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  1. Marjorie,

    There was breaking news last night that Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff, Marc Short, just tested positive for Covid-19. Plus, it was also reported that 5 of Mike Pence’s aides also tested positive.

    I know this topic is getting old…but I have been kind of curious about how all of this is affecting Mike Pence (who has somewhat managed to avoid much of the political drama lately).

    During the Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, there were many viewers who speculated Mike Pence might be infected with Covid-19 due to the redness in his eyes and other visible particularities that are often associated with the virus.

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe Mike Pence has been extremely evasive with the media about his health – I believe he’s refused to answer questions about whether or not he’s been tested for Covid-19, etc.

    Anyway, I did think it was strange that so many of his aides and staffers would test positive for Covid-19…yet he’s managed to stay clear of it. It makes me wonder if Pence could be a carrier and maybe he’s the one responsible for infecting those working closest to him (I read that he refuses to wear a face mask half of the time…and his wife doesn’t always wear one either).

  2. @Solaia: I hadn’t considered that he might be on energy-boosting drugs.
    Makes sense. According to many accounts, JFK and Jackie used uppers to
    get them through grueling overseas schedules. And of course there have
    been countless other VIPs/celebs who’ve gone that route. Perhaps Trump
    has his own personal Dr. Feel Good. Would not be a surprise.

  3. Jennifer E: I wouldn’t put it past Trump to lie about having Coronavirus.
    However, he was clearly having difficulty breathing while speaking from
    the White House balcony on his return from the hospital. Also, for the
    doctors at Walter Reed to flat-out lie about Trump having Covid is a bit
    of a stretch, although they weren’t exactly entirely transparent about
    his condition, that’s for sure. I forgot to mention in my post to Marjorie
    that Trump is also clinically obese and has heart disease. Just can’t for
    the life of me figure out how he’s able to keep up an extremely strenuous
    and hectic schedule given all his health/physical issues. His crazy rallies
    alone have to be exhausting.

  4. Hi Marjorie,
    Don McLean is in the news, again, they’re trying to decipher his language (and meaning of American Pie….what an incredible chart he has! Enigmatic as hell (Jupiter conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto sextile Uranus!!!) He was born 2.10.45 N. Rochelle, NY, USA – much air….which reading the Guardian article this morning about him, came through strongly. He clearly lives in his head, but I’m seeing that Mars at 13 degrees of a cardinal sign being a critical Max Heindel degree…..I think that says it all – in others it may come out as passive aggressive but here, in the incredible planetary, tight set up, it is exceptional…..can you kindly take a look, cheers and thanks.

  5. Marjorie: Is there something in Trump’s chart that explains his extraordinary
    physical stamina? As much as I detest the man (and that’s an understatement),
    I can’t help but marvel at his superhuman energy. His lifestyle is extremely
    unhealthy. His diet is composed mainly of high-fat junk food, he gets no exercise
    and little sleep–he has often boasted that he requires only 3 – 4 hours of sleep a
    night. He’s up at all hours watching TV or tweeting in his jammies. He bounced
    back from Coronavirus, maintains an exhausting schedule of rallies, etc. All this
    at age 74. What gives? Can you shed some light?

    • Personally, I’m beginning to question whether he really did have Coronavirus to be honest!! Especially given the way his doctors were so vague at subsequent press conferences held, him going for a hand waving drive around approx 24hrs after etc… Hmmm!

    • Trump’s stationary natal Jupiter in 2nd trine natal Uranus in 10th often confers great energy (obviously how one uses this is another matter).

    • @Julie, Mars on ASC, even on 12th house side, helps. But mostly, it’s not astrology, it’s drugs. Ivanka’s “The Apprentice” runner Noel Cassler famously named snorting Adderall as his “go to” high during those years, and he is clearly on some sort of drugs making his pupils dilatated nowadays, too. Uppers for “rallies”, downers when he needs to appear “presidential”.

      I also can’t believe Conservayive public figures appearing visibly waisted isn’t more of an issue in The US. Rudy Giuliani is perpetually drunk, according to just about everybody who has had close contacts with him since the 1990’s (Michael Cohen was the latest one to say so), Judge Jeanine had a lockdown show where she could hardly stay on her chair, Junior is coked up.

      • Yes I imagine the drugs help. But mostly it must be in his genes. I thought about Queen Elizabeth here in UK – still riding her horse and driving her car at 94. And probably not snorting anything at all!

