Allen v Farrow – a damaging family tragedy

The sad and distressing tale of Woody Allen and the allegations against him of creepy inappropriate behaviour by his estranged adopted daughter Dylan is resurrected in a four-part HBO docu-series Allen v Farrow.  It wasn’t made at the instigation of the Farrow family who were only persuaded when further court evidence came to light from the original 1990s trial; and according to reviewers is damning of Allen’s attitude towards Dylan. He homed in on her, developing what was described as an obsession that went far beyond normal family boundaries. He and his long-time partner Soon-Yi, another of Mia Farrow’s adoptive children, deny the accusations.

  What was always odd about Woody Allen’s chart, 1 December 1935 10.55pm New York, who comes across as an unattractive wimp, is a megaton Mars in Capricorn in the attention-demanding 5th house opposition Pluto squaring onto Venus in Libra. Mars Pluto makes him dominating, a scary control-freak; Mars square Venus tends to be insensitive to the needs of other; and Venus Pluto is intense and compulsive where affections are concerned.

  His Mars opposition Pluto squares onto Dylan’s Pluto with his Uranus in opposition to her Pluto – so he would make her feel disempowered and be a disruptive force in her life. There’s little affection or even passion showing up in the synastry. What is there is Dylan’s Sun Mars in Cancer conjunct Allen’s South Node. Connections to the South Node can feel immensely strong but there will be no potential for growth and can be draining for the Sun individual. 

  Mia Farrow evidently blames herself for putting her daughter in harm’s way and not being more perceptive as Dylan became withdrawn. Mia was previously in a brief marriage to a 30-years-older Frank Sinatra, then with a 15-years-older Andre Previn before settling into a decade plus relationship with Allen, which collapsed when she found nude pictures of her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi, then 21, emerged. Not great judgement about men.

  Though on the surface it wasn’t a bad match between Mia and Allen since her Aquarius Sun is conjunct his Moon; her Capricorn Sun is conjunct his North Node in his 5th and her Jupiter trine his Midheaven. Both have Mars in Capricorn but in her case in an enthusiastic trine to Jupiter and in his the more ominous opposition to Pluto. But their relationship chart has a chained-together composite Saturn square Pluto in a power-struggling square to Jupiter; and a controlling, trapped, bitter-hostility Pluto opposition Mars.

  At the moment both have tr Pluto conjunct their Mars (and composite Mars) from the final day of this month till late June, and on and off till late 2022 – which is trapped, frustrating, enraging.

A never-ending and anguished saga. 

See previous post January 17 2018.

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  1. FYI Mia was born in the silent generation – not boomer.
    Boomer began in 1946. Mia was born Feb 1945.
    she doesn’t have the traits of a boomer.

  2. The more i read about Woody Allen and his alleged predilection for underage girls, the more i find his set up with Soon-Yi and their children even more sinister. They dont have their own children but have adopted. Girls, obviously. One Asian, one American. It makes you wonder if hes replacating the Soon-Yi and Dylan dynamic again? Its all so creepy.

    Many pedophiles are not part of international pedo rings. They are far more manipulative than that. They are men who marry women whom they can easily get access to children. So they will have their own with them. How is easy can that be? Thats the most common set-up. Paternal pedophilia all the while giving off the image of a doting family man. I unfortunately know first-hand about this (as im sure many others do.) Turns my skin inside out, it really does.

  3. Also, I forgot to say this in my first comment but what I find odd about people who say that Allen had little interaction with Soon Yi prior to them getting together is that there are numerous photos of Allen and Farrow with all the children. Obviously he didn’t live with them but to say that he didn’t really know her and interact with her as she was growing up is just rubbish. He saw her growing up.

  4. God not this mess again! Woody Allen and Mia Farrow are both dreadful. It’s not black and white and everyone involved is just off, even Dylan Farrow I’m afraid to say. She did that interview with Gayle King and at one point she appears to break down and cry but there are no actual tears and it just looks like some really bad acting. I really don’t know what to make of them all and I won’t be watching the documentary series, not wasting my time on these people. God no!

