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  1. Well, it’s begun. GOP members are calling/shouting/pleading for Trump’s help to begin impeachment of Biden cuz of the Afghan “retrograde” fiasco.

    Not terribly likely but…are there astro signatures for thes kinds of actions against the Dems?

    Hoping your move was an overall success!


  2. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you could share some astrological insights regarding Hurricane Ida and Louisiana. Yesterday (Sunday, August 29, 2021), Southern Louisiana just took a direct hit from Hurricane Ida – which was a powerful and dangerous category 4 hurricane upon arrival.

    Louisiana’s current Democratic Governor Bel Edwards did say that Hurricane Ida was the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the state since the 1850s.

    Hurricane Ida was a category 4, but dropped to a category 3 upon landfall. To make matters worse, it slowed down once it reached land causing a lot of flooding and strong wind gusts. All of Southern Louisiana was affected….and the entire New Orleans Metropolitan Area is currently without electricity…and one death was reported in the suburban town of Prairieville new the state’s capital of Baton Rouge. Hurricane is currently moving north across Louisiana as a category 1.

    What’s eerie is that Hurricane Ida hit Southern Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area – which was Monday, August 29, 2005.

    I was wondering if you noticed any astrological aspects that parallel the events of Monday, August 29, 2005 and Sunday, August 29, 2021.

    Anyway, any thoughts or insights you could share would be greatly appreciated. And as always, thank you so much for sharing your readings with us.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  3. Hi Marjory. Newcomer over here. Could you do an update on Portugal? The situation here is a bit, well, fishy. There are some doubts about the economic recovery after the pandemic and the Recovery Plan, done by the government, isn’t consensual with even President Marcelo saying, in private, that the plan is weak and that it is what it is. Politically, things seem also confused. The Socialists (PS), currently in power, just held their congress this weekend and PM António Costa was “crowned” again, but most of the discussion was about who will be his successor and about possible candidates. The main candidate for Costa’s succession seems to be Pedro Nuno Santos, Infrastructure minister in Costa’s cabinet, who is currently involved in the complicated and messy bailout of TAP airlines. Costa and Nuno Santos have a complicated relationship. Also, local elections for all 308 municipalities in the country will be held on 26 September 2021, and pundits/pollsters are predicting another landslide victory for the Socialists and a disaster for the opposition, mainly the Social Democrats (PSD). Current PSD leader and Leader of the Opposition (LO) Rui Rio could be forced to resign.
    President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa – December 12, 1948
    PM António Costa (PS) – July 17, 1961
    LO Rui Rio (PSD) – August 6, 1957
    Minister Pedro Nuno Santos (PS) – April 13, 1977

    Any insights? Would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. More as an observation…in the western US, we’re burning scorched earth. In the deep south and East Coast, being flooded out, esp with the Cat 4 hurricane. Are these events visible on the USA chart? Or is it all just “bad luck”?

  5. There is an election in Canada in September 20 – PM Trudeau called it early –
    Running against Trudeau is
    Conservative – Erin O’Toole/ January 22, 1973
    NDP -Jagmeet Singh/January 2, 1979

    Any insights – thanks

  6. Germany’s election is drawiing near. there is better clarity now on the chancellor hopefuls, their and party popularity ratings.

    Can you have a look at the German elections again if you have the time

  7. Someone emailed me asking questions about tropical versus sidereal zodiacs and draconic charts . I’m still drowning in the techno-hell of a modern move. And I have mislaid the email. So anyone who would like to pitch in do feel free.

    From memory the questioner was someone fairly new to astrology – and all I would say is don’t drown yourself in complications. Take the traditional route until you get a hang of the major structural points. There will always be those who want to dazzle you with alternative systems but you need to get a grip of one first and then test the water with others that might – or might not – be helpful after a while.

    • Yes I definitely agree not to go near sidereal if you’re a beginner. They are all just different methods of dividing up the ecliptic into 360 degrees/12 signs and where to put put the Aries point (0 Aries):

      Tropical will put the Aries point at the vernal equinox, which is a nice, simple system and the one you’ll see most often (at least in the west). A criticism is that is doesn’t quite fit the constellations as they are in the sky.

