NRA & Trump versus New York lawyers

Legal jeopardy is mounting in several directions as New York attorneys ratchet up a gear, having variously – nailed down Ghislaine Maxwell, aimed firepower at Trump’s Deutsche Bank records citing public reports of “extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization”; and now has the NRA firmly in their crosshairs.

Letitia James, New York’s AG has announced a civil lawsuit aimed at dissolving the powerful National Rifle Association over alleged financial mismanagement. She alleged that its top executives including  Wayne LaPierre had used it as a “personal piggy bank” over several decades for luxury holidays, private jets and expensive meals amounting to many millions. The NRA described the lawsuit as a “baseless, premeditated attack” and suggested it was a political vendetta aimed at Trump’s election campaign since they had funnelled millions his way in 2016.

LaPierre, 8 November 1948, is a tough-minded and incredibly stubborn Scorpio Sun square Pluto with Pluto in an ultra-determined and ruthless trine to Mars in Sagittarius, sextile a slippery Neptune; with an opportunistic Jupiter opposition Uranus. He’s agitated though bullish this year but on a catastrophic slide in 2021/22 as tr Pluto squares his Mars/Saturn midpoint and tr Neptune undercuts his happy-optimism in square to his Mars/Jupiter midpoint. 2022 is when his life turns upside down with tr Uranus opposition his Sun and square his Pluto.

That is when the NRA chart, 17 November 1871, also starts to get shaken on its perch with tr Uranus conjunct its Pluto and then by 2024 tr Uranus opposes its Scorpio Sun. Though both it and LaPierre are staggering obstinate so won’t give in easy.

Letitia James, 18 October 1958, is a Sun Venus in Libra with Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus. Her relationship chart with LaPierre has a suspicious Neptune Saturn square a disruptive Uranus which is being elbowed at the moment by the tr Saturn Pluto conjunction and on for another three years as tr Pluto is in hard aspect to all three composite planets. Her Saturn is conjunct the NRA’s South Node.

Cyrus Vance, 14 June 1954, the Manhattan DA hot on the Deutsche Bank trail, has his Gemini Sun close to Trump’s; though in Vance’s case his Sun is trine Neptune and sextile his Pluto so more anchored down.  His relationship chart with Trump will intensify through 2021/22 with a few disappointments along the way and move through a radical upheaval in 2022. 2021/22 is when Trump’s Sun, Moon and financial planets are sliding into a Neptunian swamp.

Trump’s Term chart does have an afflicted focal point 9th house Pluto and I recollect someone saying at the start that looked like legal problems. With tr Pluto aiming to square the Jupiter on that Term chart from late August to late November it could lead not so much to a confident push which would be one meaning as an all-out conflict with authority for crossing the line of society’s rules and regs.

But in or out of the White House Trump is likely to defend himself like a rattlesnake. In 1973, when sued by the government for racial discriminatory policies in his rental properties, he counter-sued for $100 million. Two years later the Trump outfit agreed to change their practices without publicly admitting anything.  I hope Cyrus Vance has a hard hat.

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“More jeopardy for Trump may come from legal actions by state attorney generals, especially in New York, than from Mueller. At present there are 51 multi-state lawsuits against the Trump administration including New York where it has led the group. They do not answer directly to William Barr and unlike Mueller can’t be fired by the president and investigations of Trump-linked interests could dog the president, his family and his associates for years, including after his departure from office.

The state’s financial fraud laws give the attorney general “incredible power” to demand documents and records, said one commentator. “New York is in a unique position to lead a lot of these investigations. Number one, they have the resources to take Trump on, and number two, they have the location where Trump is potentially most legally vulnerable.”

“Trump has decades of complex and shady business deals that make for a target-rich environment,” said Eric Soufer, a senior counsel.”

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  1. There was an article in Vanity Fair this week that stated Kushner and Team (Who do not understand science) decided to starve the Blue states of contract tracing because they were just Dem’s and not our people, not understanding that eventually this thing would affect Red States. We are in an awful mess. I live in a blue state, we are using science to control things, and things are much better. However, if I travel to a Red STate and come back if their infection rate is over 10% I have to self quarantine for 14 days and get a Covid test. All the States in the North East have these travel restrictions now. I have heard in the Past that Jupiter can bring legal trouble if you are not acting right. The Rockerfeller Foundation is now trying to fill the testing gap. Article is here. What a mess.

  2. I agree with Julie; a great post.
    The statement about New York having the resources to take Trump on gave me pause, because Trump and his lot have systematically been starving NYC in particular and the rest of New York State from receiving their fair share of federal funds (or indeed much of anything, though much was promised) during the Covid-19 crisis. The strain on NYC is now quite severe. I’d been marking this up to Trump’s tired culture wars, but your post inadvertently suggests a darker motivation. Trump is so reviled in the City, however, I’d imagine the powers that be would cut many things before they’d curtail funding for these investigations.

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