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  1. David Cameron is being investigated for corruption. I heard that him and boris johnson were together at school and college and that they have been enemies since then.

  2. The problem with playing the racist card is that the people that do , don’t feel the need to back up their claims of racism. It is an easy out to try and make people feel guilty by virtue of being white. Hence ridiculous comments that white people are racist down to a cellular level. But if you want to use that argument, then everyone is racist, bigoted and prejudiced, irregardless of race.

    Now I refuse to apportion blame of this kind to a person who hasn’t been born. Not even to a newborn. But I will go so far as to say that anyone with a chip on their shoulder is prejudiced. And I think calling a person racist when the person concerned never said it to her face is unsubstantiated as Prince Harry obviously thinks that any criticism of his beloved is racism. Even when it’s her character that is being questioned and that her truth doesn’t necessarily mean that from other’s point of view that it is true. However it makes great television and tabloid fodder. Which when it comes down to the nitty gritty, is what she is after.

    • Hmm…… Not sure what this comment is in reference to but Racism is taught/learnt behavior. I believe there are people who will play the racist card when it suits but there are also people who have/state genuine experiences of racism and are not playing a card or game to ‘make people feel guilty ….’ It’s important to make that distinction so not to trivialize and to appreciate that racism is real and a real dilemma for many. I guess this problem is a little like the story of the boy who cried wolf and then made it bad for the boy who really cried wolf.

  3. Hello Marjorie – I was wondering about Tracey Emin. She’s had the all clear regarding her very serious cancer this week, and a major exhibition of her work with the work of Munch – The Loneliness of the Soul – opening in May at the Royal Academy in London. She’s 3rd July, 1963. Thanks if you can take a look at this complicated and talented woman.

    • I was pleased to read that she’s had the all clear, sounds like she’s been through an absolutely brutal ordeal and come out the other side, though it has obviously taken its toll. It would be interesting to have the birth time to see where that Mars/Uranus/Pluto is by SA/Progression, I would have thought it would be very apparent when it hits an angle. But there is still plenty of action to see:

      By progression she has a Pr Sun/Venus/Uranus conjunction that has just passed natal Uranus and is nearing the natal Pluto. SA Mars is also approaching the natal Neptune. SA Saturn is conjunct the natal Jupiter, which may be the only fire planet. Of course there has also been Neptune transits, most recently an opposition to the natal Mars.

      She has quite a mutable chart; I think mutable types can be very resilient – they can often seem to dodge bullets, as it were. I know someone with a very similar chart who has come back to two very serious accidents, one with a spinal injury that was nearly fatal. That chart also had Jupiter as the only fire planet, but the focus was on sport, endurance and physical limits. With Tracey it seems to be about creativity and stretching the limits of the art world. I think the Neptune/BML/Psyche conjunction in Scorpio may also be a factor there; Neptune blurring boundaries and BML stretching them, especially creatively.

      • Oh thanks Tara, I just saw this from you! I think the Neptune/BML/Psyche in Scorpio is very much a factor, as you say – both in her work, and in the way she’s gone through this profound near-death experience. Plus her personal history of course, much of which is very raw and dark. Maybe the Neptune transits, and her Cancer Sun, were partly expressed by her love of the sea and fairly recent studio in Margate. I have Cancer rising and experience an absolute longing for the sight, smell, and sound of the sea from time to time. Any weather will do!

  4. Hi!

    Again, thank you for all your work!

    What does the sinastry/relationship of Russia and China looks like in the next few years?

    Thank you!

  5. Marjorie, when you do horoscopes , for the sun signs, do you do a general reading from the middle of the sign? Like for instance , say 7th August for Leo, as I was born on the 22nd I am on the cusp. Some astrologers put me into Virgo, which is a bit confusing. My brother who used to cast horoscopes as a hobby nsisted that I was a Leo. I’ve always been curious as to when an astrologer picks a date and decides that is the definitive date for each sign.

    • No Sun sign astrology is done for the general sign. The dates change by a day or so in different years but you will be one sign or the next. If you look on the net for a birth chart calculator and out in your date and time it’ll tell you. For Sun sign columns you can also read your Ascendant sign.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    How about a look at Joe Manchin, Democratic senator who seems to be obstructing Joe Biden’s agenda, or at least making things difficult ? Thanks.

  7. Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matters movement has acquired another property to add to her portfolio. This has prompted more questions about the transparency of BLM funding.

    • Part of the racism and hatred towards megan markle is because english people don’t like it when non-white people prosper financially. I used to take Indian Vogue magazine into work to read during lunch and one english colleague used to look through it and get upset at the opulence and glamour but that used to prevail in India long before the English came there.

      • @ M, you are completely missing a point here. The query has nothing to do with Meghan M and or being racist. It is a valid one about transparency given the donations received by BLM and how that money is being spent. Hawk Newsome, head of BLM Greater New York City has called for an investigation into it to ensure nothing untoward going on so obviously he is asking the same question. Coincidence! Maybe and maybe not. So let’s not get defensive just yet.