      • Lol! Don’t worry I will be averting my eyes and covering my ears! If this new evidence is so compelling then why not make a complaint to the police and try to get him charged and brought to trial ( if the statute of limitations allows it) but instead there is a splashy docu series. Allen is a creep but this trial (and conviction) by media thing is beyond a joke now and seems to be norm whenever there are accusations these days which is frankly disturbing.

        • You seem to be under the impression it’s oh so easy to just report it and let it all go through the usual channels. Even after these recent years the is proof well-known predators are protected every which way with their connections and wealth. It’s not even simple when it’s anonymous but it’s almost impossible with the celebrity cockroaches out there.

          • Both Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have been convicted of assaults committed years ago. Both very powerful men in entertainment. Like I said if this new evidence is so compelling then it should be passed to the police. I know it’s not easy to bring about a prosecution but trial by media and the believe all victims mantra is dangerous. Go and Google Carl Beech and the Westminster paedophile ring story. I know it’s old fashioned of me but I am sticking to that position, thanks! Celebrity cockroaches is an interesting term I must say!

        • @P, Years ago after the Welsh Childrens’ Homes Abuse Inquiry, Paxman on Newsnight who has your cast of see-no-evil-mind asked (I think) Sir Ronald Waterhouse who chaired it what about false allegations. He responded a good deal more politely than I would have done that they were a miniscule problem compared to the allegations which were never spoken or never believed.
          The UK police should be guillotined for the fantasist Carl Beech screw-up which they clearly did not investigate. It has been giving hostages to fortune ever since – not that they’re needed in this area. Condemning what’s being said without actually looking at the evidence – the original child custody report etc is lazy, damaging and self-serving since it allows you to amble along in blissful ignorance. It’s as bad as spreading nonsense conspiracy theories around. So unless you have something cogent to say about the evidence or the astrology I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself.

          • I do remember the whole Allen/Farrow thing when it first exploded back in the early 90s and I have read up about it and I am aware that paedophiles specifically targeted children’s homes and borstals etc for jobs where there is easy access to children back in the day but I still believe that there are issues with Allen/Farrow case such as evidence that Mia coached Dylan etc. Plus her own interview with Gayle King was undermining. I genuinely think Allen is a creep but did he molest Dylan well I don’t know. I will always prefer justice through the courts than the media.

        • And look how long it took to nail Crosby – and there were in both his and Weinstein’s case multiple accusers which helps. The nightmare of en famille, in-house abuse is there’s often only one.
          ‘Cosby has been the subject of highly publicized accusations of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct’. The earliest allegations against Bill Cosby came in December 1965 but were only publicly spoken about in a 2005 court case.

          • The story in Ronan Farrow’s book, Catch and Kill, of how hard it was and how long it took to nail Harvey Weinstein was harrowing. Victims and witnesses to the predations of very powerful men are understandably reluctant to come forward in the face of threats to life and livelihood, and when they do come forward things don’t often go well for them.

          • The Carl Beech case should not be used as a reason to shut victims down. Speaking with my female friends and sharing stories brings up some pretty horrendous abusive experiences. Most sex crime, in fact the vast majority of rapes are not reported and never see the light of day. A power imbalance, because the abuser is in a pillar-of-the-community position, a doctor, a teacher, etc or the victim was a child with challenging behaviour or a wayward teen. When people feel the need to ridicule and turn a blind eye to victims, it simply discourages them from coming forward. It is also the reaction that victims most fear, which is why they suffer for years in silence.

      • Oh Marjorie, you are very much appreciated. There seem to be a selection of people here who live off of high dudgeon, outrage and righteous indignation. It can be illuminating to see their knee-jerk impressions, as well as how they shoehorn their worldview into print. I enjoy your approach to astrology, your insight and your cool head.

  5. There is a Mars Uranus Pluto T square in Allen’s chart, and if the orb is widened slightly to include Venus (Venus opposition Uranus is 10 degrees) he has a grand cross. From Wiki: Allen’s childhood was not particularly happy; his parents did not get along and he had a rocky relationship with his stern, temperamental mother. He has Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Pisces on the Descendant so it could have had a significant impact on his approach towards relationships especially as the Moon in Aquarius is disposited by Uranus which forms an incendiary T square or a grand cross if including Venus. He also has BML (primal energies/ a trapped subconscious rage?) widely conjunct Neptune in Virgo which could indicate leaky boundaries as well as being in a challenging quincunx to the Moon on the Descendant.

