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  1. Software entrepreneur John McAfee killed himself in his Barcelona prison cell after Spain agreed to extradite him to the US to face tax evasion charges.

    Honestly Marjorie, I wasn’t interested in his chart until I read the reasons why he is considered a controversial, problematic figure. He’s basically spent the last decade plus leaping from crisis to crisis.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. As channel 4 is to be sold, I was wondering if Scripps who co-own UKTV with BBC Worldwide and also own HGTV and the Food Network stood a chance of buying it. I’m really asking on behalf of my husband, who will miss his favourite programmes, should they decide, to cement their relationship.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    The case of Sophie Toscan du Plantier is on our screens now in documentaries about her murder in Ireland in 1993. I was wondering if you could have a look at her chart and perhaps that of Ian Bailey? The French found him guilty of her murder in absentia. Recently Bailey and his long time partner Jules Thomas have split.

  4. How Pluto and Neptune are woven together. Think they work together. https://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/questions/question5.html
    The date of Pluto entering Neptunes orbit Feb 7, 1979 till it’s exit Feb 11, 1999 seem to parallel Reagan’s transforming America from the dominant FDR paradigm to a more Plutocratic pro-business, pro-wealth agenda. Seems similar to Margaret Thatcher in the UK. The dissolution of the USSR to be replaced by Putin’s Kleptocracy. Would like to go back and se if there’s a pattern during past crosses.

  5. Monika, you would probably enjoy friends if you watched it on dvd or watched it on something like Netflix. Sorry about spelling your name wrong!

    • Thanks. I watched Friends many times. There was a children’s cartoon character in Brazil called Monica and they always associated me with her. I am from Brazil. I don’t think anybody associated me Monica from Friends. People made comparing “jokes” about me and the Italian actress Monica Bellucci though.

  6. Virgoflake, thanks for all your research. I sort of suspected that he was much like her father. Creepy isn’t it. Glad she found happiness with her husband.

  7. Hi Marjorie

    Recently came across a write up about the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse chart, and Lunar, so my curious self looked it up on astro.com. Wow, it made very intriguing reading as a stand alone and when compared to the natal chart. Do you delve into that much at all? What’s your take on it all, if any?

    I found that my PN Solar Eclipse Sun/Moon is conjunct my natal Venus (ret), and my PN SE Venus is also retro but in a different sign and conjunct my natal North Node. Does this mean Venus R is significant for me? I have no idea what it all means but it has sparked my interest, and I don’t know how to read it but I know it can’t be coincidence? Where could I find understandable info/plain speak because Google isn’t helping me?

    Big Thanks

  8. Any chance of having a look at John Bercow’s chart? I’ve noticed some interest from others. I see Bercow being offered a seat to contest in the next election and if successful being offered a lesser shadow position. I don’t see him contesting for the Labour leadership as he is too devisive a figure (I suspect he knows this himself), but perhaps being consulted in a senior advisory capacity.

  9. Cuba – when will the US face reality with this tiny island nation? Decades of sanctions – now obsolete, most recently enlarged by Drompf and his scorched earth foreign policy. I read the blog posting dated June 7, 2019, under the loving watch of President Trump.

  10. Given his relationship with Angelica Huston, does Jack Nicholson’s chart share any characteristics with her father? He is an actor that I greatly admired, but seems misogynistic in his behaviour towards women.

    • Linda, what’s interesting is that Jack Nicholson (he’s a Taurus Sun with Leo Rising, anaretic Moon in Virgo) has a similar pattern to Huston when it comes to Venus (relationship), with a Jupiter/Pluto opposition T-Squaring Venus in Aries. Likewise, Huston has a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction square his Venus in Virgo. Jupiter/Pluto can be a sort of god-like ‘I am divinely ordained to do whatever I want’ attitude, in fact you often see this contact in the charts of cult leaders – Jim Jones had it as did Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven’s Gate cult. So perhaps Nicholson’s approach to relationship would resonate with Anjelica’s experience of relationship with her own father. Nicholson also has Pluto Rising in the 12th – that’s a lot of overwhelming darkness buried there in the unconscious of an individual. You can very much sense this simmering rage within Nicholson, particularly in many of his most famous roles – Jack Torrence for instance. I’ve noticed that Actors seem to channel some of the more challenging aspects in their natal charts into the roles they play.

  11. During the BSE crisis in the 90s my family relied on Australian beef from Morrisons Supermarket. It was superb! We even tried Argentinian steaks for a short time from Tesco which was absolutely delicious.

    While I love British Beef, the butchery leaves a lot to be desired. Early in the new year, I ordered a sirloin joint from a reputable butcher to make up to my husband for the supermarket being unable to deliver what was going to be our Christmas lunch. It turned out to be a sirloin of gristle.

    So while I want to order British, it is hypocritical of those 2 supermarkets to pretend that British is definitely best. Especially when the British Army bought beef purely from Australia. Farmers and butchers need to up their game, not whine when they have been caught delivering substandard goods.

  12. BBC article claming Marine Le Pen and her renamed party appear to be gaining strength in France.


    Can you update the astrology of Macron and la France with her?

    Many thanks.

  13. Could you check Dominic west and Lily James careers charts? How is their “alleged” affair going to affect their career? their popularity dropped since their weekend Rome but I have a feeling his wife’s career is getting more attention now, while the pursuit of Love series got mixed reviews. Thank you!

  14. Marjorie, I’d love to read your take on Senator Joe Manchin. Are there any influences that might nudge him (oh so gently!) off his precarious perch?

  15. M.
    Excuse me, but isn’t it the opposition’s job to challenge those in power? Criticise him all you want. But not for actually doing his job!

