2020 – your money or your life ++

A reprise in precis of the 2020 astrology and the coronavirus. The state of play at present is 750,000 deaths worldwide out of a population of 7.8 billion people. This compares to 50 million deaths from Spanish flu post-World War 1 with a population of 1.8 billion which occurred with Saturn Neptune conjunct in Leo, which is a classic epidemic signature. For comparison – heart disease and stroke dispatches more than 15 million annually, lung cancer 1.7m and road accidents 1.4m.

The overwhelming effect of CV-19 has been economic with a blizzard of ‘worst-on-record’ falls in GDP etc. That certainly fits with the Saturn Pluto conjunction which came exact last New Year and will be in place till this December. It has always been associated with deprivation and economic hardship, especially in Capricorn. Complicating factors have been Jupiter in Capricorn which will have brought some benefits perhaps in government handouts; and the extended square from Mars in Aries picking up this July to the year end, which magnifies risk, accidents, frustration and bad-temper.

A previous Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction (in Pisces) of 1819/20 brought about the first major peacetime financial crisis in the USA, with a collapse of the economy in 1821, and following that a resurgence in a new direction from the creation of a different and dynamic economy. First the destruction then the reconstruction.

The Eclipses this year have also been in Saros series associated with disturbing, upsetting and restrictive events.

The December 2019 Solar Eclipse affecting the first few months of 2020 – traumatic transformation and significant endings.

The June 2020 Solar Eclipse –  difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Best advice is to wait before taking any real action.

The December 2020 Solar Eclipse – strongly emotional; caught up in situations or relationships beyond individual control with accompanying frustrations.

Two other planetary influences are in play.  One is Pluto moving towards the end of its 16-year stint in Capricorn, which put pressure on outworn financial and governmental systems with a view to replacing them with better. Arguably what was not fixed after the 2008 financial crisis is now being challenged until Pluto’s exit into Aquarius in 2023/24.

The second is Uranus moving into Taurus in 2018 for a seven year stay which from past experience usually brings major advances in technology as well as devastating famines. This may be most obvious in 2021 when tr Uranus is square tr Saturn, usually an indicator of an economic downturn.  In the past, authoritarian regimes have risen to power as a result.

Although the Solar Eclipses from June 2021 onwards are considerably more cheerful, there is a sense that the present turmoil has several years to run.

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  1. Hi, just wondering how the astrological climate moving forward is going to impact the global stock markets. We already witnessed a crash this year, although with a quick rebound. Are we going to see an even bigger Seismic global stock market crash in the near future and if so I is there any indication of when this might be? Furthermore, how are the economies and unemployment situation for the UK and USA going to look like, are they going to improve or get worst? Thank you.

  2. Saturn will be conjuncting Neptune 2025-early 2026 in early Aries. We ought to wonder what that transit will bring, if COVID is just one in a series of rolling epidemics.

      • You know, that even the spokesperson of a completely crazy dictator says the said dictator is ready to test the Russian vaccine because “he is old and ready to die” should tell one all about the trust level international medical community has here.

        I personally think “the vaccine” is a distraction Putin buys time with. He isn’t in a good place internally. People protesting in Belarus might further incite demostrators in Mother Russia.

  3. There are many activities that won’t really before an effective vaccine is widely available and/or the virus mutates to a less contagious or deadly form. I’m thinking this will happen when Saturn returns to Acquarius, mid-December 2020.

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