  6. Hi Marjorie
    “Connections to the South Node can feel immensely strong but there will be no potential for growth and can be draining for the Sun individual. ”
    The way you worded this really struck me. Would you say this would apply to Mercury as well? In my case my mercury at 7 deg conjuncts their south node at 4 deg, which is on their midheaven. My Mercury is conjunct sun at 15 degree, so out of orb for their south node but connected via Mercury. Im certainly seeing career impacting issues, not to my benefit, but definitely to theirs.
    I was made godparent to this person, a relative, when I was 10, and have felt really responsible for them since despite harmful behaviour on their part. I find it hard to be detached about the situation, but very much would like to be. Theyre also a Sun Pisces Saturn Gemini and, theft of ideas and identity has been very much part of their modus operandii. Grateful for any thoughts on the limited info Ive supplied.

  7. This is indeed all very murky. But I will say I’ve never liked his films, never bought into the self-effacing nebish persona. I remember many years ago some bloke urging me to watch ‘Manhattan’. The schoolgirl relationship with a middle-aged man repulsed me. Sometimes people show you what they are.

    • I remember feeling the same about Manhattan. It turns out that it was partly inspired by a secret relationship Woody was having with a girl, Christina Engelhardt. That relationship began when she was still at school, aged 16. He was 42. As Rolling Stone magazine pointed out, in New York 16 remains under the age of consent. The relationship continued for some years, always in his apartment, up to the time he got together with Mia Farrow. Christina E alleges they had threesomes with Mia, and other young women. Who knows, but nobody has sued her yet! She also worked for Jeffrey Epstein at some point, which is another link between WA and JE, aside from the social events attended by many New York socialites etc. These people were and are all insulated and protected by fame, some talent, money, and a general unspoken consensus it seems – few speak out, and even fewer face the consequences of their choices. It’s been that way for centuries, since it is very hard for a “nobody” to get anywhere with accusations. Misogyny and also homophobia in our culture means that if you are at all attractive, you get the blame for attracting negative attention.

      • Add On: I just looked up Christina E’s date of birth. If correct it is quite spooky. 4th December, 1959 Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius, Venus Libra….mirroring Woody Allen’s chart. She has a square between Mercury and Uranus, and one between Mars and Pluto. There’s also Pluto in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn, both sextile Neptune in Scorpio which could describe some things about this relationship. They, and her Mars, aspect Woody’s Saturn. There’s all the fun of the Sagittarian/Aquarius Moon fair on the surface, while the sinister clowns lurk in the shadows!

        • “Yes, Allen’s association with Epstein has really slipped under the radar hasn’t it?’
          I didnt even know about it.
          If you have links to any good articles would you mind sharing?
          Thanks flakey Virgo

    • VF, ditto, same. Someone once recommended a WA film and i almost gagged watching it, it was obnoxious rubbish. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful word, nebbish!

  8. Ive always instictively disliked Allen from the youngest age. His blinkered self obsession always gave me the creeps, as if he was on a planet of one, and everything arranged to suit his narcissism.

    As to Dylan, despite what Allens fans promote, the case was in no way cut and dried, ditto Jackson.
    i find it particularly disturbing/telling that her brother Ronan didnt believe her, yet is most well known over the Me too movement.
    Twisted confused family dynamics, not helped by Mias Baby boomer self abnegating “acceptance” of Woodys obvious exploitation.

    He’s a genius dontcha know?
    Enfant terrible on the make.

      • Satchel is really Ronan (changed his name), now a journalist who broke a lot of the #MeToo stories. He is the natural son of Mia and Allen. (Not withstanding rumors that Mia may have reconnected with Sinatra around that time.)

        Moses is the older Asian boy who had been adopted by Mia alone between her time with Previn and her connecting with Allen. As the documentary explains, Moses didn’t have a “dad” and was very happy with Allen adopted him.

