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  1. Tony Blair sent tanks to Heathrow at one point just to get everyone hyped up. Seems emergency drill advice in Germany rather than anything nasty approaching. But stupid since it gets everyone in a panic and will sell out supermarkets as everyone starts digging and stocking up their nuclear bunker.

    • Though, having had a look, Germany does have Solar Arc Moon conjunct Mars, exact in 8 months time, which does look like a shocked population. Might not be a domestic attack, could be another irritation. Politicians do hear about innumerable terrorist plots which never make it into the public domain (thankfully) and it may just have tipped someone over into handing out rash suggestions.

  2. Germany telling its people to stock up with food etc for ten days. Is Neptune concealing something from the people? I’ve always had a war mentality since I lived through the Iranian revolution in 79. I have had such a terrible head ache for the past week as if something is about to explode in it. I have a mars Saturn conjunction at zero sag and with the mars transit over that recently i felt the same. It’s like feeling the world pressure in my head

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