Wallis & Edward – Harry & Meghan – parallels and differences ++

The love affair that almost tore apart the Royal family, caused an irrevocable rift between brothers who had been close friends, and caused a stand-off between two senior ladies is the subject of a new book, The Crown in Crisis by Alexander Larman. Researched from newly released archival papers and private letters from the time it throws light on the problems caused by the Wallis Simpson Duke of Windsor liaison to his appalled family and the Cabinet Ministers of the day, who threatened to resign if she ever became Queen. The Queen Mother (as she became) took offence at Wallis’ diva-like arrogance and carelessness of protocol. The two brothers were never reconciled in the 16 years after the abdication.

Lady Duff Cooper on seeing them together had remarked: ‘She is a nice woman and a sensible woman – but she is hard as nails and doesn’t love him’; and added that his infatuation with her made him seem small and that Wallis clearly held the power and wielded it.

Both Wallis and Edward had an overdose of restless, scattered Mutable planets in their charts – she had Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto in Gemini and an excitable Mars in Aries in the money-minded 2nd house. He had Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto in Gemini and a Pisces Sun with his Cancer Sun stoked up by a hard Mars aspect. (details in an older post below). She was detached Air sign while he was an overly emotional (and delusional) Water type.

Four of her Gemini planets fell in his sociable 5th house so she’d be a good playmate; and her Jupiter fell in his 7th for at least an aura of support. But his Saturn was conjunct her 8th house Moon setting up a defensive barrier to deeper sexual and emotional connections and his Saturn also opposed her Mars for an aggravated chemistry and a one-side partnership with a streak of cruelty in it. Her Mars in his 2nd hints that money being a motive for her. It would have been a fun fling but it became a lifetime’s cage.

Comparisons have been drawn between Wallis and Edward and Harry and Meghan though the two situations are not the same with Harry being down the succession line when he married.  But there are parallels. Both the Duke of Windsor and Harry were/are Sun square Mars types – impulsive, hot-headed, prone to leaping first and thinking second – and both have half their planets in scattered, overly adaptable Mutable signs. Harry with a Virgo Sun and Mercury with Uranus, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius.  And they shared an indulgent emotional planet in Taurus – the Duke had Venus in Taurus while Harry has Moon in Taurus – emotionally fixed and stubborn.

The parallels between Wallis and Meghan aren’t that obvious at first glance. But they are there. Meghan is Sun Leo, Wallis had her Gemini Sun in the 5th, Leo’s natural home – both entertainers and demanding of the limelight. Both have socially ambitious Libra Moons. Both have strongly Air charts – emotionally cool. Both have Pluto in the 4th so need to be in control of their domestic arena and family. Both have afflicted and argumentative Cardinal Mars – Wallis opposition her Libra Moon and Meghan square her Libra Moon Saturn Jupiter. Both have Uranus in Scorpio which is forceful and determined.  And both have their Uranus in a stressed aspect to their Mars – with Wallis a quincunx and with Meghan a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) which would/will tend to make them self-willed and resistant to interference.

Though whatever happens with Meghan and Harry, it isn’t going to rock the Monarchy in the same way.

The chart for the start of the Hanoverian Monarchy, 1 August 1714 JC, was acutely stressed at the 1936 Abdication with the Solar Arc Saturn square the Mars. There’ll be a minor blip in 5 years from now with the Solar Arc Uranus Mercury conjunct the Mars; but the most critical phase comes between 2029 to 2035 when first Solar Arc Saturn and then Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars. Which does run into 2036 when there is the final Eclipse in the Saros Series under which Prince William was born, which some astrologers have said is a sign he’ll be the last king. His chart in 2036 is certainly under heavy stress though whether that is an abdication or reigning over a country under stress isn’t too clear.

Prince George’s chart is also at a key turning point and labouring under poleaxing influences.  As indeed now that I look is the UK chart.  (a post for another day).