  16. On Friday, Iran will vote for its next president with Ebrahim Raisi expected to take the role. He was born 14 December 1960, Mashhad, Iran. He is yet another hardliner – Pluto in Capricorn really does appear to be delivering such men to power. Thank you, Marjorie.

  17. Marjorie,
    I read that Monica Lewinsky signed a deal to produce some films. Can you take a look at her? The scandal with Clinton destroyed her life and, while a willing participant, she was very young and disproportionately affected by the fallout.

    • Hi, my name is Monika and I was at the beginning of my career at the time, as a trainee. I am sure this affected me as well as I have the same name and was always associated with her, not a very good start for me.

      • Monica Lewinski was more famous than Monica from “Friends”, or at least I don’t recall being associated with Monica from “Friends”.

    • If someone continues to tie his shoe laces together, eventually he will fall, regardless of what the stars have to say 😉

  18. Hello Marjorie

    Alcoholics Anonymous recently celebrated a birthday, 10th June 1935, Akron Ohio is the “birth” day attributed. If you are able, please can you look at this life changing organisation? Along with offshoots like Narcotics and Eaters Anonymous it has literally saved the lives of countless millions over the decades. I assume the redemptive qualities of Neptune and perhaps Pisces will be prominent? Thank you for your fine work

  19. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering you wouldn’t mind taking a look at the Val Demings vs Marco Rubio U.S. Senate race that’s going to be taking place here in Florida.

    I’m just curious to know how the astrology looks for both candidates since, according to the news media, the Florida U.S. Senate race is expected to be the most competitive, the most expensive, and the most high profile U.S. Senate race in the entire country.

    Both Marco Rubio and Val Demings are high profile candidates. However, Val Demings appears to be a rising star not just here in Florida, but all over the country right now. In other words, Val Demings is getting a lot of news coverage and national attention and young people, African-Americans, and women all over the country are already making donations to her campaign.

    Val Demings gained nationwide recognition when President Biden’s campaign announced that she was a consideration for vice president.

    If elected (and right now, the odds are very iffy), Val Demings would be the first African-American woman to represent Florida in the U.S. Senate…and she would be the nation’s 3rd African-American woman (after Carol Moseley Braun [elected in 1992] and Kamala Harris [elected in 2016]) to ever have served in the U.S. Senate.

    Any thoughts or insights you could share would be much appreciated.


    Chris Romero

  20. I was just wondering how the local inhabitants of states like Washington State feel about companies like say Amazon having tax free status. Shouldn’t it be a condition of their tax free status that they invest in the state, like say infrastructure? At least that would keep the roads and bridges in good state of repair. Can someone do a chart on Washington State?

  21. Just a comment, in light of today’s news about the shocking Daniel Morgan case. The chart for the Met Marjorie posted in May seems to work (29 September 1829). Transiting Mars in Leo opposes the Met’s Uranus in Aquarius today. The Gemini Sun is square the Met’s Mars in Virgo. The Saturn/Uranus square is one degree off the Met’s Saturn in Leo. And I was interested to see the transiting S. Node is conjunct their Jupiter in Sagittarius – seems to emphasise legal matters and a release of something – the truth, almost? I imagine judging by all the delays and withheld information, plus suggestions of “a form of corruption” today, there might be more to come.

    • Agree that chart is very descriptive with as you say more to come. The Daniel Morgan post May 20 2021 was the second that I recollect mentioning the Met – aah found it 15 March 2021 on the heavy handed policing after the Sarah Everard demos. Chief of chiefs Cressida Dick is something else. She oversaw the de Menezes shooting (innocent Brazilian), Operation Midland (Carl Beech fantasies) and now this. Defies belief that she ever got promoted.

      • Yes, very puzzling. I can’t find a birth time for Cressida Dick, but the date is 16th October, 1960. Like the Met chart, she has Libran Sun, Scorpio Mercury and Venus, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces. Different degrees, but a variation on a theme I think. She fits in with 1829 in some strange way.
        Her Venus and Mercury squares a Leo Uranus, while the Met’s squares Uranus in Aquarius. There’s her Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn that has survived the Pluto and Saturn transits too, as has her Libran Sun at 22 degrees.
        That transiting Saturn/Uranus square is putting pressure on CD’s Mercury at 17 Scorpio. It’s a bit like a hidden hairline crack in a building I think, it will be a while before it reveals itself!

  22. Newbie M.P. Rob Roberts – Delyn (UK) has rather mucked up, and in a very bad way. On getting elected, he was accused of making sexual and predatory advances on his assistant in 2020. He then declared himself to be gay on the very day the allegations came to light. Police attended a party at his house during the height of lockdown and he stated that he wasn’t there. The standards committee in Parliament launched an investigation. He has lost the Tory whip, Jacob Rees Mogg and other prominent Tories have suggested he stand down. However, it seems that he is insisting on staying put. A second allegation waits in the wings.
    Any chance he will see sense and go. Born 15/10/1979 Flintshire No time sorry

  23. Afternoon…it worries me that in Jan. you wrote that McConnell would find his mojo early 2022-23… as his main goal seems to be to destroy the government just so long as he stays in power. Is there any hope he will lose his position or that he will be served up a big helping of just desserts some where along the way?

    • From her blog post, “Mitch McConnell, 20 February 1942, whether politically or personally is facing an exceptionally bumpy ride through 2022/3/24 with his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Venus, Mercury and his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Mars and Saturn; as well as tr Uranus moving across his Mars Saturn Uranus in 2023/24 which looks acutely stressful. But that could be for all manner of reasons separate from the Republican Party’s fortunes.” Posted on May 15, 2021

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