Kamala Harris – a seasoned campaigner ++ – toxic Trump reaction

Kamala Harris, the tough-on-crime former Attorney General of California now a senator, has been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate. Much has been made of her Indian-Jamaican background though she describes herself simply as ‘an American.’

She has a Libra Sun in her performing 5th house opposition an Aries Moon, so she’s vivacious and outgoing, likes an audience and with Mars in Leo in the 3rd opposition Saturn in her 9th won’t back away from a fight, indeed will stir up arguments. That latter is softened to a degree by being square Jupiter in Taurus which has a range of meanings from arrogant, overly indulgent to an enlightened social administrator.

What is standing her in good stead this year and next are two influences. One is the confident and success-attracting tr Pluto trine her focal point Jupiter around earlier this year and returning late this December to late January 2021 across the Inauguration and on and off through 2021.

The other is tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint which brings sudden success and good fortune and is exact now. It picked up early July running till late September and returns in the spring and again across the New Year into 2022.

Across the Inauguration as well she has her Progressed Moon conjunct her Progressed Jupiter and both trine her Venus in Virgo – all exact. That is minor enough but will give a warm glow.

On the less rapturous side she has a downbeat tr Saturn square her Sun and Moon November 14th to 26 but that can be extra hard work rather than a setback. Following that into early December she has a blocked tr Saturn square her Solar Arc Midheaven. She also has tr Pluto in opposition to a couple of her Mars midpoints from late August to late November which will be combative, argumentative and can be frustrating, infuriating and trapped, which again could be the rough and tumble of what will undoubtedly be a toxic campaign and maybe a delayed result.

Just after the Inauguration Jupiter moves into her 9th for a year of perhaps more extensive travel than usual.

She’s a marginally odd mix with Biden though there’s nothing to say the President and VP have to be BFFs. Her outspoken Mars opposition Saturn squares his Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus though that will be mellowed marginally by her Jupiter being in opposition to his Scorpio planets. And her Venus in Virgo is conjunct his Midheaven so she will bring charm and PR abilities to bear on his career.

Their relationship chart is not easy with a suspicious and doubting composite Saturn Opposition Neptune Venus square Uranus. If they can focus their co-operation on social reform and innovative projects they’ll do OK but otherwise it’ll be a rocky and at times muddled partnership. What will help to steady it and bring luck/success is Jupiter trine Venus Neptune sextile Pluto which will give them an aura of a power couple.

ADD ON: Kam v Trump

She’s likely to press all of Trump’s hot buttons given his misogyny and racism.

Her Saturn opposes his Mars for an aggravated interface with her Pluto square his Uranus (and Sun and Moon) so she won’t budge easy.  What is intriguing – from an astrological point of view – is that her Jupiter is exactly conjunct his Midheaven which usually suggests the Jupiterian one will assist the career prospects of the Midheavener.  There might be a sense in which she will try to teach Trump to acquire a sense of cultural responsibility and ethics in professional life. Hah.  Interesting to see how it plays out.

What is clear from the relationship chart is there is visceral dislike and a fight-the-the-death power struggle with a volcano of bad feeling – from a composite Sun, Mars, Pluto, Venus conjunction opposition Moon.

His relationship chart with Joe Biden is nowhere near as toxic. There’s a differing-agenda, needs-space composite Sun square Uranus; and an only-one-can-win Mars Neptune – but it’s Kamala Harris that will set off his uncontrolled fuse.

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  1. Another reason why I’m more bullish one Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the election is because I have a friend who is an expert at reading diurnal charts. I asked her to look at Biden, Harris, and Trump’s diurnal chart for Election Day. She looked at their diurnal charts over the weekend and got back with me yesterday. As it turns out, Biden and Harris’s prospects for Election Day look much better than Trump’s (assuming all birth times provided are absolutely correct).

    On Election Day (November 3, 2020), Donald Trump will have 3 South Nodes and the Moon sitting on his diurnal ascendant – meaning Trump doesn’t have a chance. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s natal North Node (which symbolizes success) will be sitting on his descendant.

      • @ larryc,

        Yes, a good friend of mine uses them when doing political astrology. She’s accurately predicted every election she’s had exact birth times for.

        She didn’t make any predictions in 2016 because she said the birth times for Hillary Clinton were too subjective (since many astrologers were listing rectified birth times and supposed reported birth times).