  8. GnarlyDude, thanks for your advice. I will keep it in mind. Fortunately the co-ordinator who normally deals with my husband’s rota fixed it. The carers who came couldn’t understand why they had been removed in the first place. I only found out at 1pm that they would be coming.

    It dies seem to be a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. But we could have done without all the stress it caused. Again, thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it!

  9. Rachael Blackmore? For obvious reasons, born 11 July 1989 most likely in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.
    Thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  10. Does anyone have the same sort of problems that I have with my husband’s care company. My husband has carers coming out 3 times a day. This works well most of the time except on Fridays and Saturdays where they only manage the tea-time call. His calls require two carers each time. But if they won’t come I am left to do it on my own.

    A few hours ago I was told that although my husband would be getting his morning and lunch-time calls, he wouldn’t be getting his tea-time call(Sunday).
    I actually begged to assist a carer, just so I wouldn’t be left on my own again, and they refused.

    And if anyone suggests I should contact his social worker, forget it. She is not much use to us at all. It will all be put down to the pandemic or carers taking their last chance holidays in March or any excuse of not wanting to work on Sundays. I have now come to absolutely loathe weekends. What happens if I injure myself so severely I end up in hospital. With Crohns Disease and hernias, it could very well happen. And that would be my husband’s worst nightmare, being put in a home.

    • It sounds very difficult Linda, and I hope it resolves quickly. I don’t fully understand the situation as I’m fortunate not to have had any involvement with carers or social workers.

      Practically speaking, I suggest checking the websites of the Care Company and whoever employs your social worker. Both those entities are likely to have a complaints procedure. Generally big organisations tend to take these seriously as it reflects in their statistics and reviews by regulatory bodies. The last thing senior managers want is hassle that should have been dealt with by the workers or call centre. And likewise those people don’t want to be passing complaints upwards because it gets brought up in their annual review/appraisal and used as an excuse not to give them a bonus.

      After that, you have the Care Quality Commission who rate and regulate care companies and so on. But they will want you to have tried to get the care company to resolve your issue first.


      You would do well to keep a diary detailing when appointments have been missed etc, etc.

      Hope that helps and good luck.

  11. Thoughts on Jedward? (I know, I can’t believe I’m asking about Jedward…)
    They were spilling the beans about Cowell and X-Factor last week, and they’ve been raising awareness about various social causes.

  12. Marjorie,

    I found a thread on Twitter that said that both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth Leo Moons and a Capricorn ascendant and wondering whether that favoured a long life. Do you have any thoughts on that?

  13. I understand that the British ex-pat community are being sacked from their jobs and stripped of their bank accounts. So what happens to these people if they cannot pay their mortgages and bills or even buy food?

    Not everyone has Irish descent in order to claim an EU passport. Maybe they should claim asylum in an EFTA country, as the citizens of those countries can live freely in the EU. Somehow I don’t think the UK will be of much use.

    • @Linda, sounds like people who did not apply for their residence permit in time? I’ve worked in two EU countries with numerous people from Asia and South America. They’ll all tell getting a residence permit was an ordeal, but after that, things got easier.

    • The bank account snarl up is partly due to the screw-the-details Brexit which did not cover financial services thereby blocking certain transactions between the UK and EU. But ordinary banking transfers and credit cards are still operational.
      I applied for a residency permit two years ago on advice widely dispersed by all the local ex-pat newspapers and Brit Embassies. It was the usual drown-in-paperwork French exercise, mainly focused on whether I would be a financial burden on the French state. Eventually I got a ten year permanent carte de sejour which I am at present in process of swapping for a permanent residency card. Though I’ll be returning UKwards this year anyway so is all moot.

    • I don’t live in the EU, but I am a migrant in the UK myself and all that is needed is that the paperwork is filed in on time though paperwork can be onerous. (I once had to submit a 100 page single sided immigration form, which had a 150 double-sided guidance at the end of the form. Not fun).

      The idea of drifting into another country without a care in the world is over. Now one must take action and complete the appropriate paperwork, etc, that’s all.

      BTW, that applies to many EU citizens living in the UK as well. I think I saw a notice somewhere that about 90,000 EU citizens living in the UK have not filed for the appropriate paperwork to continue living in the UK after June 30th 2021. They will find similar challenges in the UK after that date.

  14. Boeing as the eye of the storm, yet again.

    Boeing’s 737 Max has a new problem that will ground some of the jets again


    “… the issue specifically involves a backup to the main power system that powers all of the aircraft’s electrical parts. The system is roughly analogous to the circuit breaker panel in a house. The fact that the planes were grounded indicates that this is potentially a “catastrophic” problem that could have caused a fire…”

    The lazy B still tying its shoe-laces together, and it continues forward with large monthly layoffs at the Everett factory.

    Boeing will continue as a “dominant influencer” but never again to the degree following the 787 and 737 Max catastrophes.

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