Dimash Kudaibergen – one of a kind

Dimash Kudaibergen is a Kazakh singer/songwriter, with a six- octave vocal range and perfect pitch, who plays seven instruments. He is classically trained but performs across a wide range of music from traditional Kazakh to pop. An all round wonder who was brought up in a musical family and started singing and playing very young, gaining prominence after winning several Slavic, Chinese and Russian singing competitions.

Born 24 May 1994 7.30 am Aktobe, Kazakhstan, he does have a uniquely aspected and emphasised Mercury in Gemini on the focal point of a Yod to Uranus Neptune in Capricorn sextile Pluto in Scorpio.

Uranus Neptune can be inspired, with a touch of genius and in sextile to Pluto gives it added potency. All that energy is channelled in a highly individual way through Mercury making him a master communicator. It could have gone another way and left him struggling to collect disorganised thought patterns but he obviously learnt early to order his mind to cope with a mass of input. He still has the Geminian trait of aiming for breadth. But he has clearly managed to combine that with depth.

His Sun is Gemini square a 10th house Saturn which will help to give him discipline.

Significantly he has a creative Water Grand Trine of Saturn trine Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio, formed into an even more talented Kite with Jupiter opposition Mars.  The Water Grand Trine will allow him to operate within his own self-protective bubble. He also has an intense Scorpio Moon.

Interesting chart and a distinctive talent.

His creative 5th and 7th harmonics are well aspected. But the one that stands out is his 13th harmonic associated with exploration, genius and breaking with the orthodox.


12 thoughts on “Dimash Kudaibergen – one of a kind

  1. Hi Jo, I`ve just “run into” your interesting site.
    Today Sept, 15th a year ago I discovered Dimash Kudaibergen and his “healing” voice while passing through a difficult period in my life. This boy (26 years old) is one of a kind, the complete package: his mesmerizing presence on stage, an out-of-this-world voice, and a humble, charismatic person with strong values, thanks to his Kazakh upbringing. I am a “Dear” as he calls his fans and I collaborate to promote his wonderful art. I invite you to listen to our radio in Argentina that broadcasts their songs 24/7 online: https://zeno.fm/la-era-dimash/
    There are several online radios now broadcasting Dimash , but ours was the first one. Dimash has millions of followers around the world and Fan Clubs in more than 55 countries, covering almost the entire planet. It is a phenomenon “under the radar” of the mainstream of the music industry, especially generated by the North American music companies. His “Dears” trust that very soon his great talent will open the few remaining doors for him to become a true worldwide phenomenon.
    Kindest Regards,

  2. Thank you Jo, for introducing this phenomenal musician to me, I’m sorry to say I’d never heard of him. What an extraordinary talent – wow!

    • You’re welcome, Virgoflake. I’m still discovering him myself as I found out about him in the past month. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We in the West get lumped with the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction with almost zero diversity in music other than skin colour and this phenomenal talent is exploding out there on the other side of the world. I wish the music industry was more diverse in sound because it would open up people’s ideas of what exists outside themselves. They would see that ‘foreign’ is not always strange and separate from them but beautiful and part of the same human family that needs to be discovered. Maybe it would help people respect those who are different from themselves a lot more instead of putting barriers in place? One can hope.

      You might enjoy watching vocal coaches, singers, etc., on the ‘Dimash reaction videos’ on Youtube. It’s quite enjoyable seeing people have their mind blown by this young man and also give insight to this man’s otherworldly range. If you want to catch anymore good videos I highly recommend the following (and will put here to introduce others to this amazing talent):

      1) Opera 2 – Cute and confident performance blowing the high notes out of the water again! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anKmU1J0l9g&list=RDanKmU1J0l9g&start_radio=1

      2) Ogni Pietra – Going operatic from baritone to tenor to soprano and every shade in between – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raBHw-zOT5s

      3) Sinful Passion – There’s even a section in the video where he belts out for 25 seconds an unbelievable vocal range – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9FlDMCo8LU

      4) S.O.S – Another live performance of this classic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W29zEuZVaxs&t=184s

      5) Jessie J having her mind blown backstage as she listens to him finish the Lionel Richie song, ‘Hello’ with a gorgeous ethnic slant to it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqBJ9D0OOS0

    • Hi,
      Just wanted to let you know that Dimash was born in the evening. His mother posted the time on Instagram. I believe 7:30 p.m. Regardless, he is an extraordinary, once in a lifetime talent and human being. I always fear he will be corrupted by Western culture, especially American, but he has a strong family background. I am American, but I am not sure we are even worthy of his talent. Is it needed? Yes. But we have an addiction to artists half his caliber, who bring chaos and destructive values with them. I almost want him to remain the best kept “secret”.

  3. Thanks for that Pam, appreciated….The book looks excellent, point is at 4 little is really known of inbuilt talents, even by parents. It may not be a problem just yet , just a conflict of what to do, which path to follow. As it’s up to parents, that is always a gamble, Professor Plomin a behavioural genetecist and psychologist concluded from 45 yrs of reseach that DNA – and nothing else – determines predisposition…he even says he can prove a child’s character is fixed at birth (maybe he’s talked to astrologers…!)

  4. Thanks for doing this, Marjorie. He has such a profound talent and such charisma on stage. Off it, he is so quiet and humble, you would never guess he would have such an extraordinary ability. You find that, don’t you. The bigger the talent the less egotistical they are (and quite often chewed up with many doubts.) The less talent they have the more narcissistic they become. I said on one of the youtube comments that he is like Kahlil Gibran in the form of musical sounds; deep, spiritual, and connected to some other world which reminds the listener of something they have forgotten. Incredible.

    • Here he is singing ‘Daididau’ a song that is incredibly important to him. It’s about the famous Kazakhstan poet, Magzhan Zhumabayev (1893-1938) who was arrested by the fascists in his country at the time. While in prison, the guards cruelly informed him that his wife had left him, which wasn’t true. From his despair came the poem Daididau, a name meant for his wife. He was later released and found out his wife hadn’t left him. Unfortunately, he ended back in prison and was later executed for his beliefs. The song is even more emotionally profound knowing the backstory and his voice conveys the sadness brilliantly. Here is Dimash looking like a Prince in full Kazakh costume and showcases his talent in playing the dombra.

  5. Marjorie, I haven’t heard of this young fellow, I watched him just now sing Unforgettable Day – and it was…..he doesn’t force the voice at all, pure, clear, understated…..though having Sun /Moon in water houses says much. I do vocation for children and have been battling with a chart similar – it is all water, and earth (almost zero fire/air)……except for Mercury dead opposite MC at the same degree as this lad! 24 Gemini….its my chart’s vocational indicator and I was thinking about the voice and if he is a singer (haven’t had that too often!) such a contradiction to the rest of the chart….and came across your post….my fellow is only 4 but with Neptune conjunct Pi ascendant, sextile Pluto sextile Saturn in a yod with 5th house Sun…..whew…. I am wondering if he’s in fact a conductor because of all the heavies being so closely configured with the personal planets……Dimash is a natural, thanks for telling us about him. Astrologers always said kids born from 2000 would be different and I can testify to that – the charts are incredibly different, more defined and on a high level (don’t know how else to say that) but all the outer planets cooperating shows their future isn’t doomed, methinks.

    • I thought of Dibs in search of self virginia axline for your little chap. Otherwise EKMA kinesiologist could work together with him to integrate

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