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  1. Maybe I should wait a bit before posting – Trump wants to Save American from itself.

    “President Trump is committed to standing up to the radical mobs that want to tear down our communities. “Some of the unrest we saw… it’s just not acceptable.”

    This is about keeping our communities safe! pic.twitter.com/TV1CpgUfZV

    — Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) July 19, 2020

    Trump’s critics say he is deploying armed federal officers to cities in an effort to help his reelection effort. The Trump campaign lent support to those claims Sunday by gleefully tweeting out Meadows’ comments.”

    Portland, Chicago, LA, and other troubled cities run by “democratic mayors”. My gut feeling is that his executive orders will only enflame and further polarize the country, preventing people from “voting” in a presidentially-acceptable manner.

    What seems a most likely astro-outcome from this insane bully-boy tactic? Thank you.

    • *** Supplemental – “Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said that DHS is not President Trump’s personal militia and that it would be “a cold day in hell” before he would consent to a “unilateral, uninvited intervention” in cities after Trump sent federal forces to where protesters have clashed with police.”

  2. The husband and son of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas were shot this evening after a gunman dressed as a Federal Express delivery driver entered their North Brunswick, NJ home. Her son is dead; her husband in critical condition. Salas is the judge presiding over the Epstein/Deutsche Bank case.
    Her birth info: December 29, 1968 In Monterey Park, California.

      • Very shocking, and the details they’ve released so far sound like a professional “hit”. Devastating for the family. Judge Salas has apparently presided over a few high profile cases, and had only recently been given the Deutsche Bank case. Struggling to avoid jumping to dark and sinister conclusions here. Tr Saturn is currently square her natal Mars in Libra, today’s new Moon makes a t-square with those – assuming her date of birth is right. Her husband is also a lawyer, currently in a critical condition poor man.

  3. @m — Liberal Portland has a long history of assaults by white supremacists, pre-dating Trump, but it’s been much worse since he grabbed the presidency.

  4. What is the astrology behind Portland, Oregon, USA, being assaulted by the Trump admin’s ruffian’s as well as the alt-right’s constant harassment? Portland was a peaceful, liberal city until Trump took office. He often threatens other cities, but Portland has and continues to receive the action. Thanks!

    • we’ll hv to wait 6700+/- yrs for it to return and see if results are born out. others on here are posting similarly unpleasant forecasts for the royals. yes, the pleaidians are a-comin’…

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