          • I used to enjoy most of Allen’s movies, esp those where he did NOT appear or comment in them. But eventually I grew tired of the repetitive themes, and now he is too creepy.
            It’s hard to know what happened, and Mia may have her share of flaws, but Allen’s overt predilection for fresh-faced young women, and his inability to keep his hands off Soon-Yi (doesn’t matter that he married her, or that they weren’t blood relatives) says a lot about his character – or lack thereof.

    • I believe Ronan publicly addressed this but can’t find the article at the moment. He said something like he was deeply disappointed in his own ingrained misogny in his youth and is unable to turn back the clock but was desperate to make up for it. He fully believes and supports his sister. Undertaking the story to blow this all wide open is also possibly his way of paying for his mistake, I believe. I mean, it could have backfired terribly in his face couldn’t it with the usual rank-pulling? I think he has done a commendable job in exposing the predatory nature going on. Had a woman blown the lid on all of this, as they have done countless times before, I honestly think we’d still be where we were pre-2017. Sometimes, it takes another man to expose misogyny and the need for it to be addressed. Women just get put into a box and labelled, ‘Yet another crazy bitch who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.’

      • @Jo, the first part of the documentary is very telling in that it has a lot of family video footage Mia liked to shoot of her kids.

        There was a very interesting dynamics there. Mia had three biological and three adopted children with André Previn. Then adopted Moses alone. Woody Allen was reluctant to have kids, and Mia initially adopted Dylan alone, because they never were married. Woody, however, ended up liking Moses and adoring Dylan, so he adopted them later on. Satchel was the baby of the family, and even if he is supposedly Allen’s biological son (there are some rumors flying about real paternity, and in fact, Mia had been trying to conceive with Allen even before adopting Dylan), Allen treated him as “Mia’s son”. He was Mia’s, and Allen took over Dylan, even alienating her from her mother. Dylan and Satchel obviously were close, also because they were so closest in age. However, Satchel being so young when all this happened – he is born December 19th 1987 – he would not have understood much. He is also has crazy Sadge influence – Sun conjuct Saturn, Mercury and Uranus, Moon conjunct Midheaven. So, he probably would have been the happiest kid you ever saw on dire circumstances.

        There are, however, testimonials from family friends – ex-girlfriend of one of Mia’s sons with André Previn, who would babysit and then Mia’s friend – that are quite chilling on family dynamics.

        I also must say Satchel obviously grew up to be an incredibly bright person. Therapy is often maligned, but Mia was well ahead her times in that she acknowledged her children – especially the adopted ones – might have had issues in their lives and needed outside concelling. Therefore, Ronan is maybe quite literally the only Sagittarius Moon whose chart I’ve looked at who has overcome his tendencies to gloss over things.

        • ‘Therefore, Ronan is maybe quite literally the only Sagittarius Moon whose chart I’ve looked at who has overcome his tendencies to gloss over thing’

          Interesting, Id add Gemini moon/sun to that.
          Perhaps thats one of the reasons why sag is so prevalent in serial killers.
          Capricorn, the other of the most prevalent signs, is more obvious.

  9. These situations are always a swamp but I believe he started an eight year clandestine relationship with a 16 year old when he was 41 in the mid 1970s.
    I did read the original 1993 custody court judgement which did not endear me to Allen. It’s all too easy to throw doubt and deflect responsibility – perhaps best to wait to see what comes out of the doc-series. There is evidently more.
    Excerpts from the judge’s summation:
    *”Mr Allen has demonstrated no parenting skills that would qualify him as an adequate guardian for Moses, Dylan or Satchel.”
    * ” Mr Allen’s response to Dylan’s claim of sexual abuse was an attack on Ms. Farrow, whose parenting ability and emotional stability he impugned without the support of any significant credible evidence. His trial strategy has been to separate his children from their brothers and sisters; to turn the children against their mother; to divide adopted children from biological children; to incite the family against their household help; and to set household employees against each other. His self-absorption, his lack of judgement, and his commitment to the continuation of his divisive assault, thereby impeding the healing of the injuries that he has already caused, warrant a careful monitoring of his future contact with the children.”