        I’ve never attempted comparing diurnal charts because they seem to require a lot of time and diligence and I’m still an astrology student.

  2. OK, Mars Rx in elections. I’m going to compare past UK elections purely because the previous two Mars Rx have better aligned with them.

    The 2016 UK Brexit Referendum – preceding the US General Election Clinton/Trump
    David Cameron/Nigel Farage

    Mars station Rx – 8 Sagittarius
    Mars station Dx – 23 Scorpio

    Usually perhaps, in a general election, the challenging leader of the opposition is better described by Mars than the incumbent PM. However, as this is a referendum kicked off by David Cameron and the Tories, so Cameron is the initiator during this Mars Rx. The sign of Sagittarius describes the straightforward dead cert win that he confidently thought his gamble would be.
    Looking at Cameron and Farage’s charts, on the first station at 8 Sag, Farage’s chart receives more aspects than Cameron’s. Cameron’s chart only receives a couple of soft aspects, whereas Farage’s receives more hard aspects and curiously, an exact conjunction to his BML. This perhaps describes the way most people thought it was going to go, with Cameron as the favourite.
    What we see during the Dx station at 23 Scorpio is the opposite; more aspects to Cameron’s chart, including a close trine to his Sat/Chi/BML conjunction. The only major aspect on Farage’s chart is a wide opposition to his natal Venus.
    RESULT: Win for Farage, but a very, very narrow win that has been followed by years of division, bitterness and delays. Cameron resigns and retreats to Chipping Norton. Last seen hiding in a shed. Notably, the Tory party does survive, which was the aim and UKIP, without a purpose and direction, crumbles.

    The 2018 UK Local Elections – preceding the US midterm elections
    Theresa May/Jeremy Corbyn

    Mars station Rx – 9 Aqu
    Mars station Dx – 28 Cap

    The first station at 9 Aquarius impacts both charts more or less equally, perhaps Corbyn’s slightly more (including widely conjunct his Jupiter), so there is perhaps an expectation among most that it will be fairly close with Corbyn not necessarily doing too badly (2017 fresh in mind). Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour are the challengers so perhaps the more “Mars”.
    Interestingly, just as with Farage in 2016, Mars stations Rx on May’s BML (and like Cameron, she has a BML Chiron conjunction in the natal). The UKIP vote collapses and May and the Tories benefit.
    The Dx station at 28 Cap closely trines May’s Mercury and doesn’t do much at all in Corbyn’s.
    RESULT: They both live to fight another day as the result doesn’t present enough of an opportunity to replace either with stronger leaders. The retrograde from Aquarius back to Capricorn suggests that the expectation was something more radical, with more parties in play and surprise gains. Afterall there had been some surprises in other countries, such as Italy. In reality, the two main conventional parties held out at the expense of UKIP and Lib Dems.

    Overall, it seems important to identify who the initiator is. The challenger or the incumbent that calls the election. It’s interesting that the last Mars station Dx was at 28 Capricorn, square the next station Rx at 28 Aries. What is suggested by Mars Rx elections is a very close result, closer than expected and it is better to defend than challenge. In the sign of Aries, perhaps there is something regarding the impulsiveness or aggression of the male leaders or past actions that nudge the election’s path.

      • Very interesting with the Mars Rx. Doesn’t traditional astrology say that Mars Rx is a bad time to begin a “war” you want to win? So if you’re the aggressor, you are more likely to lose? Does calling a referendum or an election fit into this interpretation? US elections have a fixed date though, so not sure if this works for them. As the US elections are allied so closely with the calendar, perhaps Saturn would be an appropriate significator?

        • Thank you both. Jane, the pattern I see is that the initiator of the contest, whoever that is, is the direct challenger and would be Mars. This could be calling a referendum or perhaps even a sitting PM calling a general election. If it’s just constitutional timing, then I would put the leader of the opposition or challenging president candidate as Mars. That’s how I see it, does that make sense to you?

          A few other patterns –

          Mars Rx indicates a direct, two way contest that can be quite reductive. No other parties or choices involved. Of course that’s easy with a referendum and a presidential election, which tend to be very binary, but it was unexpected in the 2018 UK local/EU elections.

