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  1. Hi Marjorie, What’s Behind the New Israel-UAE Peace Deal? The United Arab Emirates has agreed to normalize relations with Israel, paving the way for other Arab nations to do the same but angering the Palestinians. What is Stars say ?

    • Hi To be honest I suspect not much. It’s all a piece of Trump and Netanyahu blowhard to cover up the retreat from annexation of the West Bank. The UAE have been doing deals with Israel for years.

  2. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, created by Prez Eisenhower on December 6, 1960, is now fair game by the present US administration for oil drilling. The current administration touts this oil and gas leasing program to “create thousands of jobs” and mark a new chapter in American energy independence.

    Seems odd with a glut on the world oil market and with the easy-access to mid-western oil fields. I sense something foreboding and akin to a torched earth distraction.

    What do the astrologics suggest in the aftermath of this alaska “open season”? Many thanks.

  3. Good morning Marjorie!
    It looks like a new heat record was set on Sunday 16 August last in Death Valley, CA at 15.41p.m.
    The temperature set was 54.4C/130F
    Would you have any thoughts?
    Thank you if you do.

  4. Can I just re-iterate what I said elsewhere about this website not being for political venting. I tread a fine line since it is helpful to have information input. But I find the level of Chris’s excitability to single him out as frankly exhausting. Levels of outrage will no doubt escalate as the USA elections draw closer and Trump becomes even more shameless. But this is not the place to express anger or angst.
    People come here to find an astrological context for what is going on – which is necessarily a dispassionate exercise. Stand back, zen into detachment. Have no investment in outcome except for what the astrology can say.
    If Trump does win, Democrat fans will fall into a black hole. Astrologers won’t and can’t because it’s not what we are there for. We’ll look to see the broader meaning of what it means as the USA heads for its Pluto Return.

    • Love it!!!

      …… ‘zen into detachment.’ Smile

      Sometimes it is so easy to react to certain comments and forget the astrology.

  5. Prez Dromp’s brother, Robert, hospitalized and ill “in a bad way” . Any astro inkling as to the cause? Does he have…covid? The news peeps are still silent as to root cause of the hospitalization/illness.


    • @ Karen,

      Yes, I saw this earlier. A few of my Facebook friends living in Oregon posted similar photos of the USPS mailboxes being hauled away. I’m really surprised this isn’t creating as much outrage as one would expect.

      It’s not just mail-In ballots people are waiting on; other deliveries are being postponed too. For example, I’ve been ordering books about the States. There’s 52 books that make up the series (because they have Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico). I’ve ordered somewhere around 32-33 over the past few months, and most arrived in a timely manner…that was before the sabotaging of the USPS. I’m still waiting on like 5 books that I ordered in July and the tracking still shows them in places all over the country.

  6. Wow USPS mailboxes being removed in NYC and other states. Unbelievable!!! Trump have started a war with the US postal service and it is escalating.

    The US appears to be in serious meltdown with now another thing that strikes at its heart .

    Marjorie what does the astrology say about their postal system? Isn’t this pretty fundamental to a country even if in bad shape?

    Thanks much

    • Out here in Seattle, same thing happening. Drive-up mailboxes are being removed only to be replaced with much smaller mail drop boxes…and the posted pickup frequency reduced to only twice a day; once at 8AM followed by 5PM. With no weekend and holiday pickup hours.

    • @Chris,
      I’m not surprised to hear about your experience. What is really angering and worrying me about this hijacking of the USPS (besides potentially sabotaging voting) is that people’s prescription medicines are being delayed. First the recklessness concerning COVID-19 and now this. There is no bottom with 45.

      • @ Karen,

        It’s interesting you mentioned the medications; I was thinking the same thing earlier. There are many people without transportation who depend on their medications via mail – especially people living in rural areas.

        Slowing down the USPS potentially puts these people at serious risk of not receiving medications that might be imperative to sustaining their health and well being.

        I can’t believe Donald Trump and the Republican Party actually think doing something like this is going to help them. By slowing down the USPS, this also disenfranchises their own voters (many of whom are senior citizens who heavily depend on mail-in ballots and prescription medications by mail).

        The astrologers were absolutely right: mid-August would likely be a time when reckless and thoughtless decisions would be made. We’re seeing it happening right now.

  7. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights to what’s happening with regards to the USPS mail service. It’s making big news all over the States right now because the mail service is operating extremely slow and the person in charge is a huge Trump appointee. It’s been reported that the Trump appointee is slowing down the mail service (which will affect the mail in ballots) to try and suppress the vote.

    Anyway, any information you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • from louisville courier :U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s longtime buddy, chief fundraiser, the guy McConnell once promoted for chairman of the National Republican Convention — Mike Duncan, the banker from Inez — is the chairman of the USPS board of governors.

  8. Trump dementia? This isn;t a political soapbox post, btw.

    More online articles appearing about his rambling, predictable personal attacks, nonsensical press briefs and covid updates, slurring of words, looking physically exhausted and “bad posture = slumping”. Now, Esper is flagged for removal. But at least it won’t be by “anti-aircraft cannon”.

    Was reading your timeline 12-may-2020 titled, “swampy, bad-tempered, disheartening” which noted the “extended run ahead of Neptune transits this year and more so next which tend to lower energy and undermine ego-driven ambitions, and can also indicate underhand and deceptive tactics. He’s nerve-stretched at the moment and not thinking clearly with tr Neptune square his Sun/Uranus midpoint late April to late August.”

    Today, CNN posted him reading briefs prepared for him only days apart – identical content, word for word. Has the steady diet of cheezburglers and fries + ketchup finally caught up to him? The hints of underhanded tactics appear to be re-inforced with his attacks on US Postal Service funding .. tied to covid funding. No covid funding = no USPS funds.

    FWIW, I registered to vote today, so I can confidently, for the first time since 1980, cast my vote. I’m that excited for change.

  9. Hi Marjorie, is it possible to look at Kazakhstan singer, Dimash Kudaibergen, born 7.30am on 24 May 1994, Aktobe, Kazakhstan? He has an incredible vocal range of 6+ octaves but is confounding world vocal coaches how he is able to effortlessly slip from baritone to soprano for a man. He sings in 12+ languages, plays more than half a dozen instruments to professional level.

    Introduced as a wildcard, he sang, ‘S.O.S so d’un terrien’ on a Chinese X Factor/The Voice type show called Singer. It propelled him to megastar status across China, Kazakhstan and Russia, and he is building quite a following globally. I’ve seen big grown men reduced to tears from his performances. He is able to resonate so deeply into the emotional depths of the listener with his voice that its quite extraordinary to experience.

    Here is the S.O.S. song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCwiZdFz63w&fbclid=IwAR3-fgFN7JPlqxX1cLZjnaMz6XVA3q-gFla594t8E6_56BgEB7Mc4LAIFfE

  10. How about an update on co-vid?
    How does it compare astrologically w/other epidemics/pandemics?
    Also how about co-vid and Biden/Harris?

    Thank you for your work. Looking at the stars is an interesting take on what is going on.

  11. Will Prince Harry still get back to the Royal Family after the release of the Finding Freedom book? and will they end up in divorce?

    • Hello Marjorie, Thank you for your time. Astrologically, do you see the escalating pension age being decreased? Thank you in advance if you choose to look at this.

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