  6. The Pope!
    He has stated civil marriages for same sex couples are needed!
    They have a right to be in a family!

    This, to me, is HUGE!
    (Especially considering the politicization of Catholicism by a few high places individuals in WH (Barr, Pompeo and SCOTUS nominee Coney)

  7. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the elections that took place in Bolivia the other day. I read that Luis Arce and the Movement for Socialism Party won by a landslide. Jacobin Magazine praised the results.

    Many people are saying Bolivia is setting a much needed positive example for the Americas – they are embracing social progress while many countries (like Brazil and the United States) are still swamped with far-right populists.

    I must admit, Bolivia does give me hope that more countries here in the Americas (including the U.S.) will begin to reject the destructive and oppressive conservatism that’s been plaguing the Western Hemisphere for years. We need change – and we need it now.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  8. Re: Covid, Astrology and History

    Hi, Marjorie. I just wanted to pass on something fascinating and chilling. A friend of mine from Mauritius is the daughter of a Hindu priest. She says that “the priests” now say — obviously based on Vedic astrology — that Covid will get worse around the world in November and last until March, 2021. It will then revive in November, 2021 and last until March, 2021. This would be remarkably like the waves of the 1918-1920 flu which still afflict us in the milder form of the seasonal, ever-changing flu virus. It’s probably what epidemiologists fear will happen but dare not predict. I didn’t think to ask if a nasty, more deadly form of Covid is emerging. I guess we’ll find out soon enough… At least we have the possibility of a vaccine now! Scientists couldn’t even see viruses until the invention of the electron microscope in the 1930s.

  9. Just wondering if you have looked at Bolivia’s chart previously? Currently Luis Arce is leading in Bolivia’s presidential election.

  10. There are big protests in Bangkok against the monarchy and government again, defying attempts to stop people expressing themselves. In a post in the summer you wrote that there would be disappointments and jarring changes in 2021/22 for the new and mainly absent king. Looks like things are right on track!

    • Sigh. See previous posts August 3rd and August 23. As clear as mud at the moment. Will give a thought tomorrow to see if I can dredge up any new thoughts.
      Despite all that huff, puff, sulk and walk out threats, most commentators have a feeling there may be a thin deal coming up that gets puffed into a triumph for both sides. No one in the present climate wants or can afford a no deal.

      • Yeah! It is going to be difficult to get to the other side, considering the domestic agenda, a lack of trust and a potential misjudgement of the intent.

  11. Former hedge fund manager Raoul Pal said a few days ago ago that the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million in five years.
    He attributes the price increase to adoption by large pools of investors and the “enormous wall of money” coming into Bitcoin.

    Any thought about that and about Ripple’s 350+ partnerships, with CEO Brad Garlinghouse stating that his plans include an increase in the adoption rate by 30–40% in 2020 ?

  12. Majorie,

    In view of the present attempts by China to attain global dominance I would be interested to know the affect of their Pluto returns.

        • Trouble is there are many – start of imperial China 221 BC Pluto in late Scorpio. Tang Dynasty Pluto in Aries. Song Dynasty Pluto in early Leo. You can take your pick

      • And in 1636 Pluto was in Taurus (from around 25th to 28th dregrees of Taurus).

        Uranus was in Libra and Neptune in Scorpio.

        I would say that when Pluto transits around the 25º of Aquarius some sort of major changes will happen in China.

      • Ok, last one, promise.

        From google:
        “What happened to China in the 1870s?
        Tianjin Massacre, (June 21, 1870), in Tianjin (Tientsin), China, violent outbreak of Chinese xenophobic sentiment that nearly precipitated international warfare and signaled the end of the “cooperative policy” between China and the Western treaty powers.”

        In 1636 the NN was in Aquarius.
        In 1870 Pluto un transit was from 16º to 18º in Taurus – therefore squaring the original North Node from the Qing dynasty (and also having a Pluto return).

        I think this transit might explain it (a litle bit, at least).

  13. You have posted on UK devolution and Scottish independence before, yet with the current North South divide as well as have not and second home grumblings in the south west, I wonder how you see the short/ medium term future of the UK in terms of geographical autonomy? This dreadful virus seems to have shown up cracks that were not apparent and created chasms where there were once only fissures.

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