From a previous post on Edward and Wallis:

Edward, late Duke of Windsor, was born on 23 June 1894 at 9.55pm Richmond, England. He was an impulsive not to say reckless Cancer Sun square a 2nd house Mars in Aries. He had a playboy’s, party-loving Jupiter in Gemini in the 5th. His Venus in indulgent Taurus was widely opposition Uranus so he’d like constant variety and change socially and romantically.

His Pisces Moon was square a 4th house Pluto Neptune, hinting at an over controlled and confused childhood which expected much of him in the way of sacrifice. His mother would be a Neptune Pluto type which does rather fit the decidedly odd and rigid Mary of Teck. His father would be Mars, Neptune, Pluto so angry, ready to erupt, scary and not easy to understand. Edward also had a defensive Saturn in the 8th so wary of intimate relationships.

He had a Water Grand Trine of Moon in Pisces trine Cancer Sun trine Uranus – Bil Tierney says of the Water Grand Trine that it can ‘foster an escapist temperament – with exaggerated need for dependency, general mothering’. It’s not a bad chart just not very together.

Wallis Simpson was born 19th June 1896 at 10.30 pm Blue Ridge, PA, USA and was a highly sociable, superficial 5th house Sun Gemini with Venus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury also in Gemini in the 4th. Her charming Libra Moon was deeply buried in the intense 8th house so she would hide away her feelings. She also had an obsessive Saturn in Scorpio which has hints of Saturn in the 8th; as well as an impulsive Mars in Aries in the 2nd, like the Duke, so money would be a driving force plus Jupiter in flamboyant Leo. It’s an odd chart – with a weighting of detached Air planets but mainly in Water houses. Not someone who was comfortable with too much feeling in her life though she was driven by her emotions.

Both their Suns fall in the other’s 5th house – so it was a relationship designed for an active social life. It made each feel more spontaneous as long as fun was on the agenda. Her Jupiter also fell in his 7th which is positive for marriage. His Moon was in her 1st which is also often a marriage placing. It indicates that his domestic and family affairs would have a strong effect on her image and reputation. Her Moon was conjunct his Saturn so he would block her out emotionally and perhaps sexually.

Their relationship chart has that odd Venus Pluto Neptune conjunction in the 4th – so passion, mixed with disappointment and confusion over home, family and domestic affairs. Jupiter in the 5th – good for parties though in square to a 2nd house Mars – compulsive, impulsive and none too practical over money. A Sun trine Saturn gives longevity; a Jupiter trine Uranus gives adventure. The 4th house is the strongest so domestic and family matters were the focus of attention. A 10th house Moon puts too much attention on externals – reputation, career, appearance. There’s also a North Node in the 1st suggesting the relationship had problems establishing its identity.

He had a fairly similar relationship chart with the married Freda Ward who was his long-time mistress in his twenties – also a Pluto Venus Neptune conjunction in their relationship chart. So he was presumably in some odd way trying to repeat the Moon square Neptune Pluto relationship he had with his mother but with Venus thrown in to add more affection.

When he abdicated tr Jupiter was exactly triggering his hasty/reckless Sun square Mars; and his Solar Arc Venus was conjunct his Sun saying that love conquered all. His Sec Prog Moon was midway through his 8th house which is always a time in purgatory sliding from one extreme to the other.

Tr Saturn was also exactly opposition his 8th house Chiron with tr Neptune conjunct Chiron and both tr Saturn and tr Neptune square his 5th house Jupiter.  An 8th house Chiron suggests a wound in the area of sexuality and intimacy. Tr Saturn opp tr Neptune doesn’t have great judgement. Tr Neptune may try to heal and tr Saturn in opposition does the opposite.

So he was obviously wrestling with himself and healing his personal wounds clearly won out over duty.

Interestingly he did have a North Node in Aries suggesting that one of his karmic challenges was to learn to stand on his own two feet. In some perverse way abdicating did bring that result though it is arguable that giving up Wallis and staying to fulfil his duty might have been more what was needed.