          Talking of the UKIP collapse at the 2018 local elections…UKIP originally surged during the 2014 local elections when Mars stationed in late Libra, square the Mars station in 2018 – when they collapsed. The 2014 local elections surge is what spooked the Tory party in the first place and set them on this whole referendum/deliver Brexit path in the first place. We will of course get a Mars station this year in late Aries

          Neither leader lasts long after the contest, even the winner will be replaced, often before the next Mars Rx. Mars Rx in Aries to Aries, moving from one man to another? One scenario perhaps would be Trump being replaced with another man similar to him, a republican (Rx Aries to Aries). This might even be the first trigger in a series of events that leads to the first female president, which reminds us that sometimes what seems like a defeat at the time has a funny way of working out over time

          • Yes, thank you Tara, Mars as presidential challenger makes sense. The Mars Rx station retrograde in September is just one degree past squaring US natal Pluto. The station direct at 15 Aries in November is brushing opposite US natal Saturn at 14 Libra. This conjures up quite an embattled picture of law, government, administration and power.

            BML will be at 27 Aries in September, Saturn at 27 Capricorn in November, and Jupiter there in December. So there’s a series of events indeed, I think! By December, BML is in Taurus and aligns with Uranus – this alongside the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. Something fresh, new, and potentially revolutionary would seem to be in the air by that point. Mars opposes US Mercury over the Christmas holiday…..I await some important news at this point. And possibly, the first female president – it really is about time, but I won’t hold my breath, I just like the symbolism of BML with Uranus in a sign ruled by Venus.

          • Thanks Jane, very interesting points, particularly the Mars stations between the US Pluto and US Saturn – a more stable direction hopefully, although I suppose it could symbolise the hope for something transformative but ending up sticking with the established status quo.

            Late cardinal seems to be a theme that’s been building since at least 2014; a series of Mars stations leading up to this triple conjunction year -it feels like lots of plot twists leading up to a season finale. BML thrown in is intriguing, I wonder if BML and Uranus feel more at home in Scorpio, though? It may be a bit frustrated here; that and the shift from transformative/chaotic Pluto to Saturn – this energy may favour Biden a little more perhaps?

            I also think a female president is probably far off at this point, at least not in the near future. But we never thought Britain would leave the EU, then that 2014 Mars station and a chain of events…..

          • Tara – I like the idea of a “season finale” very much! Yes I agree, not sure entirely how to interpret BML with Uranus in Taurus. Yet something about this feels notable to me, perhaps as it is alongside Saturn and Jupiter’s move into Aquarius. A door is opening at that point onto a new, and as yet misty, view.

            The Uranus/BML connection could have quite a wild side, I am imagining maenads and Dionysus in some shape or form – the life forces of Earth, a “revolution” in our ideas about security or home perhaps, and what that means to us all? Women’s role in the world would be highlighted in some way – progress has been made, but at a snail’s pace it seems.

          • Out of curiosity I looked up the last time Uranus in Taurus met BML in Taurus. It was November 1941. Saturn also close by in Taurus, trine Neptune in Virgo, and Mars was retrograde in Aries – the Second WW was in full, awful, swing. Female code breakers in the UK were cracking the German Enigma code that year, and in November itself the US Navy began the process of recruiting female code breakers too.

            “In November 1941, not long before the attack on Pearl Harbor, a handful of letters began materializing in student mailboxes at America’s top women’s colleges. The messages were cryptic and brief, inviting their mystified recipients to private interviews in which the students might be asked only a couple of similarly cryptic questions: Did they like crossword puzzles, and were they engaged to be married? The correct answer to the first question was yes; the desired answer to the second was no.”


            I think the trines with that Virgo Neptune also suggest the precise and detailed work of the female code breakers at that time. Plus the secret recruitment etc. Perhaps BML is acting here as a trigger for the bigger pattern that’s unfolding, just like a new or full Moon?

  3. “… her Jupiter is exactly conjunct his Midheaven which usually suggests the Jupiterian one will assist the career prospects of the Midheavener.”

    I read it as: because of the choice of Kamala, Trump might be reelected. So Her helping His (Trump) career makes sense on that light…

  4. Taking another look at Kamala Harris’s chart, I had forgotten about the four eclipses that will be effecting her over the next two years. There is the Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus, the Lunar Eclipse at 25 Taurus, and then there is the Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio, and the 29 Aries Solar Eclipse.

