Ron DeSantis & Florida – heat of the wrong sort


Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, who describes himself as a mini-Trump is losing the fight to control the coronavirus outbreak in his state with deaths and cases rising to the level of one of the world’s biggest hotspots. The Orlando Sentinel editorial board wrote: “If coronavirus were a hurricane, it seemed to reach category 5 status over the weekend. Florida needs decisive, resolute guidance to get through this storm.”

DeSantis has pushed to reopen schools quickly despite safety concerns, was slower than other governors to issue an initial stay-at-home order, and has championed the reopening of the economy at every turn, even supporting the reopening of Disney World in Orlando last week. His approval ratings are still above water, unlike Trump, with the governor’s favourables above 50%. But they are slipping.

Born 14 September 1978 in Florida, he’s a Sun Virgo in a slippery square to Neptune with a superficially charming Jupiter in flashy Leo square Venus in Scorpio; and a hard-working Saturn Mercury in Virgo – you’d think with all that Virgo he’d be on top of a pandemic. At the moment he has his Solar Arc Neptune square his Mars, possibly for the rest of this year which should be inducing panic even if he doesn’t show it, with failure writ large.

Over the election in early November he has an irritated setback from tr Saturn square his Mars – but to remember the result may not declare within days given the aggravation showing at the Inauguration. Whatever happens, he will not be a happy camper as he moves ahead. In March 2021 he picks up the trapped, scary, totally blocked tr Pluto square his Mars for two years and later in March 2021 a debilitating tr Neptune opposition his Sun starts a year long trek which won’t make 2021/22 progressive or successful for him.

The Florida state chart, 3 March 1845, has Solar Arc Neptune opposition the Saturn in Aquarius, which is classic for an epidemic. But it won’t last much beyond this year. Though 2021/22 will see failed plans with tr Pluto conjunct the Fl Mars/Neptune midpoint; and more of similar in 2023/24 with tr Neptune square the Florida Mars.

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  1. This did not age well. Too bad astrologers can’t put their personal politics aside, I’d be interested in reading an impartial take on DeSantis’s astrology.

  2. It is now April 2022 and DeSantis has become a wannabe dictator with Draconian. I hope the League of Women Voters is successful in getting an injunction against his illegal redistricting map. He needs to be voted out.

  3. Well DeSantis’ plan turned out to be more effective than other states. Kids went to school all year and the state’s economy wasn’t destroyed. Look for him to run for president in 2024.

    • Yeah he’s actually doing a great job! Florida has a high vaccination rate thanks to deSantis’ efforts and their monoclonal therapies have saved many lives. I’ve voted Democrat in every election, but if DeSantis runs in 2024, I’m voting for him!

  4. I imagine it’s about to get even worse for Ron DeSantis. Here in Jacksonville, Florida, Sheriff Mike Williams put out a statement yesterday that he cannot guarantee the security needed for the upcoming GOP Convention (which is expected to be held here next month). Also, the GOP hasn’t even decided on which venue (or venues) their convention is to take place – and these things usually take months of planning.

    In other words, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Mayor Lenny Curry may not get be getting the kind of convention they were hoping for.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  5. new york post 7/20
    Lockdown in Osceola County, Florida means party time for local gangs.

    ‘For the past few months “unsavory” people have been renting vacation homes in gated communities and holding huge COVID-19 parties in hopes of spreading the disease, according to Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson. The parties often spillover into the residential streets and over 600 complaints have been made.

  6. With that Neptune activity in the FL chart, one has to wonder whether they might be vulnerable to hurricanes this year. A storm combined with surging virus counts could be an unmitigated catastrophe.

    • I recall some history of Cape Canaveral: it was selected because of its favorable latitude for rocket launches and its (surprising) lack of nasty weather: hurricanes. Well, back in the day…the 1950’s. Don;t recall why Texas was not selected.

    • @AndyB

      Actually, the meteorologists have changed their forecasts for Florida a bit. Here in Florida, we’re being hit by the massive Sahara Dust Plume that’s sweeping across the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently, it’s affecting the weather activity and it’s causing a disruption in this year’s hurricane activity.

      In other words, we might just be able to evade a major hurricane threat this year (keeping fingers crossed).

      The Sahara Dust Plume is challenging enough. I’ve had a sinus headache (off and on) for a few days now. I start coughing when I go outside (even with my face mask on). And the sinus pressure is causing periodic pain in the upper left-side of my jaw and teeth. So, I’ve been living on Ibuprofen for over a week.

  7. Trump miscalculated when he doubled down on his plan to let the virus “wash over” America—the seniors in the US don’t appreciate someone literally trying to kill them off. Now he’s encouraging schools to go back to 5-day a week, in-person in-school instruction. I give any school foolhardy enough to go that route, about two weeks before they’ll be forced to shut down again. FL is a mess but so is the entire South.What do they have in common? Fox News/Trump cult members and GOP governors (for the most part). And here we all are, being held-hostage to people who can’t even be bothered to wear a mask.

  8. As a Floridian myself, I can honestly say Ron DeSantis has actually been HORRIBLE. He is doing absolutely nothing about the covid-19 situation (which keeps getting worse here in Florida) and is still refusing to shutdown the state.

    I would like to mention that Ron DeSantis was actually born right here in Jacksonville and he used to represent Florida’s 6th Congressional District (which runs through St. Augustine and St. John’s County). He was just as bad in Congress as he has been as governor.