He strikes me as a man who didn’t have a strong sense of values and was so driven by anger that he ended up shooting himself in the foot out of spite – without considering the consequences of his actions.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. The Edward and Wallis Simpson story continues to fascinate. I have wondered whether Edward was already ambivalent about being King, as he’d had a pretty chequered career as a prince already and seemed to find royal protocols tiresome before he met Mrs Simpson – all that mutability perhaps? At some level, perhaps she provided the “excuse” he was looking for to abdicate?

    And although the British press was heavily censored at the time, Wallis was the focus of numerous rumours and speculations for decades. Her “lotus year” in Shanghai in the 1920’s gave rise to endless salacious gossip. Shanghai at that time was quite a wild and decadent place.

  2. Very interesting Marjorie, and I think that final conclusion of yours in the last sentence hits the nail on the head, thank you.

  3. Regarding what will occur for Prince William 2035/36, i.e. abdication or state of the UK at the time, the answer is to be found in the chart of Prince George for 2035/36

  4. When I found out H and M were engaged I wondered how much it had to do with Diana. I can only speculate of course but I imagine that Diana filled the head of her young boys with her interpretation of the Windsor love story and that it was a wrong that she felt had to be righted. I somehow feel that both boys chose their wives with some feeling of obligation to their mother’s faith in this story. Diana was a very wistful yet emotionally disappointed young woman before she even met Charles and I sense she wanted her boys to somehow “correct the karma” around the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and that’s why I am not too surprised about Meghan as Harry’s choice. Many people think it’s about Diana’s later lovers but I think it’s about this. When she was alive it was still hailed as the greatest love story ever told, it is only in recent years that we have learnt about other elements of their relationship. I don’t suppose Marjorie that you are able to see from the marriage charts anything about honouring a mother’s legacy, especially since she died so young can you or if you’ve already done so? Do the boys feel they owe it to her? Thank you kindly

    • I notice that Harry’s Moon in Taurus is conjunct Meghan’s Chiron at 21/22 degrees of Taurus and occurs in the 4th and 10th houses respectively. I wonder to what extent that reputedly painful synastry is connected to attempting to heal maternal and/or parental wounds?

      • Virgoflake : thank you for that – very interesting! Parental wounds = inherited wounds = wounds that get passed down. Barb

  5. I don’t understand why people don’t understand why Harry quit the royal family. Remember that his mother claimed that her bulimia stemmed from being emotionally overwhelmed by the press, and of course the rumor is that the press is partially to blame for his mother’s death so it is reasonable that he would be overly protective of his wife and child due to all of the negative and racist coverage by the British press.
    Also Harry was always the spare but now that William has three children, William has three spares so Harry really has no purpose any more and he decided he wanted a quieter existence rather than living in the fishbowl of royal life.
    I am not going to comment on the attempt to compare Wallis to Meghan since it is your blog, Ms. Orr.
    Good day!!!

    • If he wanted to quit the royal family, shouldn’t he have announced giving up his titles?
      Quieter existence away from press in Hollywood?? Quieeter existence away from press being part of a speaking circuit?

      Doesn’t add up .. EOr maybe, this is all driven by Meg with him tagging along to escape royal life .

      • Harry is no longer required to do the appearances that were assigned to him by the Queen when he was part of the royal family.

        Now he can pick and chose which engagement he wants to attend and turn down the ones he doesn’t

        And I live in America and I haven’t seen or heard must of them in the press because they are keeping a low profile and there are tons of actual stars in Hollywood for the paps to harass.


      • Announcing he bride to be as “Straight Outta Compton” was a biggie. Though I took it as a joke headline and not a derogatory drag, it offended many and so it began…

        I kinda envy how you missed that one, Claire D. So much lousy news and sorta news I wish I never heard.

    • Not really. His was in early Aries = learn to stand on your own two feet. Hers was in late Aquarius = find a humanitarian cause to devote energy to. Neither fulfilled their karmic challenges. They did have a wide-ish Yod in the relationship chart which is kind of fated.

      • Thank you Marjorie! What I love about astrology is how it gives clues to our spiritual path. The story of Edward of Wallis is so much more than the obvious ‘love story’. Like all of us, they had spiritual work to do.

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