    So, I imagine Kamala Harris have some challenges ahead. That being said, if anyone can overcome obstacles, Kamala Harris seems like the person who can.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. I see that Mars will retrograde in September opposite Kamala’s Sun, and assuming right birth time – conjunct her Moon. It looks as if she will need every ounce of her inner warrior’s determination. Then the December solar eclipse aligns with her natal south Node, which looks quite fateful I think. Is November too soon for this eclipse to be making it’s influence felt? Yet with all the current shenanigans regarding postal votes, Covid 19, and so on, I suppose there’s a possibility the election results could take a while to be decided. Mercury retrograde square Saturn on 3rd November hints at restrictions or delays of some sort – not to mention current news around this momentous date…..

    • Thanks Jane, I’ve been meaning to do a bit of Mars retrograde analysis. Terrible time for an election, usually. I’ll put it above in a sec, feel free to add anything relevant I miss

  6. On Harris vs Trump: What’s interesting here is that this “negative” astrology seems to be strong enough to cause collateral damages. As soon as Harris was announced as Biden’s VP pick, voices started to rise DJT would ditch Pence, since he isn’t in any way, a match to Harris in a debate. That Trump is displeased with Pence and eyeing on another running mate, most likely Nikki Haley he seems to like, has been a periodic story. But it didn’t take long for Right Wing pundits also starting to attack Harris on eligibility argument, given her parents were immigrants. This is, obviously, an issue long settled (I think I read Republicans had a nominee whose father was born in Britain in the early 20th century, and of course, DJT’s mother was Scottish), but Trump picked that up.

    What Trump – and I’m almost certain of this – didn’t realize is that by questioning Harris’ eligibility, he also threw Nikki Haley under the bus. Her Sikh parents are also immigrants. He is also going to infuriate Indian Americans, who he has been courting a long time, appearing in functions of associations (there are several episodes dedicated to this in enlightning “Trump Org” podcast). And there are several swing states where Indian Americans are a significant voting bloc.

  7. An astrological note: I think what’s throwing all these old white guys so off balance with Harris and, I must add, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is their unapologic Libra Sun/Aries Moon combination. They do not miticate their Libra attractiveness – they obviously like looking good, dance well, cook and mix drinks -, but their emotional responses are anything but what’s expected from women traditionally. Aries Moons don’t internalize their emotions much, what you see is what you get. Sometimes this is toddler like tandrums over everything, but more evolved Aries Moons have an emotional resilience that’s truly remarkable, because they deal with things and get over. And I’m speaking from experience, both my husband and his sister are Aries Moons, and the way they’ve dealt with issues in their childhood family and not brought them into their own families is remarkable.

    • Well, I’ve noticed Aries Moons amongst those who crusade for justice. It’s a marker that crops up in many natal charts of civil rights individuals. I’m beginning to develop a real admiration for this moon placement, reading the autobiography of Ida B. Wells whose chart has a stellium of Moon/Mars/Neptune in Aries. In fact, the 13th amendment chart of January 31st 1865 also has a Moon/Neptune conjunction in Aries. So, yes there is something about the Venus-Mars ruled Aries/Libra polarity which embodies the fight for justice, who when depicted holds the scales in her left hand, the sword in her right.

      • Yes, very much so. I also would like to quote a more recent and controversial figure, Bernie Sanders, and his famous Aries Moon/Mars. A lot was made of how he refused to concede to Hillary Clinton and how he was fragmenting Democratic Party. People were afraid he’d undermine Biden. But he came around quick this time.

        • Looking at the chart of AOC – I had no idea she has that incredible Cardinal chart with its Grand Cross. And as if her Mars in Libra conjunct Sun opposition Moon is not enough independence of spirit, her Sun is loosely conjunct Black Moon Lilith too. (My husband has BML conjunct Sun in Aquarius and to say he likes to go against the grain is an understatement). The occultist and astrologer John Dee had this too – they go their own way. I like AOC and was impressed with her recent speech, calling out Ted Yoho for his misogynistic attacks on her.

          Ida B. Wells similarly refused to bow to the expectations placed upon women and particularly women of colour in the way they addressed men. In fact, like AOC she faced disapproval from her own circle because of her radicalism and refusal to compromise when it came to women’s rights. She wrote, “I will not begin at this late day by doing what my soul abhors; sugaring men, weak deceitful creatures, with flattery to retain them as escorts or to gratify a revenge.” There’s a Moon in Aries woman speaking!

