Princess Beatrice – a Leo denied an audience


Princess Beatrice was married yesterday in the quietest Royal wedding for four centuries to her beau, father-of-one Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi – much to the relief of a public out of love with taxpayer-funded largesse and soured by her disgraced father Prince Andrew.

This is just a fleeting post for the archives. They were married at 11am in Windsor on July 17th which puts the triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn Pluto in the 4th opposition the Cancer Sun (conjunct Procyon, the Fixed star of rises and falls from fame.) There’s an argumentative Mars in Aries square Mercury in Cancer which matches the Mars in Aries on her chart. Despite the presence of Jupiter, a Saturn Pluto opposition Sun wedding does suggest a tough road ahead.

There’s a new birth date for Edoardo of 19 November 1983, which makes him a Sun Scorpio with his Saturn and Pluto widely conjunct in Scorpio as well. Intense, determined, stubborn and secretive but the rest of his chart is livelier and more colourful with a sociable Venus Mars in Libra and Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury in Sagittarius.  It’s a marginally odd match for her Leo Sun; and her Moon Venus in Cancer trine his Saturn Pluto which could be problematic.

Their relationship chart does have a helpful, power-couple Grand Trine of composite Jupiter trine Mars trine Pluto with a publicity-grabbing Mars opposition Neptune. It will be argumentative and competitive with Sun square Mars and Mars opposition Neptune but it will generate headlines.

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