Gaza – on the brink again



Gaza is on tenterhooks waiting to see whether new hard-line Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman will escalate border tensions. Hamas is blaming recent rocket attacks on Al Quaeda cells in Gaza whom they clearly don’t have control over. Israel has retaliated more robustly than at any time over the past two years, both sides until now having been holding to an uneasy truce.

The Israel/Gaza (9 Nov 1917 9am) relationship chart does indicate a radical shift from early September with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto and conjunct Uranus after that, running on till April 2017.

The Gaza chart itself isn’t under quite the same strain as it was in Dec 2008 when a full-out Israeli assault took place. Then there was Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Scorpio Sun and tr Pluto conjunct the Gaza Venus North Node. But it does look on edge with the Gaza Jupiter picking up the opposition from tr Saturn Mars, and tr Neptune returning in late September to square the Jupiter for three and a half months. So uncertain, disappointing. If that start time of 9am is accurate the Virgo Moon will get tr Pluto trine through this September, tr Saturn square in October, and tr Neptune in opposition in 2017 – none of which looks like happy news for the Gaza population.

Avigdor Lieberman, a provocative and controversial appointment by Netanyahu, was born in Soviet Russia on 5 June 1958 to a writer father, who’d served in the Red Army and spent years in exile in Siberia under Stalin. He has a Sun Gemini conjunct his ruthless Mars/Pluto midpoint, in a chart riddled with strained quincunxes. There’s a Yod of Pluto sextile Jupiter inconjunct Mars in Pisces; with Saturn inconjunct Mercury in Taurus, as well as being square Mars and trine Pluto – so definitely tough and aggressive. Tr Saturn opposes his Sun this Oct and tr Neptune squares it in 2017 which doesn’t look successful; but he does look revved up this September with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Node and in the mood for taking risks in Oct/Nov though they are likely to result in confusion and dashed hopes.

His relationship with Israel looks aggravated in Oct; and very stressed in Nov/Dec; and worse in 2017. Much the same in his dealings with PM Netanyahu with disruption, tension and upheaval in September and on, bad-tempered in October; and sagging badly in 2017.

Netanyahu, 21 Oct 1949 9.30am, now has tr Saturn sinking below his Ascendant, which is usually a less successful time for several years, with misjudgements more frequent. He looks stressed this month till early September and again mid Oct to end of Nov with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and square his Neptune, so discouraged and confused; he’s also feeling less popular with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on his Venus and Sun/Jupiter on and off at the moment and into 2017. 2017 will be challenging emotionally and in terms of his political standing with tr Pluto square his 11rth house Moon.

The Israel chart, while not facing catastrophe, looks very uncertain over the coming year with the Solar Arc Moon coming to conjunct the 12th house Neptune – undercurrents of an unhappy population. With Solar Arc Mars square the 10th house Moon in less than a year’s time which is a shock of some sort, creating an angry response. With tr Uranus moving to cross the Descendant into the 7th from early this September, which points to rifts with neighbours and relationships with close supporters for several years to come.

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