          • I’m British and have seen AOC talk a number of times even though she has nothing to do with UK politics. I’d like to think she has a shot in her future as president. However, I think this whole Trump circus has exposed just how deeply conservative, racist, emotionally immature, and misogynist America still is, and I think, unfortunately, AOC is way to progressive for their liking. She seems even more progressive than many of her democratic colleagues. I dare say she has some Libertarian Socialist/Egalitarian ideals in her ideology that America just isn’t ready for. But I really like her because of this!

  8. Tx Marjorie, I don’t want to create another comment storm and as a beginner in astrology I may be naive in these issues, even though I am in my sixties. I have been interested in Elizabeth Warren she seems to be getting into better aspects from October and 2024 as your previous posts suggest look better. Perhaps things will develop later this year and a one term president looks likely to me if Biden is successful and that Maxwell black book may throw a few spanner’s in the works. Drama darling for sure.

  9. Harris and Trump’s composite:

    “Composite Sun, Mars, Pluto, Venus conjunction opposition Moon”

    Gonna get me some popcorn.

  10. Can I remind everyone that this is an astrology website. While no one in their right mind wants Trump back “we” are not Democrats or a Democratic fan site. “We” are astrologers. And this goes especially to you Chris. Grasping at all the positives and ignoring the negatives because it’s what you want to hear is one sure way of getting the astrology wrong. And worse, blaming dodgy data for interpretations which don’t fit in with your opinions/wishes even more so.

  11. Did anyone else watch the joint appearance Joe Biden made with Kamala Harris today in Wilmington, Delaware? I was extremely impressed with both of them. Biden and Harris came across as presidential, professional, empathetic, and relatable. I really believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are what this country has been longing for.

    I loved how Kamala shared her experience as a Multiracial American woman, the daughter of an immigrant mother from India and an immigrant father from Jamaica and how her parents came to this country seeking a world class liberal arts education. I thought it was of particular importance that she mentioned how her parents met too – they met during the Civil Rights Movements in the 1960s, both marching and protesting for justice on the streets of San Francisco, California.

    Joe Biden gave Kamala Harris a beautiful introduction and he went even further to remind all of us Democrats that we need to fully support Kamala Harris as much as we support him…and we need to call out the racists, the misogynists, and the conspiracy theorists from the Trump campaign when they start promulgating their unjust attacks against her.

    All in all, it was a phenomenal appearance and the energy is definitely with Biden and Harris. I’ve been receiving e-mails from people living in Italy, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world telling me how excited they are to see Kamala Harris on the ticket.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  12. She looks a pretty steady politician..can I use my crystal ball and say I think that Kamala will be the first woman US President. Lets see if I am right.

    • @ Delia,

      I agree. I think Kamala Harris will be our Vice President for 4 years, and then go on to become our President for 8 years (because I highly doubt Biden will run a second term). In other words, I think we’ll be getting 12 years of Kamala Harris. I’m excited.

  13. Kamala Harris Sun Moon opposition squares the Pluto Mercury opposition in the US national chart exactly which is particularly relevant as the USA is about to experience its Pluto return. Her Saturn is conjunct the US national moon in Aquarius. That is not always sn easy relationship in synastry as the Moon partner can find the Saturn person in the relationship controlling and cold. Saturn is in domicile in Aquarius so it is powerfully placed in her chart. Her Sun is trine her natal Saturn and the US moon which probably helps.

    • Saturn/Moon contacts might be difficult in a romantic relationship, although I have seen this aspect turn up a surprising amount of times in synastry. A working relationship may be different; I have always got on extremely well with those whose Saturn is conjunct my Moon in Aquarius. One was a favourite teacher and the other was a former boss who was a really good mentor and was very supportive. I didn’t find them cold or controlling and the latter was an exact conjunction.

      A Moon in Cancer or Leo native may feel this aspect differently to a Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius, though. I don’t know. It’s fascinating how these things play out

  14. My first choice was Susan Rice, but Kamala Harris is strong and a smart debater. If a VP debate occurs, she will tear up Mike Pence. It’s true that Biden is gaffe prone, but he has a heart of gold and a lifetime of public service that bodes will for the country. I just pray that his health holds, and perversely, am thankful that Covid-19 will keep him off the road and a bit more protected during campaign season.

