Vincent Foster – Hillary’s history being dissected

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Attacks on Hillary Clinton are mounting with Trump finger-pointing at the Clinton Foundation and raising old conspiracy theories about the 1993 death of Vincent Foster, an Arkansas lawyer and Clinton friend, who became Deputy White House counsel to Bill Clinton.  Anti-Clintonites are determined it was  a murder, despite five investigations  categorically saying it was suicide.

Foster had been involved in several controversies, a failed nomination for attorney general and the firing of the travel office staff so business could be steered to the president’s allies. In 1993 he was being treated for depression. In his briefcase there was a torn-up note, which said: “I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport.” The goldfish bowl got too much for him, especially with his family still living in Arkansas to finish the children’s schooling. A focal point Neptune can have a deep inner sense of loneliness, never mind being overwhelmed by Mars Saturn which would tend to attract setbacks and unkind treatment.

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Vincent Foster, 15 Jan 1945, Hope, Arkansas, was a Sun Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo; with a difficult Mars Mercury in Capricorn opposition Saturn square Neptune which would suggest an over-worker with a depressive side. On the day he died there was an exact tr Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn exactly opposition tr Mercury in Cancer – which would create a very highly strung and obsessive mood.

His relationship with Hillary, while close in certain respects, though not in others, doesn’t look remotely romantic. There was an enthusiastic composite Mars Jupiter though that was held in check by a square to Saturn – so it would be argumentative and rough-edged at times; with a needs-space Sun opposition Uranus; and an intensely  determined Sun trine Pluto.

There was nothing much affecting the relationship chart when he died (without a birth time). Though her personal chart does register a major shock with the tr Uranus Neptune opposing her Mars/Uranus and tr Saturn opposing her Sun/Uranus – so a tremendous jolt for her. And she had been under great pressure before, highly frustrated and bad-tempered.

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