    *”There is no credible evidence to support Mr Allen’s contention that Ms. Farrow acted upon a desire for revenge against him for seducing Soon-Yi. Mr Allen’s resort to the stereotypical “woman scorned” defense is an injudicious attempt to divert attention from his failure to act as a responsible parent and adult. Ms. Farrow’s statement to Dr Coates that she hoped Dylan’s statements were a fantasy is inconsistent with the notion of brainwashing.”
    *” In a society where children are too often betrayed by adults who ignore or disbelieve their complaints of abuse Ms Farrow’s determination to protect Dylan is commendable.”
    *”Mr. Allen’s relationship with Dylan remains unresolved. The evidence suggest that it is unlikely that he could be successfully prosecuted for sexual abuse. I am less certain, however, than is the Yale-New Haven team, that the evidence proves conclusively there was no sexual abuse.”
    *” …. prove that Mr. Allen’s behaviour toward Dylan was grossly inappropriate.”
    *” M. Farrow’s application for counsel fees is granted,. Mr. Allen compounded the pain he inflicted on the Farrow family by bringing this frivolous petition for custody of Dylan, Satchel and Moses.

    • @Marjorie, I was a teenager in 1993, and interested in other things (I was a movie buff, but never an Allen fan, as it seems most female writers here). But looking at this judgement in 2014, when Dylan made her first public statements, now equipped with some knowledge on how judgements are written, I was floored by how devastating it was for Allen. And, I was angered by how the press had, for over 20 years, let Allen to spin the narrative of Mia Farrow as a crazy, vindicative b*itch (when she, for instance, remained very close to her other exes and even their families – especially Frank Sinatra’s children who were closer to her age).

      • There’s definitely a gender divide here. I find it disappointing that so many males tend to buy into the ‘Mia Farrow is batsh*t crazy’ myth so easily, seemingly blind to the predatory behaviour that almost every woman I know has experienced as a teen with sleazy older men. Anyone who’s been in an age inappropriate relationship as a teen knows very well how this works – there is a significant power imbalance. Men who target teenage girls are are always inadequate in some way, and almost always abusive. WA sets off all my spider senses and always has.

        • Yes, the ‘scorned woman’ argument, see below in this very comment section. Still, despite case after case after case, I note when a man/boy is sexually abused that the sympathy from similar sources is notably different.

          “WA sets off all my spider senses and always has.’
          God yes, I can think of so many when growing up, and still now. Too often I doubted myself, until its exposed and then I go, “why did you ever doubt yourself?’
          This is such dangerous territory, because you dont want to damn someone, and if they are famous and well loved, its particularly confusing. I grew up in an arty family, and my skin would always crawl at the sight of Picasso for example.
          Then there is the crucial issue of protecting yourself from charismatic respected people, or not even that, but those that are hiding in plain sight.

          • Yes, ive noticed that too. Men are more likely to be believed, because it’s, “Oh, how shocking. Poor soul. It must be true!” With women recalling their sex abuse and rapes it’s, “Oh really? What were you wearing? Were you drunk? I bet you lead him on somehow. Who’d believe a batshit crazy woman like you? The fact you have sex anyway is disgusting enough to bring your character under scrutiny.” It absolutely enrages me. I swear i can feel my blood transform into acid when i read these stories!I

            I know a woman who was a victim of Max Clifford. She was told way back in the day by the police when she reported it, who clearly knew about this mans disgusting predilections, that it was impossible to bring him down because he was ‘too well-connected.’ Cue a few decades passing. In the court room she was slut-shamed (she was just a teenager when he raped her.) But it was her version of events which helped get him locked up because she was able to give exact dates and times. She was supposed to get financial compensation but they renegade at the last moment. She was advised to appeal (and probably would have got something) but she just wanted to get on with her life.Yet most rape victims are accused of framing men for monetary gain! Because we are vindictively crazy, dont you know?

            Thankfully, Max Clifford rotted in prison until he died. But he was protected by EVERYBODY. When i read many comments at the time on newspaper sites i was disgusted by the majority opinion; ‘Oh, this poor man is being destroyed by a bunch of slags and sluts who want his money. Its women like this which proves women cannot be trusted in general!’ Even some women had these views which is bitterly didappointing.

  10. Moses Farrow, another of Mia’s children, stated in recent years, she was an abusive mother and brainwashed Dylan. He now takes Woody’s side on this matter.

