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  1. PRC announced a 3-child family policy to combat a declining population growth rate and an increase in older population growth that strains available resources. In a generation, this could also enable a huge – armed – ground force not easily overcome. The US has its own ZPG issues, perhaps fabricated or not but the strain on the social security system is real enough.

    Can astro predictions suggest what could end up happening in both East and West? Not an easy collection of charts, I would imagine. Thanks much.

  2. Today is the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre (31/5/1921). Would it be possible to look at the astrology for that day?

  3. Boris and Carrie’s wedding reportedly took place at 2pm on Saturday 29 May. Obviously timed so that she can greet world leaders and their wives as official “First Lady” when they arrive for the G7 in June.

  4. It’s being reported that Boris married Carrie in a secret ceremony. It says on Saturday so not clear which Saturday.

    If it’s today isn’t this the start of Mercury Retrograde and just after an eclipse? Hmm….!

  5. Jo, I think we are already there, and have been there for a long time. You only have to look at the CCTV cameras situated everywhere. I still keep my passport and driver’s license in my bag if I should need it .

    In many Western European countries it was a criminal offence to move around without your identity papers. And this was in the 70s. Now you can be traced by every single device that you use. So whatever his motive, Russell Brand does have a point.

    • Oh, I know we’ve been there a while. But Coded Bias showed something pretty disurbing that hasn’t been since, well, since China. Big Brother Watch UK has found the AI is deeply flawed when using facial recognition and is often pulling up people of colour as criminals in the data base which eventually is proven wrong. In London where they had these facial recognition cameras a 14-year old black school boy was pulled aside and questioned and had his fingerprints taken. He was eventually let off the hook by the police officers but he was clearly deeply shaken by the ordeal. BBWUK intervened and let him know what was going on with this technology. They even informed people walking through London about the cameras and what they were doing.

      One man decided he was having none of it because it was invading his privacy. A gang of officers quickly surrounded him and pulled him off to one side, questioned him, asked for ID, and wanted fingerprints. He was furious that he was being treated like that in London then they issued him a £100 fine because he wouldn’t co-operate. BBWUK intervened and told the officers that they had no right to issue the fine because this technology was only being experimented with and it wasn’t law. The officers came up with the usual Nazi line that they are following orders and that if he was innocent he would co-operate. And as mentioned in my earlier post below, Jenny Jones has been red-lighted on every extreme terrorist list because of her liberal views. If this technology rolls out then I am also classed as an extreme terrorist too. It makes your blood turn cold.

      I hope this is not a hint of Pluto in Aquarius? Doesn’t the bad shit tend to be thrown up at the end of an astro cycle? Like all the corrupt organizations, people and politicians, and also the extreme right-wingers clinging to the last vestiges of power as has been shown in the late stages of Pluto in Capricorn happening right now?

  6. Hi Marjorie, is it possible to look at Russell Brand’s chart. He’s pushing the idea forward that we are moving into a frighteningly surveillanced future in which vaccine passports will be like Germany in which people will be bullied and stripped of their basic rights if they don’t show their ‘papers’ when asked. He has a following of around 3.5 million on Youtube and seems to have morphed from a crude comedian to a ‘philosophy guru’ for those seeking enlightenment. Naturally, he is also plugging into the conspiracy theorists paranoia too on this subject.

    I do think it’s perfectly okay to question everything otherwise we would all just be gullible sheep. And I recently watched Netflix’s Documentary, Coded Bias, telling how rich, white tech companies who code their technology is biased towards ethnic groups and women (Even Amazon used their algorithm technology to recruit people and it turned down every single female who applied for jobs! They have temporarily suspended this recruitment process for the time being until they can sort it out.)

    But more alarmingly, these tech companies are pushing their AI out onto the people and getting governments to use surveillance on its citizens like they do in China (I think the morality of lobbying probably crops up here). I was stunned to see it actually being rolled out in London, so it is already on our doorsteps. A civil liberties group called Big Brother Watch UK went to politician, Baroness Jenny Jones to help them fight this impending nightmare. At first Baroness Jenny Jones didn’t think it was anything to be alarmed by until they asked her to check her own file on record that recorded everything she said online and in public. She was horrified to find her own name on every ‘extremist terrorism’ list out there just because she was open-minded. Naturally, she is now working with this group to try and overthrow the way AI is turning into some kind of Nazi intelligence. It’s also refreshing to know that most of the people fighting this technology is being lead by women.

    So, is Russell Brand correct in pushing this out there to so many followers or is he batshit crazy and just feeding of the zeitgeists paranoia’s? And is there something to be afraid of? Please tell me the tech giants are going to be regulated and lobbying the politicians will be ruled as criminal? I’m sickened by this cesspool of people in power.

  7. Hi there. Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO of Amazon. Is this some kind of fallout from his divorce or is he burned out from all the drama surrounding the rocket-ship races? Appreciate an update.

  8. A thousand thanks Troy, I am much comforted by you and, Solaia. I think I still have leftover heebie jeebies from the last 4 years. And, Ancient Mariner…I do not believe in coincidences either. Especial gratitude to Marjorie.

  9. This is not a question but an observation. It appears the bipartisan Insurrection Commission is the hill the GOP has chosen to officially die on, as Mitch is at his incorrigible and intransigent best in emphatically blocking it. For context, A “Rasmussen Reports” poll has has the popularity of such commission amongst voters at 58%!!! A Rasmussen poll!!! The most popular and infamous GOP leaning pollster. No wonder the astrology is looking the way it looks for Republicans. Paradigm shift indeed.
    This has to be the stupidest move Mitch has ever made. Pelosi wins the chess game again!

    • @ Troy, it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things i.e. the 2020 midterms.

      GOP voters will love Mitch and the Republicans even more for obstructing any type of investigation into what happened on Jan 6th because they don’t believe they ever do anything wrong as individuals or collectively.

      The Democrats are going to have to depend on a lot of luck to hold onto the Senate and the House because the vast majority of Republicans are still angry that Trump isn’t president and that will drive them to the polls.

      • @Roderick: Oh it will matter alright. By itself? Not necessarily. But the commission added to other things the Dems are getting credit for will form a collective for “Independent” voters to weigh in 2022. Remember, these are the swingers that decide elections.
        I realize what Mitch is thinking, but it’s likely gonna backfire!

  10. Hi Marjorie, Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH was declared earlier this week as the World’s richest man. Born on 5 March 1949 in Roubaix, France. LVMH was founded on 3 June 1987 in Paris, France. Would you have any thoughts re their staggering success? Thank you if you do.

  11. What’s Matt Hancock’s chart and prospects looking like?

    Cummings said Hancock was set up last year by Boris to be the fall guy and he certainly didn’t do anything to outperform that expectation. Whenever there was bad news to be announced, Hancock got sent out to the briefing podium to deliver it in Boris’ absence.

    I’m reminded of Michael Spicer’s sketch about Hancock where he said he “your level of success should never have gone any further than a branch manager of PC World”

  12. Marjorie would you kindly have a look at the new GB News launching at 8pm on 13 June 2021.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of Andrew Neil, in-depth interviews covering a wider range of issues.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  13. There has been so much confusion around the counter narratives of the Republicons, not to mention the BIG LIE, it’s hard to tell at this point which side will come out of it intact. Will the Cons finally get their wish to destroy this country and, the planet? Or will there ever be a moment when truth rises triumphant and out better natures take over? As a Libra, I’ve always been able to hold onto some optimism but lately with all the voter suppression, my hope is fading and I have grave concerns about 2022.

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