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  1. Olivia De Havilland turned 104(!!) on the 1st of July and she is still going strong. She has 5 planets in Cancer and BML there as well – any idea where her prodigious acting career might show up in her chart? Also, I’d be very interested in a look at her chart and her sister Joan Fontaine’s chart considering they had a notorious life long rivalry.

  2. Hello Marjorie – I’m wondering what the founding chart for Huawei might have to say about it’s future in light of the current situation unfolding in Hong Kong, and subsequent responses from the rest of the world/UK. It was founded 15th September, 1987, Shenzhen, China. Lots of mutability in the planetary line-up. Thank you if you find anything interesting.

  3. Another question.

    Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston have been married for more than 40 years.

    Astrologically, what’s the secret for their success?

  4. The EU has closed the door on US citizens due to uncontrolled covid cases. ” the list of 14 countries does not include the United States, whose current Covid infection rate does not meet the criteria set by the EU for it to be considered a “safe country.””

    Is there an astro-signature for this “blockage” and might there be a crack opening in the door any time soon? Thank you.

    • If you go by the Eclipses then the June one casting its shadow for months ahead indicates a time of difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions in which the individual is prone to misjudging his or her strength and is best advised to wait before taking any real action. The December Eclipse stretching out across the early months of 2021 isn’t much different bringing a sense of fatedness with individuals feeling they are caught up in situations or relationships beyond their control. This will bring acute frustrations and the advice is to avoid rash actions.
      I never thought this one would disappear in a hurry.

      • I just looked at the Eclipse section. Do you/ can you show the charts for the Lunar Eclipses that will take place in 2020, also do you have interpretations for each eclipse chart for 2020 since their impact seems to be of great significance, or will any eclipse interpretation be in the news section? I would love to know more about what the Eclipse charts for 2020 indicate for us all going forwards – maybe it won’t be such a shock when ensuing, volatile events take place.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    Mississippi (their Legislature) has taken the step of about to remove the Confederate flag
    from their State flag?
    It was the 20th State to join the U.S., on December 10 1817.
    Any thoughts? And thank you if you do.

  6. Marjorie – There has been a lot of uproar in India about the death of a rising Bollywood star (Sushant Singh Rajput) who committed suicide at the age of 34. Media, fellow artists and public in general seem embroiled in conspiracy theories and fake news. His birth details are easily available (21 January 1986, born in Bihar, India) – would it be possible to do a reading and clear out some airs.

  7. Hello Marjorie,
    Could you tell me please if the stars and planets were aligned in a similar way for the pandemics and other catastrophic world events ie plagues, wars etc. Do they seem to align as omens?
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Marjorie!

    Again, thank you for all your work and for sharing it with us – for free! Thank you for being so generous.

    I’d like to ask, astrologically, when do you see the economy getting better, for the world? Which decade, year? In 2026 Uranus/Pluto will be in a trine in air signs (GEmini/Aquarius), plus Saturn and Neptune will be conjunct in Aries – and in July Jupiter enters Leo – would this be the year when things, money wise, business wise, and in terms of finance – improve all around? Or is it further down the line of the decade or even in the ’30’s?

  9. Would it be too controversial to ask about Graham Linehan, the Irish writer/comedian? He has been vocal on his views and has been banned from Twitter. He was born May 22, 1968 in Dublin.

  10. Marjorie, if you can find Inigo Philbrick’s date of birth, all I know 1987 in Redding, Connecticut….He was arrested a few days ago when Venus went Direct again, he is the ‘Art World’s Mini-Madoff’….

  11. Marjorie,

    It’s just been reported in the news that Donald Trump and his administration are urging the Supreme Court of the United States to invalidate Obamacare. There was a late night filing about a day or so ago.

    This is very distressing news. I was wondering if you had any astrological insights about the fate of Obamacare in the upcoming months and for 2021.

    • From the NY Daily News: “…it is [claimed as] illegal because Congress eliminated the penalty for Americans who refuse to get health insurance….Despite a decade of fierce denunciations of Obamacare, neither Trump nor Republican lawmakers have ever settled on a plan to replace it.”

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