai based with shady funding from Russian donors. I remember GB News started during Mercury retrograde cycle.

    What future do you see for GB News?

  10. Hi Marjorie
    If he does something of particular note in the near future please could you look at the chart of Leonardo DiCaprio? Strikes me that he has the Midas touch – a very long career with few, if any turkeys and a long list of ex girlfriends. Yet I can’t recall a bad word said against him. Still retains a close friendship with Kate Winslet as well I think. No children that we have heard of either. Fair play to him in my book for staying mostly uncommitted and enjoying it. Does some environmental work I believe but I am always sceptical of celebrities in this space given their jet setting. Still, it’s a hell of a career. Nicole Kidman is another one who endures although she does have some turkeys in her back catalogue. Anyway, just as and when would be lovely. Thank you!

  11. Hello Marjorie , can you talk about south korea and the movement anti feminist. They are huge gender inegality and(sex) crime for women. The justice give always light punishment.
    Thank you

  12. John Bercow seems to be in the news at the moment – nasty bully or saviour of free speech within the Commons. What does his horoscope show?

  13. Hello Marjorie,

    I wonder if you could look at Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s chart? Lira devalued significantly in the past year and people are expressing too much discontent about him. I wonder if he can finally be ousted in June 2023 general election.

    Thank you so much!

  14. Wow according to the latest reports, I think Prince Harry just reached a new level of selfishness!! Mind boggling. As a grandmother and great gran as much as she is strong and shows her strength it must hurt behind close doors.

    • Selfish? Why don’t you have any compassion for Harry and what they’re going through? He was born a royal and they are upset he left because he didn’t want his family to be scrutinized by the British press so they took away his security which should be handed down for life. He is right about that. If he doesn’t want his family under that much media scrutiny then that should be supported and not criticized. His own family sent false reports about Meghan to the press because they didn’t like her…. yet you and others clearly still project the blame on Harry for leaving! That’s what’s really mind boggling here, is the lack of compassion from the press and public. Why would they have stayed? It made no sense for them to live in London under a rock at Frogmore cottage and the barrage of constant paparazzi. At least they have more freedom in the US.

      • The ‘rock’ at Frogmore costs 2.5 million pounds to renovate which suggests it isn’t a rabbit hutch, gladly paid for by the taxpayer until they decided to bolt. The Queen handed them the Commonwealth which would have given them half the globe to visit, mostly without paparazzi – though that would have exposed their hypocrisy of demanding freedom from media intrusion while hogging the limelight to the maximum.
        With privilege and money comes great responsibility – you/they can’t have one without the other.

      • @Loretta

        I project no such blame and whether left or stayed is not my business, etc, etc.

        What came to my mind, as a woman and mother, was how his grandmother must feel at this her most vulnerable time. So I felt his latest move a little selfish. It was as simple as that my dear. Not a deep issue for me as you imply. One love

      • As the Queen rightly said, these are private matters which should be sorted out within the family. I would add – not on a TV show.

        Any sympathy due to Harry and Meghan as a consequence of the difficulties they both faced in their public lives, dissipated in the UK as a result of their very public whinging. And as Prince Philip reportedly said, no good could come of their walking away.

      • Loretta – Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew’s daughters etc are amongst members of the RF who do not have automatic police security either. Now and then taxpayer funded security is provided when they are in a working role as an RF family member. It is not automatic.

  15. Hey Marjorie, any thoughts on Priti Patels current chart – shes been disastrous at her job this week and has reached a new level of public outrage by misreading the mood on refugees. Colleagues are openly turning on her too. At her age also would she not be going through a second chiron return – existential wounds with beliefs/upbringing rearing its head? Thanks

  16. Good morning Marjorie,

    With the UK economy just above meltdown level and a budget on the way, would it be opportune to have a look at Rishi Sunak and the short term road he has to travel?

    Thank you

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