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  1. Hi Marjorie. Here in Australia we’re going through a “me too” awakening in terms of how our politicians and male staff treat their female staffers all brought to light by a young staffer alleging she was raped by another male staffer. In the last few days there’s been an allegation against a cabinet minister in respect of an alleged rape in 1988 (when he wasn’t a politician). Is causing a lot of angst & headaches for our male dominated conservative government who are having difficulties spinning their way out of it and was wondering if this is the start of the downfall.

  2. Re Nicolas Sarkozy? Given today’s events in Paris and he is being sentenced today.
    And thank you if you look into him Marjorie.

  3. Hi Marjorie, could you have a look at actress, Gina Carano’s chart, who has just been fired from Disney’s most popular streamed show in the world, The Mandalorian, for her views on Twitter, please? LucasFilm and Disney sacked her for likening the intense dislike of modern day conservatives to the victims of the holocaust in Nazi Germany. However, her previous social media form has been to mock those who wear COVID masks, demean the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter Movement, appear to show support for transphobic messages, and spread misinformation regarding the legitimacy of the election. Just from those four topics in her canon it clearly alludes to a conspiracy nut on the loose. She’s now fast becoming the poster girl for the extreme right with Ted Cruz publicly throwing in his support for her. After the backlash, she’s signed a deal to appear in a movie distributed by The Daily Wire, a conservative website edited by pundit Ben Shapiro.

    Gina is claiming that she is being bullied. She’s even tried to throw her Mandalorian co-star, Pedro Pascal, under the bus saying her tweets were no different from his but she has been treated differently. In 2018, Pedro compared the caging of Jewish children during the Holocaust to the caging of migrant children at the United States-Mexico border. Of course, telling conservatives to shut up with their dangerous conspiracy views is the same as caging children inhumanely, isn’t it? Honestly, she is shockingly tone-deaf and drowning in white privilege.

    She has a mixed-martial arts background which allowed her the best of a decade to star in roles in which she said very little, looked very surly, and punched a lot of people. Then she lands the dream role on an A-list show with A-list stars and directors which could have been a huge potential for her career and bank account. Instead, she has preferred to roundhouse kick an enormous nail into that coffin and be the star of the demented far-right. That is one silly cow if ever I saw one.

    Born: 16 April 1982, Dallas, Texas at 5.30pm.

    • Just looking at actress Hayley Atwell who was born 5 April 1982 and they seem like such polar opposites! Is this where houses play a much more deeper part in defining a personality and it’s good and bad traits?

  4. Another element of motherhood which may be explained astrologically and play into her current actions, is her worship of her own mother. She is reported to have treated Angelina badly throughout her childhood.
    Angelina blames her father Jon Voigt for her childhood troubles and for leaving her mother, a highly sensitive woman with drug problems.
    Her mother didn’t want Angelina to live with her, so even though she was very young, she was installed in the flat above. A very dysfunctional childhood, which is likely to be influencing her actions today.

    • Jolie has a nightmare chart – A Moon Mars in Aries square Saturn, and opposition Pluto. She will be vengeful and highly resistant to letting go.
      This from a 2018 post: ‘Angelina Jolie has been scrapping with her not-quite-ex Brad Pitt over child support, which she insists hasn’t been paid. He retorted he’d handed over $1.3 million plus an $8 million loan for a house. So back to court it goes.
      Their relationship chart does have a composite Sun opposition Pluto which will be part of the problem. Plutonic relationships are transformational for both, so superglues them together when they are together. Which makes separation a gruelling process when the time comes. It ends up in bitterness, hostility and long-dragged out fights, with money often being a proxy for other resentments.
      It hardly seems likely that either are short of a buck though superstars do have stratospherically expensive lifestyles with a multitude of agents, managers, staff, multiple houses, private tutors and private jets eating into income.
      Angelina Jolie does have an over-reactive chart with a Mars Moon opposition Pluto widely square Saturn in Cancer – and won’t let go of perceived humiliations easily. Her Saturn does falls in his 8th house of finances and intimacy and opposes his batch of 2nd house Capricorn planets – Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus – so money would always be a bone of contention, which would deflect attention from deeper issues of emotional dysfunction in the relationship. Her Pluto falls in his 10th so she’d want to be in control. His chaotic and unpredictable Uranus Pluto falls in her 2nd which is probably what’s riling her at the moment.
      He does have tr Saturn moving through his 2nd at the moment, so not at his peak earning power or success – and will undoubtedly be facing a few setbacks which will hit him in the wallet from later this year and through 2019.
      Their relationship chart hints this may run and run one way and another until the mid 2020s. There is a composite Mars square Neptune in their relationship chart as well as Sun Pluto, which suggests neither can bear for the other to win.
      Not just first world problems but a Hollywood-style tizzy beyond most ordinary comprehension.’

