Clinton Foundation and Hillary – a risky association

Hill Foun synHill Found comp


The Clinton Foundation started relatively small, incorporated 23 Oct 1997, and has grown into a multi-billion dollar charitable organisation which does a great deal of good. But there are persistent questions about the privileged access major donors were given to Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State.

It was incorporated with a Scorpio Sun Mercury square an enterprising, innovative and lucky Neptune Uranus Jupiter.

The CF Sun is, of course, conjunct Hillary’s; and the CF Jupiter opposes her Mars Pluto; with its Pluto conjunct her Jupiter – so it will be close to her heart; though with a tendency to over-expansion or unwise over-confident judgements.

The relationship chart between herself and the Foundation has a composite Uranus opposition Mars square North Node; and Pluto square Jupiter – so there will be some risk attached as well as a tendency to go too far. There will be issues over her involvement with the Foundation at the moment till Sept 9th as it becomes a headline issue again with tr Pluto square Mars and Uranus; and that returns mid October into November across the election. So the likelihood is it will cause her continuing angst.

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