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  1. Hi, Marjorie, Would love to see an update about U.S. conservative pundit Ann Coulter if you are so inclined. Haven’t seemed to hear much from her lately (and thankfully). Her Saturn is at 27 Capricorn and under what I’m sure is enormous pressure from Saturn and Pluto right at her 2nd Saturn return.

    • In true Trumpian language, his campaign immediately criticized Harris, mocking her as “the 77-year-old Biden’s “political living will” in a statement.”

      Further disdain for the principles of democracy: “Trump says Americans will have to learn Chinese if Biden wins ”

      Heaven and hell both have to help America if Drompf wins.

  2. I think the situation in Belarus deserves some attention. After the rigged elections the country have seen the largest anti – government demonstrations since Lukashenko came into power 26 years ago. The Belarus chart have the 10th and 11th house in Capricorn as Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are going around here, I presume, with great impact. Also, Belarus have Aries rising as Mars goes back and forth there for five months. The Saturn Jupiter conjunction on december 21th will conjunct the Belarus chart Saturn.

  3. Yes definitely Pluto at play in Melbourne. I don’t see Andrews playing Pluto though and losing his job. There are indeed bigger players in control to be looking at and Andrews is restricted as many of us are in Australia. As Saturn is rolling around in Capricorn unfortunately again in December direct. We’re not clear yet and there is no normal anymore but figuring out a way of living with Covid-19. Bring on Aquarius in December so we can stop the blaming and get on with this together for everyone’s health. Towards virus free regions, cities, states and countries.

    • but are her winnings ever followed by the morning-after hangover? IMHO I don;t get a warm fuzzy from her news photo smile. FWIW. There’s something going on behind those twinkly eyes.

  4. Hi Marjorie, I was looking at a meeting that has been scheduled for me next week: Pluto on the IC almost exactly square stationing Mars in Aries……also on the descendant angle – this may be much more challenging than I thought!

    I don’t really like the look of it from a mundane point of view either. Something about Mars stationing in it’s own sign and squaring Saturn in it’s own sign. I wonder if the angry but stuck, stationary type energy may be the implementation of mass restrictions again rather than the accident type event that is typical….any thoughts?

  5. Hey Marjorie, can you look at the aspects of Kamala Harris, Karen Bass, and Susan Rice over the rest of the month into the election/inauguration? One of those three women seems most likely to be declared Biden’s VP choice.

    • I absolutely refuse to do anymore on Biden’s VP pick until he actually MAKES UP HIS MIND. It is beyond tedious the whole charade. America really really needs to get its sh** together. The election (non-system) needs deconstructed and put back together in a much simplified form – like everywhere else.

      • The population in England 2018 was 55.98 million. The United States population is about 330 million- there is a Republican Party and Democratic Party in our current Presidential election cycle (157 million registered voters) that set their Presidential rules, and that takes “”time” to put in motion Federal Elections conventions etc., once nominees are selected as presidential candidates. Joe Biden has made it publicly
        clear (google for further info ) way back in June 2020 that he would select his VP running mate on the first or second week in August- he is running on time with his decision as of now. Why the disparaging “shit” remark towards our country ?

        • “There is no question that among advanced democracies around the world, the U.S. is an extreme outlier when it comes to campaign spending, both in absolute spending and in spending per eligible voter.”
          The 2016 presidential elections cost $2.4 billion when spending by candidates and various interest groups are combined. If you add in spending by candidates for other federal offices — members of the House of Representatives and the Senate — the total figure skyrockets to about $6.5 billion.
          Ben Gubits, director of political strategy for the group American Promise. “It’s our responsibility to fix our broken democracy as citizens.” “As Americans … it’s up to us to take responsibility for fixing this thing when it gets off track.”
          At the moment elections are a permanent and obscenely expensive way of life in the USA. No sooner is the Presidential out of the way before the obsession moves to the next mid-terms and on and on and on.

  6. Now a fine of $5000 if you are not at home when the police come door knocking. “There is no alternative ” says Daniel Andrews, cuddly cancer sun and toro moon. Did he ban cars due to the disproportionate amount of car accident deaths?