    I’ve been following the data analysts Harry Enten, G. Elliot Morris, Dave Wasserman, Nate Silver, and Nate Cohn…and one thing that surprises me is that some of them are reporting that Donald Trump appears to actually be imploding here in Florida. I was expecting the race to be much closer given how Republicans dominate most of this state. Anyway, all of the polls show Joe Biden with a significant lead over Donald Trump here in Florida and a lot of that is coming from strong African-American and White senior citizen support (two demographics who’ve been vulnerable to covid-19).

    My guess would be that Ron DeSantis’s astrological chart isn’t looking too cheerful around election because Joe Biden will likely win Florida and will likely win the Presidency.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • “Anyway, all of the polls show Joe Biden with a significant lead over Donald Trump here in Florida and a lot of that is coming from strong African-American and White senior citizen support (two demographics who’ve been vulnerable to covid-19).”

      It seems Biden is growing with 65+ demographic all over The US right now. Local races in “Red States” that didn’t enforce early lockdowns – some actually did, most notably Ohio – are becoming more competitive, as well. That Republicans seemed to think older people would happily sacrifice themselves for economy blows my mind, especially since so many of their leaders are in that age group.

      • Biden can continue to have a significant lead and still lose the election IF people think the “defund the police” and Antifa factions of the Democratic Party will control the country. One thing the Black Lives Matter website explicitly calls for is “defund the police.” If this means just moving the funds to social workers, that is a terrible idea because social workers aren’t trained to handle people in excited delirium. People who can’t stand Trump will end up voting for him, as they did last time. Both of our political parties are equally toxic and dishonest. Many people like me can’t stand Trump or the Republicans, but we also think it’s wrong that a well-organized movement is telling people to fight they must fight police. John Kasich, a Republican who is well-respected by Independents, just announced he will vote for Biden. While Biden does seem more personable and less calculating than Hillary Clinton, many people don’t trust that he’ll stand his ground against the far left forces in his party. Certainly Trump’s handling of COVID is bad for him and an issue, but the rioting and looting is also an issue. The vast majority of the country, like 80% of us, don’t agree that defunding police is a good idea. Yes, we can agree to reform policing, but that’s not the same. The rioting and looting is NOT just about loss of jobs, COVID and inequality, which people who don’t live in this country may not understand. At this time, 40% of the voters are Independents and we will have a say. Possibly I won’t be able to vote for either one (it will depend on who Biden picks as VP).

        • JAS: If this means just moving the funds to social workers, that is a terrible idea because social workers aren’t trained to handle people in excited delirium
          If you believe in that bullskit term ‘excited delirium’ then you must be a cop or cop lover because it is some fake catch-all term and yes we need social workers on more police calls because police aren’t trained on how to identify or properly deal with someone who has mental illness or is having some type of mental break. Police only know how to use excessive force regardless of the alleged offense.
          The police as well as other institutions need to be dismantled and completely rebuilt because the corruption is too deep.
          Here’s a story about a good cop who turned in bad cops and lost his job.

          You claim to be independent but you sound like a Trump campaign commercial. Please vote for another four years of Trump to finish off the U.S. as we know it.

    • Trump is going to win Florida because De Santis appointed replacements for the head of elections in Palm Beach and Broward counties (which along with Miami-Dade which is controlled by Republicans ) are the three counties which determine who wins state-wide races. Remember it isn’t who votes but who counts the votes.

      De Santis will win re-election because all most Floridians care about is that Florida doesn’t have a state income tax even though localities have to raise regressive taxes like gasoline taxes to make up for the funding that they don’t receive from the state.
      Besides poor people who suffer the most from regressive taxes don’t vote so yeah.

      • @ Roderick,

        I disagree. Trump will not win Florida. I actually live here and I’ve been canvassing for Biden here.

        Barack Obama won Florida twice. Biden can and will too.

        • I live just north of West Palm Beach. I hope you’re correct but it always seem that Republicans always find a way to ‘win’ by slim margins in Florida.
          Did we ever get an official final tally for the U.S. Senator race from 2018. I remember that Rick Scott won with around 10K votes. LOL

          Who do you think are the top Democratic contenders for governor in 2022 besides current Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried?

          • @Roderick,

            The GOP isn’t always successful in their attempts to take Florida. For example, in 2012 Rick Scott tried to limit polling locations in heavily Democratic counties (like Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Orange) but his attempt didn’t pay off. Barack Obama still won Florida (again).

            In 2018, Senator Bill Nelson lost by 10,000 votes…part of it was the media was more fixated on Andrew Gillum and more people were donating money to his campaign. Sadly, Nelson didn’t receive very much attention at all…and I noticed that when I was campaigning for him. A lot of the people I canvassed just took it for granted that Bill Nelson would win reelection and they didn’t treat Rick Scott like a real threat.

            I do believe things are different this time around. Joe Biden’s made significant gains with White seniors and White suburbanite voters (two key demographics here in Florida) and it will be extremely hard for the GOP to suppress their votes.

            For Governor in 2022, I would suggest Val Demings. Nikki Fried should run to complete her second term as Agricultural Commissioner first in my opinion. For the U.S. Senate in 2022, I would suggest Debbie Mucarsel-Powell – since it might be best that a Latinx candidate face-off against Marco Rubio.

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