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  1. I am a novice astrologer and have a question for all you astrologers. I started my daughter’s college enrollment process two months ago to attend a local university, closer to home, and just today paid the deposit under a void of course moon. Coronavirus has changed everything in our lives, so I am trying to keep my daughter closer to home. She would have preferred a far away, larger university and is resisting my choice. I have been reading that moon void of course is not good for starting new projects. but is good for finishing up old business. Does this fall under the category of finishing up old business? BTW- I love this site and reading up on all the astrology comments, etc. Cecilia

    • You’ll drive yourself stir crazy if you do charts for every step of the way. You’ll be much better to use the birth charts to get a realistic view of what’s happening. Good luck.

  2. Hi Marjorie
    Thank you once more for your amazing work.
    May I ask why you use France’s September 1792 or 10 August 843 chart and not the 5th Republic chart of 1958?
    Could you give your view of the country’s future in the coming years?

  3. Hi, Marjorie,

    You’ve probably already written about Terry Fox: the young Canadian athlete who lost part of a leg to cancer and attempted to run across Canada to raise funds for cancer. He began his “Marathon of Hope” in April, 1980. In his honour and for those who continue his work with annual “Terry Fox Runs” around the world to raise funds for cancer research (now over $750,000,000) would you consider posting the astrology for this remarkable hero?

  4. I’ve seen a foundation date and time for the WHO (World Health Organisation).
    Founded 22 July 1946 at 3.30p.m., in New York, NY.
    Any thoughts Marjorie?

  5. Any views on Liechtenstein and Switzerland re this crisis and their outlook?
    Both interconnected, hence the question.
    Liechtenstein foundation date is separation from Germany – 24 August 1866.
    The Capital City – Vaduz founded on 3 May 1342 at Noon.
    Switzerland has foundation date of 12 September 1848 at 12.55p.m., in Bern.
    Thank you if you look into them.

  6. The US Supreme Court begin hearing next month on May 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 Donald Trump’s case against Cyrus Vance Jr., born the same day as Trump, but born in a different year-1954 in New York, NY who is the District Attorney of New York who seeks Trump’s tax returns. There are 2 other cases ancillary to this been heard, Trump v Deutsche Bank AG and Trump v Mazars
    on the same dates.
    US Supreme Court founded on March 4 1789 in Washington DC.
    Any thoughts re how this will go? And thank you if you comment.

  7. Marjorie,

    Yesterday (Monday, April 13, 2020), Wisconsin released the results from their Democratic Primary. There was a huge surprise in their state Supreme Court race: the Democrat-backed candidate Jill Karofsky pulled off an amazing upset and was able to successfully defeat the conservative (and Trump-backed) incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly. This shocked Republicans and pleasantly surprised Democrats all over the country.

    The media is now saying Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election could have bigger implications for this November and perhaps Wisconsin is not “on-lock” for Trump after all (he barely won the state in 2016).

    I was curious to know if you had any astrological insights regarding Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice-elect Jill Karofsky and her amazing victory.

  8. nyc jailhouse news: MTA Chairman Pat Foye has claimed the surge in homeless on the subways is an optical illusion caused by fewer riders.

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