Ireland – old enmities put to rest

The end of civil war politics was declared the result of a historic governing coalition agreed in Ireland after the recent election produced no overall majority. The three-way coalition of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green party is the first time the first two parties – former civil war rivals – have been in government together.

Micheal Martin, the Fianna Fail leader, was sworn in as Taoiseach at 13.58pm yesterday although the role will revert back to Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar halfway through the government’s term.

The new Government chart has an idealistic 9th house Cancer Sun with Mercury on the Midheaven so will talk a good talk. The Sun is in a combative square to Mars and sextile a financially unstable 8th house Uranus. With a publicity-attracting but unrealistic and indecisive 6th house (health and employment) Mars Neptune opposition a 12th house Moon. There’s also Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in the 4th which does suggest a major transformation of domestic issues – a collapse of the older order and after a degree of chaos the growth of a new.  It’s a messy chart and going off in several directions at once.

Micheal Martin, 1 August 1960, isn’t going to have his troubles to seek with frustrations and disruptions this year and 2021 is worse with disasters to handle and an uphill slog till late 2022.

The Bank of Ireland chart, 1 January 1972, has financial upsets from tr Uranus square the Venus from this July onwards into 2021; and hints at major financial disappointments from spring 2021 on and off till late 2022 with tr Neptune square the Jupiter, which is being triggered in addition by this December’s Solar Eclipse and the following June Eclipse, which can lead to over confidence and then a let-down.

The Ireland 6 December 1922 chart has an upbeat tr Uranus opposition the Jupiter this month, releasing tensions and that repeats on and off into 2021; but the Eclipses, both Lunar and Solar do point to critical challenges ongoing through 2021 as well.

The 18 April 1949 chart equally is being pressured by the Eclipses to make changes with the June Lunar Eclipse conjunct the Solar Arc Midheaven, and the December Sagittarius Eclipse being opposition the Uranus – so quite a rock n’ roll phase – with upheavals in 2021 from tr Uranus square the Pluto; and tr Pluto stuck in a frustrating bind as it wades across the Sun/Mars midpoint and then the Sun Venus in 2022/23 – which suggests a time when past certainties and securities will be pulled away and old structures removed to make way – with difficulty – for new ones to be put in their place.

Ireland won’t escape the general economic pain which is affecting virtually all countries and especially the EU over the next several years.


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