      Sidereal positions the signs in the chart more in line with the stars and constellations as they are – which sounds great but there are multiple systems and methods for doing this! You will end up deep into the weeds quite quickly unless you know what you are doing.

      Draconic will place the Aries point at the north node and turns the rest of the natal chart accordingly. I suppose that in essence it could give a deeper picture into your north node, so perhaps look at a few transits and see if it works once you feel comfortable with the basics.

      • Hi Marjorie and Tara,

        I sent the email in question. It was originally much longer but the comment form would only allow me to send a couple of paragraphs so I edited it heavily. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m brand new to astrology, but am relatively new enough that I’d never encountered what seems to be a debate between tropical and sidereal astrologers. I’d also studied astronomy for several years in the past, so things like sidereal time and the precession of the equinoxes are not unfamiliar. Without posting the entire original email, I’ll post this from it (between the asterisks):


        I follow some astrologers on Instagram, and among a few, I’ve noticed that they’ve all of a sudden had this “great insight” and have abandoned tropical astrology in favor of a sidereal one. I’ve been conflicted in continuing to follow them because many of their posts begin with sentiments like “now that I’m a [such-and-such sign]” or “now that I follow the accurate astrology,” while ending with things like “but follow whatever astrology resonates with you.” I’m all for growth, development, and exploration, but the mixed messaging is a bit confusing.

        My basic understanding is that tropical follows wherever the vernal equinox happens each year and that sidereal systems correct for the procession of the equinoxes but still vary based on different ayanamsas. And then there’s draconic, which I’ve barely looked at all, because it seems as though the bigger debates are between tropical and sidereal.

        I’ve heard some describe draconic as either past life astrology or what our soul or Self wants or is. I didn’t look much at it, but some of the traits in the draconic chart I ran reminded me of ways I used to be when I was a child and early adolescent, much of which I’ve been trying to get back to (i.e. honoring the inner child).


        In any event, it is not so much the different systems or interpretations that confuse me or give me pause, it is 1) the mixed message of the soft absolutism behind their shift (e.g. “my sidereal system is correct but do what works for you”) and 2) how (or if) using a sidereal system might be beneficial, especially since there are so many systems and methods (I looked at several versions of my natal chart using different sidereal systems before writing my original email; they didn’t really resonate with me).

        I am quite content to remain with tropical astrology, especially since my internal and external environment seem to align rather well with it. I like to learn new things, but I was also taken aback by the drastic absolutist shift of those astrologers.

        Thanks very kindly for your posts.

        • I would have to admit I’m a pretty terrible technical astrologer in the sense of grasping the intricacies of house systems, zodiacs etc. I started astrology knowing I would have to put aside the ‘why’ question since there weren’t any answers. Then approached it in a formulaic way following the traditional books as if they were an instruction manual. What worked, I hung onto and what didn’t seem to make sense after testing across a range of individual charts, I ignored.
          The precession of the equinoxes always seemed to me to be distraction. The constellations vary enormously in size and distance from the earth with no definite start and finish so would be hopeless for calculations. The tropical zodiac is like an artificial map grid reference and is fixed and therefore a solid basis for calculations.
          Anyways no one actually think the stars or constellations zap down energy – it’s a synchronous dance of parallel energies, in so far as that is not a meaningless statement.
          Why do people get absolutist? They do it everywhere on every subject. Partly in this arena I suspect because they haven’t explored or understood their tropical zodiac chart in depth. If you are a Leo with a 12th or 8th house Sun you might feel more attuned to being Virgo or Cancer, rather than grasping what the chart actually says.
          My experience would be that different systems can come to the same or similar answers. But adherents tend to get worked up about their way being the chosen one.
          No system is perfect and people in their desperation for absolute certainty will discard one to cling on to another. My faint thought is that astrology taps into an underlying strata of possibilities and potentials and while there is a degree of choice about maximising the outcome, it is never known exactly what will transpire. For some people this isn’t enough so they chop and change systems to lessen their neurosis about living in a semi-random/unknowable universe.

          • Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Marjorie. This is pretty much along the lines of my thinking as well, but it is extremely helpful to hear it from someone with your knowledge and expertise.

            Studying my natal chart has helped and continues to help me work through a lot of things. It has helped me understand myself and others in deeper ways.

            Kindest regards,
            starless galaxie

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