    Cautiously I have to say when I looked at this a few years ago, my feeling was this was an embittered Mia Farrow taking revenge because Woody had chosen her adopted daughter over her. He took her daughter, so she took his from him. Reading the 1992 Vanity Fair article, I got the sense there were a lot of “flying monkeys” being invoked while Mia Farrow was never willing to make any public accusations herself.

    We will never know the truth. But in all the MeToo accusations of recent years what certainly points to guilt is a repeated pattern. To my knowledge, there are no other accusations against Woody. (For clarity, I believe Woody with his Sag Sun / Aqua Moon is unconventional and weird which makes it easier for the accusations to stick).

      • @Marina, yes, also absolutely buying to all the public gaslighting Woody Allen has done since the 1990’s. He was the “quirky genious”, Mia “batsh*t crazy” hack.

        • Solaia – I’ve posted a link to Moses Farrow’s blog – it’s awaiting moderation. Alternatively you can search for it.

          Moses didn’t see Woody for years yet he seems to think Mia was bat-crazy. I’m not sure how Woody could have gaslighted him into these memories without contact?

          • @Gnarly Dude, this isn’t about Moses. Not to take anything away from his experience, but he was 13-14 at the time these things happened. He has given interviews questioning his sister’s memories and recollections, yet expecting us to believe his memories are clear and only were affected by Mia’s manipulation. But if possible, please watch the HBO documentary’s first episode. It speaks a lot about Moses’ experience and place in the family. For a quick reference, the kids never lived with Woody Allen. After Mia bought a house in Conneticut to have space for the kids, Woody Allen would visit them, but never live with them. He took liking of Moses, a small, skinny bespectaled boy with CP, and spent a lot of time with him. According to witnesses he and Dylan were the only kids Woody bonded in some way – including Soon-Yi -, and family films are telling the same story. What’s evident that if there was a child whose life was distrupted by Woody Allen not being around anymore, it was Moses. He lost the only father figure he’d ever had.

            What I’m referring to as gaslighting here is Woody Allen’s constant efforts of “normalizing” Soon-Yis and his relationship, and his and his camps attacks on Mia Farrow for almost 30 years. The constant effort to potray the fact she found motherhood so fulfilling as a sign of mental instability. The constant potrayl of her reaction to her partner having an affair with his daughter as “insane”. The latest being his autobiography published last year, where he still denies there being anything wrong in starting an affair with yes, legally consenting adult who wasn’t, legally, family, he’d anyhow spent time with and witnessed growing up since since the girl was 10. While claiming to understand why Mia would have been upset, he clearly does not. He clearly does not see how his relationship with Soon-Yi would not be legally an incest, it very much would be so emotionally. He clearly does not understand that by starting affair with her partner’s child – even an adult one – he effectively walked out of them. He denounced to all rights to HIS children – Moses, Dylan and Satchel – at that moment. This is what people outside his bubble would think. I also honestly don’t think how his insistence on telling how he deeply fell in love with Soon-Yi actually gives credence to him having had an “inappropriate” relationship with Dylan as well. Moses tells, in an interview to The Guardian you’ll find googling, how Woody Allen can’t be a pedophile, because he has never been found molesting children besides Dylan. But, what he does not mention here is that not all sexual molestors are pedophiles, in that they are aroused by small children. No, many have much more intrigued “trickers”. Somehow, Woody Allen, who was pushing 60 at the time and had been in relationships with likes of Mia Farrow and Diane Keaton suddenly found a 21-year-old girl he’d previously described as “sullen” simply irresistibly “sophisticated” (his own words, quoted from autobiography), is highly suspicious.

        • Yes, same old, same old cliché, the Lillith figure as demon when they were in reality, victim or protector.
          Or Medusa for that matter, or 100s of 1000s of others to numerous to list.
          Its the oldest most damaging dynamic of misogyny and paternalism.

          The victim/protector seeking justice recast as demon/harpy.

          I’m yelling and I dont care.

      • Yes, it is a traditional take but that doesn’t necessarily make it the wrong one, does it?

