Bruce Willis – marital musical chairs during lockdown


Bruce Willis, twenty years divorced from Demi Moore, has decided to shack up with her and their two adult daughters during the CV quarantine. Leaving his present wife Emma and two young daughters to self-isolate by themselves. He’s stayed friendly with Demi and the three of them have attended each other’s celebrations over the years. But it’s an odd arrangement.

Bruce, 19 March 1955 6.32pm Germany, is a complicated personality, inordinately stubborn and private. He has a ‘dependent’ 7th house Pisces Sun in a Water Grand Trine to a lucky Jupiter Uranus in his career 10th trine an obsessive Saturn in Scorpio. His Saturn opposes an unbudgeable 8th house Mars in Taurus squaring onto Venus in Aquarius opposition Pluto. Not an easy man in close emotional space, for sure and unyielding when it comes to getting his own way.

Demi, 11 November 1962 2.16 pm Roswell, New Mexico, isn’t easy either with a Sun, Venus, Neptune Mercury in Scorpio in the 8th square Mars in Leo with Mars widely opposition Saturn in Aquarius; plus a super-confident Jupiter opposition Pluto Uranus.

Their relationship chart is incredibly fraught with a composite Mars opposition Saturn square Moon; a head-in-the-clouds, over-hopeful Jupiter opposition Neptune; an adventurous Jupiter square Uranus trine Pluto. Mars Saturn in a relationship chart usually indicates a considerable degree of self-sacrifice from one partner as the other, not always kindly, insists on getting what they want. So pretty one sided.

Emma, his ex-model wife since 2009, was born 18 June 1978, and is a Sun Gemini sextile Saturn Mars, so used to self-sacrifice; with a confident and lucky Jupiter square Pluto trine Uranus, with Venus in Leo and a never-admit-she’s-hurt Scorpio Moon.

Her relationship chart with Bruce is, all things considered, positive with an affectionate composite Sun Venus sextile an enthusiastic Jupiter Mars trine Uranus Pluto. While it’ll have its ups and downs and periods of separation, it’s not bad. Though even it has a Saturn square the Mars Jupiter which suggests one partner – no guesses which – gives up their wishes to placate the other.

Despite the supposedly cosy ex-wife and present-wife friendship, Emma and Demi aren’t bosom pals. Emma’s Mars (Saturn) is conjunct Demi’s Uranus (Pluto) and Emma’s Uranus is conjunct Demi’s Mercury, Neptune and square Demi’s Mars. Their relationship chart may have an irritable composite Moon opposition Mars; and an evasive Sun square Neptune.

To be honest if I were left with a choice I wouldn’t be stuck in the same space as Bruce Willis 24/7 for weeks on end, even if it is 10,000 square feet plus a large garden.

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  1. Hi Dig – well, most things I think about the nodes are very much a work in progress. But we’re looking at a relationship with many layers here, and so much history. I’d tend to view the 11th and 5th as a pair of houses, so it would be about Demi’s creativity and her work as well as her ties to Bruce Willis. There would be an important lesson or realisation, a sense of duty or commitment and responsibility that goes beyond their divorce. Maybe there are things she needs to express, that got buried or blocked when they split up? And I suspect she’s never really been free from him on one level – I’ve noticed some relationships are like that, they seem to continue on some level for years after a couple seems to “move on” with other partners. Hollywood stars are spoilt for choice in some ways, but none of us truly have endless numbers of deep connections in love or friendship. It could be that Saturn, the Time Lord, is beginning to make that natal tendency she has more visible to her.

  2. Just in general, at what age difference do you start considering Sat in its influence on relationship partners?
    Let’s say if Sat is the ruler of the 11th house, would you consider a native who consistently befriends ppl older than them under Sat’s influence? No matter the age difference or only when that difference reaches a certain number?

  3. Thanks Marjorie. Perhaps there’s a guest house Bruce can stomp around in?! It certainly is an “odd arrangement” as you say, and intriguing to imagine the conversations they had before making this decision. I noticed that Emma’s Nodes in Libra and Aries are square Bruce’s in Cancer and Capricorn – all in line for the Solstice eclipse in Cancer. Maybe this points to a shake-up in family (Cancer) and relationships (Libra) or associations? Maybe Emma is secretly relieved to have a break?

    Demi herself seems to be having a Neptune transit over her ascendant, trine Sun and Venus. How swimmy and sentimental might that be? Plus Saturn nudging the South Node – an old pattern with an older man?! Impossible though he may be, they know one another very well. I remember reading that Demi Moore had a challenging childhood, but know little about Bruce Willis. But perhaps you could say she’s had plenty of practice with difficult relationships, and is currently viewing her ex through Neptune’s rose-tinted glasses?

    • Jane,

      Thank you for your enlightening comment. Regarding transiting Sat conjuncting Demi’s S node, how does the fact that it falls in her 11 house & that she also has natal Sat conjunct S node play into your assessment?

      Thank you,

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