  15. Thanks Marjorie. I agree with what you say about the Saturn/Neptune opposition in the composite and it’s what leaps out at me here. Funnily enough I have seen Saturn/Neptune hard aspects several time in the composite of people who leave their partners/spouses to be together – not likely here of course! But I think it carries this very strong vibe of being willing to go through something very tough together, as it is felt that it will be worth it in the end. The shared end goal here is change, to make a breakthrough and they may go through some tough compromises to achieve it. It’s not easy at all, but the motivation and willingness is there.

    How interesting that the transiting triple conjunction has been turning this configuration into a grand cross.

  16. It sure didn’t take long for accusations that Harris “slept her way to the top” started flying on social media. It seems that American conservatives are struggling to come up with anything substantive to criticize her for. Her “tough on crime” reputation doesn’t lend itself well to conservative attacks, though progressive Democrats aren’t very happy with her public record on the issue. I really like her Aries moon in the 11th—to me it suggests “a warrior for The People.” I hope that side of her comes out strongly as the new (here’s hoping!) VP.

  17. “Their relationship chart is not easy with a suspicious and doubting composite Saturn Opposition Neptune Venus square Uranus.”

    How is Kamala Harris’ synastry with Biden’s late son Beau? They were friends, and Biden cited that in his announcement yesterday. I think this helps a lot.

  18. Love him or hate him, Trump will secure a 2nd term! Biden, just like Obama, will not offer the UK a good trade deal, Trump will! Biden is not Presidential material with his constant faux pas and he also favours the EU, which is at the start of its demise. Biden would also allow China to run roughshod over the United States of America.

    • Care to divulge where you’re getting your information from, and how astrology might support it?
      This reads like Murdoch media talking points.

    • @Getting

      So Trump doesn’t make constant faux pas like nearly every time he opens his mouth? No lies, half truths or false statements? Okay!!!

      I can only wonder about the strings that would be attached to any so called ‘good trade deal’ for the UK.

    • @ Getting, what Twilight Zone are you inhabiting?
      Everything you said about Biden could be said ten times over about Trump.
      Did you miss Trump’s screed the other day about Biden hurting God?
      Trump’s trade war with China is killing farmers in the Midwest and his bailing them out isn’t stopping the record number of farmers from filing for bankruptcy.
      Trump still hasn’t finalized any type of trade deal with China, and as for a trade deal for the UK, uh I don’t think he and Boris like each other any more. LOL

    • @ Getting,

      No, Donald Trump will not win a second term. You can stay in a state of delusion all you like….but Biden and Harris will win.

    • Trump will lose the election on November 3rd.
      COVID-19 and the appalling economic situation will destroy his chances of a second term.

      He hasn’t secured a major political victory, since the pandemic ran amok in the States.

  19. Chris: As a Biden supporter, I don’t mind his gaffes…..agree that it’s his stance on the issues that’s important. However, there are countless swing voters who may have a problem with his verbal gaffes and that’s what concerns me. It goes without saying that Trump will play up any Biden blunders by accusing him of dementia, which just might stick with certain factions. Fingers crossed. Hoping all will go well.

    • @ Julie,

      I honestly believe the pool of swing voters is much smaller this election. The data analysts were explaining that last election there was a substantial number of undecided voters…but this election, data is showing more people have firmly made up their minds.

      Of course Trump is going to use every dirty trick in the book to try and discredit Biden and make him look like some senile person. However, he’s actually been doing that for months now…and the data analysts were explaining that it’s having little (if any) effect on Biden’s support.

      I believe Kamala Harris is going to be the bigger target now that the GOP sees that Biden has been able to withstand the critiques, criticisms, and slander. The GOP is already trying to paint Harris as an “angry Black woman,” a “radical leftist,” and a “heartless prosecutor” I doubt it will work though. Harris is actually very popular among White “Never Trump” Republican women in the suburbs (districts Trump is losing all over the country) and Black women alike. Harris is a tough cookie and she’s not going to be shaken by the attacks.

      • Chris, I have to agree here. Hard to beat first mismanaging and then completely ignoring a pandemic with couple of gaffes, especially with the stellar communications team Biden has.

        • @ Solaia, Trump is sending school children to their deaths. It’s weird that when the number of coronavirus cases are decreasing Trump wants to add teens and preteens on the front line so the coronavirus can use them for target practice.

          This country is going down the drain so damn quickly.

          • @ Larry IIRC the sending the kiddies back to school push came around the time Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. I think it was meant as a distraction but as with all of Trump’s distractions it snowballed into another political football and here we are.