        Here’s what Moses, now in his forties, wrote in 2018 about his mother Mia and his childhood:

        – “For all of us, life under my mother’s roof was impossible if you didn’t do exactly what you were told, no matter how questionable the demand.”

        – “When I didn’t give the answer she wanted, she slapped my face, knocking off my glasses”

        – In her testimony she said, “I recall Ms. Farrow saying to Dylan at that time, ‘Dylan, what did daddy do… and what did he do next?’ Dylan appeared not to be interested, and Ms. Farrow would stop taping for a while and then continue.” I can vouch for this, having witnessed some of this process myself. When another one of Dylan’s therapists, Dr. Nancy Schultz, criticized the making of the video, and questioned the legitimacy of the content, she too, was fired immediately by Mia.”

        – For months now, she had been drilling it into our heads like a mantra: Woody was “evil,” “a monster,” “the devil,” and Soon-Yi was “dead to us.” This was the constant refrain, whether or not Woody was around. My mother was our only source of information about Woody – and she was extremely convincing.

        Look at the astrology. 7-year-old Dylan with a Cancer Sun and Moon-Neptune- I have no doubt she absorbed and tried to please her mother who has a deeply unhappy Cap moon that’s carrying a lifetime of emotional baggage.

        I’m no fan of Woody. I think he’s weird but that doesn’t necessarily make him a child molester. After all, “weird man must be a child molester” would be a traditional take, wouldn’t it?

        • To be frank the ‘traditional’ take usually was the wrong one. But as I said earlier these situations are always a swamp. And it is proto-typical for children in dysfunctional families to split and take one side or the other. I’ve observed situations where one (adult) child will hang onto their delusional support for an accused parent in the face of incontrovertible evidence that they misbehaved.
          It’s as well not to jump to one side or the other until the evidence/and testimony from all involved emerges – if it ever does. Which can be the tragedy of these situations – living with the uncertainty of never knowing for sure.

          • “But as I said earlier these situations are always a swamp. And it is proto-typical for children in dysfunctional families to split and take one side or the other. I’ve observed situations where one (adult) child will hang onto their delusional support for an accused parent in the face of incontrovertible evidence that they misbehaved.”

            Very true, seen it repeatedly in others, and in my family.

        • It does when you seem to have missed/blinded yourself to the tsunami of cases about famous men, and the screamingly obvious red flags.
          His films scream it, with their obsessive repetive themes just as Saville screamed it. And no, Im not saying he is as bad as Saville.
          But there always seems to be a dynamic where the perp, drops huge hints, I suggest because part of them is screaming to be found out and stopped/helped.
          As to your assertion about Moses, that to me suggests you dont get family dynamics in abuse cases. There are a multitude of books on the subject.

          But really, how many times does this dynamic have to play out on the world stage, for you to not recognise it?

        • And as someone into Astrology, surely, protective of your fellow men as you maybe, you must have noted that Mars Capricorn, Pluto Cancer, Venus Libra T square. That alone and especially combined with his films endlessly repeated themes should have made you wary of him. And then, theres the Moon conjunct Saturn square Uranus in Taurus, square the Sag sun mercury jupiter in the 4th house opp midheaven square asc/desc
          Either child abuser,abused child or both.

          “Wierd man , must be child molester” – conversley -“musnt suspect wierd artist, its too obvious, he couldnt possibly be so obvious, he is a genius/shaman/enfant terrible”….
          And is he that wierd, in a good way ?

          I find him very American of a certain generation and his themes are the most overt stereotypes, nothing original, groundbreaking [except in narcissitic self obsession about his neurosises] or visionary.

    • @Diana, she was adopted at birth in the The US, and adoptees too are issued a birth certificates. Whether birth parents’ name is indicated or not varies from state to state. But generally speaking, there is a birth certificate, unlike in some other countries. This is something that comes up a lot through my other interest especially as of late besides astrology, genealogy and especially genetic genealogy. Millions of babies ended up adopted in The US between WWII and the 1960’s in particular, and many are looking for information on their “birth parents” that’s not always readily available if not otherwise, for health concerns.

  11. Makes one wonder about all the interactions between not just Allen and Mia, but also Soon-Yi and Allen, and their two children, and Moses Farrow, indeed all the kids in the Farrow household.

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