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  1. I have just seen ‘the Waxing Gibbous Moon’ , which is absolutely gorgeous and finishes on the 24th July. I was wondering if it was of any astrological import. Normally I have to turn out the lights to get the full impact. But tonight I didn’t have to. It has really raised my spirits.

  2. Good afternoon Marjorie,
    Are the Richard Branson/Jeff Bezos space flights (and more to come)
    aside from Elon Musk’s plans, a sign of things to come with
    the Outer Planets moving into Air and Fire signs in a few years?
    Thank you if you comment.

  3. Could you take another look at Jim Jordan for 2021-22? Trumpite McCarthy has just appointed him to be on the Jan 6th commission and Im wondering if Jordan’s usual loudmouthed obstructionist tactics will be successful in an attempt to derail the investigation?

  4. Three well-known journalists died in the past few days – wonder if this ties into the eclipse series in Gemini/ Sagittarius of this year? Especially as there was a Mars Pluto opposition for the Lunar Eclipse which was triggered last week by the transiting Sun in Cancer. Peter de Vries discussed here, died on the 15th July. Photo-journalist Danish Siddiqui, winner of the Pulitzer prize, died a day later. Dawn Foster died on the 15th July, she was just 33, and was suffering with long-term health issues. She was an estabished Guardian columnist, but was sacked by the Guardian (they paid out her contract) for a piece written in 2019 criticizing the nihilistic antics of the Labour right and Tom Watson – it is revealing that those higher up in the Guardian found the article so objectionable that Foster lost her job. The article was trending on the Guardian website once her death was announced. She had a strong Virgo emphasis in her chart which was picked by the Gemini/ Sag eclipses of this year.

  5. George Russell is set to be the new British sensation that will partner Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes next year. How’s his Astro looking next year alongside King Lewis and his F1 future in general for the coming years Marjorie?

  6. The skies today-tomorrow are crazy.

    Not only that Leo/Cap/Pisces yod

    But a second wide-orb Yod focusing through the Libra moon with the wide sextile between Taurus-Uranus and Pisces-Neptune.

    And the first quarter Libra moon becomes the focus for a t-square as the Cancer Sun opposes Pluto in Cap.

    Everything is locked together but most of it is quincunx, squares and oppositions.

    • On a personal note, that Yod is right on my Leo North Node/BML/Asteroid Psyche in the 12th. Been having lots of weird and wild dreams lately and trying to watch out for a potentially spectacular self-undoing.

      • Thank you VF it’s interesting that you feel it. I have been having weird dreams too, my Moon at 21 Aqu perhaps. Still, it’s a very cool pattern/sequence 🙂

      • Hey VF – good luck with that 12th stuff.

        I’m staring at my own transits and progressions this week rolling my eyes. Months with nothing of note, then some biggies coming exact involving uranus, saturn, jupiter and prog moon over the next week starting tonight. And all the time mars/venus will be hitting my 7-planet + 2 asteroids t-square.

        Neighbours moved today. Out with the old, in with the new. I bet they didn’t check their stars!! I’ll be interested to see what happens in 18-mths time as the Sun-Pluto opposition progresses to be exact for them ….

        • So happy to read this, all of you! Today I bumped into three different people I haven’t seen for several years – just in my neighbourhood, when popping out to the shops. None of them live in this neighbourhood! They do not know one another either.
          My own chart is quite mad at the moment, endless aspects triggering most of it one way or another. Dreams, too, have been epic, involving other planets (?) and also two people I love who have died in recent years. Pluto and Neptune are aspecting natal Mercury, which may explain some of this. I haven’t even looked at the progressions or SA……

    • Thanks GnarlyDude, interesting about the second yod. I forgot to mention the mystic rectangle on wednesday, before the yod perfected, with the Ven/Mars conjunction opposite Sat/Nep MP piercing straight through the centre of it. The Ven/Mars conjunction also came into orb during the new moon in Cancer.

      • Yes, the mystic rectangle didn’t go unnoticed the other day. There are like you say, a whole array of astrological patterns at the moment. This does feel like the planets are having a particular ‘moment’ and planet Earth is undergoing huge upheaval, politically, economically and ecologically. Even animal behaviour seems to have taken on a certain high strangeness with the baffling journey of the Elephant herd in China, wolves attacking film crews and other odd incidents such as the single male walrus, Wally who has abandoned his social group and is busy overturning boats by the Scilla isles.

  7. Hi Marjorie, I have a general astrology question:

    I have been looking at the recent venus/mars conjunction in Leo and the fact that it is part of a yod with Neptune and Pluto. I don’t know much about yods or the “finger of fate”, but I know you’ve talked about them before in natal charts. Are they significant in transit as well? Venus/Mars is also opposite the Sat/Jup midpoint, which are sitting inside the Plu/Nep sextile. It seems to suggest the coming together of opposites or compromises, but it’s hard to pin down and I wondered what the yod pattern might add to the picture?

  8. What the American accused of plotting to kill Haiti’s President told police


    From the article…Christian Emmanuel Sanon, the latest American citizen to be arrested in connection to the assassination of Haiti’s President, has been accused by authorities of orchestrating a complex multinational hit job in order to realize his own political ambitions. “He came with the intention to take over as President of the Republic,” Haitian National Police Director General Leon Charles said of Sanon in a press conference on Sunday. He was also the first person one of the alleged men involved in the killing of President Jovenel Moise called after the attack, Charles said.

    Sanon also had bigger ideas for Haiti. Videos posted to a YouTube account under the name of “Dr Christian Sanon” in August 2011, show Sanon saying the country needs “a new leadership that will change the way of life” in the country. The video, labeled “Dr. Christian Sanon: Leadership for Haiti,” also showed Sanon describing the country’s leadership as corrupt, and appearing to slam then-President Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly as “weak” and “selling his soul.”

    From wiki:

    Christian Emmanuel Sanon (born 22 November 1958) in Marigot, Haiti. Sanon flew to Haiti in early June, 2021. Some prominent local individuals were invited to meetings where Sanon laid out his plans. An attendee of those meetings said that Sanon said he was “sent on a mission of God to replace Moïse,” and that he wanted to implement a “Marshall Plan to run the country”, and that “he wanted to change French as an official language, and replace it with English.”

    • The health Secretary has just announced he has Covid. He was with the PM yesterday. On Monday restrictions lift, yet cases are rising. Can you see how this is likely to be resolved?

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