    • Great point Zita

      The first thing that came to mind while reading your comment, and Marjorie what do you say, is could that childhood experience have tap into/something to do with her Aries Moon?

      Marjorie, would really welcome your take? Thanks

      Rgds j

      • Oh, while typing Marjorie I now see you posted. Still, would like your take on Aries Moon because it seems like they develop a sense of tunnel vision which manifests into what is perceived as selfishness, I think?

        • On reflection, I guess that moon has a lot to do with how their sense of tunnel vision aspects in the chart. For example, I have Aries Moon sextiling in the middle of my Venus and Mars conjunct which are wide by 10 degrees (Moon nearer Venus though). A little info for context. Thanks much x

      • I think an Aries Moon while not devious can be thoughtless. But really it’s more the angry Moon Mars conjunction in the scary, dominate or be dominated opposition to Pluto; and the cruel/unfair treatment of Moon Mars square Saturn – she will be preternaturally sensitive to grievances while at the same time resistant to letting go and clearing the decks.

  5. Hi Marjorie

    A look at Matt Hancock’s chart at the moment would be good. The revelations about the PPE contracts have landed him in hot water. He should be resigning but obviously as is the norm with this cabinet of grifters and opportunists

  6. Rebecca Mercer is in the news again for funding the right wing Parler revamp. I suspect it is her link with funding for the Trumpites that keeps his big lies alive. Born dec 6 1973, yorktown heights, NY. No time. Any thoughts about her influence going forward?

  7. Marjorie,

    Angelina Jolie is plastered all over this month’s Vogue doing her glamourous humanitarian thing. The divorce and custody battle with Brad Pitt is still ongoing! It’s been years! Pitt is entitled to equal custody of the minor children under Californian law but Jolie is fighting against that and even tried to have the judge overseeing the case removed in an attempt it seems to stall the case. She was unsuccessful and apparently there will be a trial.The youngest of their kids will be 13 this year. Jolie is very strange. She has Saturn in Cancer which I know can indicate a mother who smothers and controls her kids, refusing to let them grow up. The trouble for Jolie is that these kids are growing up fast and they will leave at some point. I feel sorry for Pitt who is missing out on more time with the youngest kids because of her stubborness. Surely this ridiculous custody battle has to be resolved this year.

  8. Hi Marjorie. You wrote in January 2018 that Oprah was “poised on the brink of radical changes” At the time the question of her entering politics in the USA was being mooted. Obviously that didn’t happen, but she certainly has been in the news this past week or so. I wondered how you saw the interview she will be holding with Harry and Meghan (I believe due to be aired in early March) panning out for her?

  9. Marjorie,

    I see many similarities between the era that we are living through and the 1640-1660s (probably mainly in a British context) with sharp polarisation and very dogmatic political and social views (especially with the progressive left sounding not that dissimilar to Puritans in demanding purity of thought; cf Amnesty removing their categorisation of Navalny as a “prisoner of conscience” because of views that he had expressed in the past about immigration).

    Are there astrological similarities between now and the 1640s/50s? Because if there is, I look forward to a wild hedonistic repeat of the 1660s.

  10. Ghislaine Maxwell offers to give up UK and French citizenship for bail


    Not clear what is to be gained from this move. She can always gain access to yet another country’s passport.

    • Acquiring citizenship in most countries is not that easy. Most countries have a good character requirement that requires that the applicant not have a criminal record even in foreign countries.

      • Her lawyer said it was to prevent her seeking refuge in France/UK but no doubt Ecuador would welcome her with open arms or Israel etc etc.

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