    Seven people again died last night – in the whole of Victoria! Mostly in aged care, where the caring gov option was to put patients with covid back into nursing homes where others will be infected. It is normal for people in their 100s and frail/ill people to die. People die.

    Old and young frail people die from chest infections /covid (respiratory infections) every bloody day and have done since time immemorial. Where is the data? Where is the clinical evidence that hard vs loose lock down works? Where is the clinical evidence that masks outside work? Look to Sweden. This whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

    • Here are some scientific stats on mortality risk, etc:


      I agree that draconian response to this pandemic are disturbing, and may well not be the answer. Currently we, globally, are all over the place with the statistics owing to lack of testing, amongst other things. However, death is not the only outcome of this virus. It appears to do lasting damage to some people, and at this point we have no idea what that may lead to. These individuals are much younger than the demographic most at risk of dying from the virus, or indeed other causes. A family friend died from Covid 19 early on in this pandemic. He was a very fit and vital man in his 50’s with no underlying health conditions. We’re stumbling along in the dark really, making mistakes as we go.

      • Sorry to hear about your friend Jane. Agree with what you say and also that the hidden risks that may not be known for some time – such as the effect that social distancing is having on our immune systems. We are only just starting to understand the effect that the diversity in human biomes have on our health long term. There are lots of scientists on steering committees focused on the virus, but I hope they are also considering the long term effects of these strategies.

        I don’t envy anyone having to make these tough decisions right now. One would hope that leaders with heavily mutable charts would be able to at least see these grey areas and be quick on their feet to adapt our direction…….but just not these mutable leaders

        • Tara – thank you. And thank you for making me laugh too. I guess the basket of mutables we seem to have in various locations should be doing a nice, flexible job. But then, many of them must be having, or have recently had, Neptune transits which can seriously discombobulate the mind. Plus mutable eclipses and the Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius?

          I agree with what you say about other effects on our immune systems. I’ve been wondering if social distancing will carry on in some way once we have a more Aquarian atmosphere astrologically. Aquarius might be “for all mankind”, but potentially may also signify social distance/detachment? Plus the increase in using Zoom etc in our everyday lives, and perhaps more inventive solutions or changes to those lives. According to my Rulership Book (Rex E. Bills) Uranus rules immunity. We shall see.

  7. It’s getting dire here Larryc.I used to be a risk manager for a mental health trust in the UK and I’m just not seeing the statistics and the state responses making any sense.

    • there’s a lot of emotion coming from your posts; no offense intended. what’s happened up there in BC? did trump open a golf course up there and is he planning to do “everything himself”?

      • Not in british columbia, but Melbourne. I don’t need to justify emotion, we’ve already had a hard lock down and it worked. We were virtually covid free.

        Daniel Andrews then decided to go his own way over quarantine security guards and advertised for them under Whats App. As opposed to the rest of Australia using the police or Australian defence force.

        Footage of them bonking guests in the hotels and taking bribes to take them out shopping is now available.

        If that makes you laugh, great. It made me laugh.

        Now we’re all under curfew, wearing masks, getting our businesses shut down, needing medical certificates to visit family members and having police knocking on our doors for a virus that is evidently less deadly than annual flu.

  8. To add onto my Daniel Andrews (Premier of Victoria) post about what is happening in Melbourne, Australia : we now need a permit to leave the house for work, with a fine of $1200 if we do not have it. We cannot go to the supermarket in twos, we have to wear masks everywhere outdoors, even on the beach in our winter now, and anywhere outdoors with an on the spot fine and arrests if we do not comply. We cannot go anywhere outside of 5 kilometers from our homes. Public transport has been drastically limited and there is a curfew from 8pm to 5am.

    All this for a death rate of 0.61 percent of the people who have tested positive for covid in Victoria.

    • None of those restrictions would fly here in the States, regardless of mortality rate. People are shot in stores if confronted for not wearing masks. All over supposed “violations of my rights” by fascist government officials.

    • To be honest there’s not much of interest to day about his chart without a birth time. Sounds like France was in the early lockdown. Maybe the control freaky tr Pluto conjunct the Australia midheaven causing the angst.

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