            Another Trump clusterf$ck.

  20. Yes! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    I knew when I was looking at Kamala Harris’s chart last year that good things would be in store for her in the near future. I had a strong hunch she was going to be chosen for VP…if not the Democratic nominee herself!

    As for Joe Biden, I think he’ll be fine this election too. It’s been my contention for months now that we don’t have an accurate birth time for Biden (like we do for Senator Harris). I’m not sure if Joe Biden has ever released his birth certificate (he probably was never even asked to)…so the 8:30 am birth time is probably something either reported by word of mouth..or something he said himself if asked. And, accurate birth times are imperative if one wants to see the exact positioning of the houses.

    All in all, everyone I know is excited about the Joe Biden / Kamala Harris ticket. Fundraising for Biden has shot up, Biden has gone up in the prediction markets, and all of the data analysts are praising Biden for making such a logical, strategic, and “herstoric” decision. People are now energized and saying the want to get out and canvass for Biden and Harris, etc. It’ very encouraging.

    I was supporting Susan Rice for VP….Kamala Harris was my second choice. So, I’m sincerely happy for Kamala Harris and I do feel everything worked out for the best.

    Kamala Harris definitely made “herstory” by becoming the first African-American, the first Caribbean-American, and the first South-Asian American woman to be chosen for VP on a major political party ticket. This is extra significant given that this year (2020) officially marks the 100th anniversary of when the 19th Amendment became part of the United States Constitution (the date was August 18, 1920) which granted American women the full right to vote!

    And this is just a brief side note, but Joe Biden himself has made “history.” Joe Biden received over 19 million votes in the Democratic Presidential Primaries this year – he’s received more votes than any candidate (Democrat or Republican) in a U.S. presidential primary. Also, a total of over 37 million people voted in the Democratic Presidential Primaries this year – so we actually matched 2008’s turnout!

    Anyway, I’m very excited about the general election…and I just know Biden and Harris are going to win this year.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  21. @ Julie,

    Most of us Biden supporters don’t care about his gaffes anymore; we just want him to win. Biden will put a Black woman on the Supreme Court, he will work to improve Obamacare, he supports environmental conservation, he supports common sense gun legislation, and he will work to improve the economy.

    In other words, the issues are what’s more important….not Biden’s gaffes. We’re used to them; he’s been doing it for years….and we’ve just accepted it as a quirky part of his personality. He doesn’t mean any harm by them; we know he isn’t deliberately trying to insult us minorities…so, that’s why we treat it like water under the bridge.

  22. surely at this point gaffe prone / foot in it etc comments

    do they even matter?

    are we not now in a realm where, anything goes / comes and goes / can happen?

    have we not been liberated from certainty and comfort?

    we wake up every morning and wonder what has happened while we were sleeping?

    what is about to happen?

    meanwhile, feeling vulnerable and beset with uncertainty, people who were used to a level of soothing regularity are immersing themselves in the wildest of stories

    to comfort themselves
    that they know what’s

    ‘going on’

    good times

    stay healthy my friends
    stay way from the internet
    of rumors and wallow in the glory of nature

    following the trajectory of
    a bird or a bee will not
    deceive you xx

    • Mary:

      Triple agree!! Stay positive and give yourself love and peace. We have a good team finally, and they’re both strong enough to blunt those attacks. I also suggest everyone put themselves on a “news diet”, to ration themselves of the reactionary responses the Trump Administration uses to divide us. We have the real work of saving this country, our people and the health of the planet. Onward!!!

      Oakland, Ca resident and proud of our homegirl Kamala Harris!

  23. Very enlightening…..and encouraging for the most part. Thank you, Marjorie. I think Harris was the best choice for Biden, despite their rather problematic synastry. My greatest concern at this point is Biden’s gaffe-prone rhetoric. He really puts his foot in it at times–perhaps that explains the “neptune sinkers” you see coming up for him.

    • @ Julie, let’s hope the Neptune isn’t ill health. The ‘scandals’ that the Republicans have attempted to gin up surrounding Hunter Biden haven’t gained any traction, but I think the October Surprise will be U.S. Attorney Durham and Barr holding some type of press conference announcing what their ‘investigation’ found making it sound as sinister as possible but ultimately there will be no indictments just a lot of disappointed Trumpies.

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