Trump – the train has left the station


Trump is losing it as criticism mounts and attention slides away from him with the State Governors taking an increasingly strong and sensible grip on the pandemic. Yesterday he delivered what Jon Sopel, the BBC North America editor described as “the most dizzying, jaw-dropping, eyeball-popping, head-spinning news conference I have ever attended.” He didn’t talk about the dead, the dying, their families or a population in fear. He voiced ‘a profound sense of grievance’ that the media had been nasty in suggesting his handling of the crisis had been defective. ‘Contempt seemed to ooze out of every pore.’ ‘You feel he wants to be loved, and can’t understand it when love is not forthcoming.’ Plus ca change except his reactions are ramping up to ever more extreme levels of megalomania.

Over the briefing he did have tr Mars in Aquarius opposition his Pluto which would escalate his rage, hatred and desperation to new levels. But that’s fast-moving. What will be interesting is to see what happens when tr Uranus squares his Pluto come this July until late September, which suggests a considerable upheaval; and in someone his age can be health-related. Mind you despite all of the pointers to progressive dementia with physical side effects he is still able to rant and rave on his feet for long periods. Maybe its the hatred that keeps him going, pumping adrenaline through his system.

Following on from the previous post below of 10th April, which details his transits, there must be considerable panic brewing amongst those closest to him, both family and political allies.

Mike Pence has been viewing their relationship with dismay since late March with tr Neptune square the composite Sun till late April, as he sees what a swamp he’s standing in.

Mike Pompeo also is agitated as is Mitch McConnell with tr Uranus elbowing their relationship charts.

There are too many charts to go over in detail – so to encapsulate there is a good deal of activity, jolting and fracturing, when tr Uranus gets to 7 degrees Taurus from early May and building up to even more turbulence in June. Mike Pompeo’s relationship chart with Trump has an aggravated Venus Saturn opposition Mars which will get a full-frontal assault from tr Uranus early May to mid June. Mitch McConnell’s relationship with Trump is also destabilising in May with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto; and separated in August and September.

Ivanka, Don Jnr and Jared all have major upsets showing with Trump senior through May/June. And Ivanka’s Scorpio Sun will be upended by a tr Uranus opposition in May; and Don Jnr’s Mars in Leo gets the tr Uranus highly-insecure and explosive square in June. Melania is also is a period of considerable turmoil with her Taurus Sun catching the tr Uranus conjunct now; and her relationship with Trump looks exceptionally fraught come June.

Hope Hicks, brought back in to prop Trump up, though technically on Jared’s staff, was looking at a disaster in March, is very off balance this month and devastated come July.

I can’t imagine any of them having the guts to stand up to him and tell him he’s unfit. And the track record of raving lunatic dictators going on and on is depressingly familiar. Maybe they could slip something soporific into his coca cola to leave him to wander through the daisies at Mar a Lago. One can but hope.

[The headline is that blissfully funny line from Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as the effects of his hallucinogenic cigarette start to bite.]

10 thoughts on “Trump – the train has left the station

  1. You know he’s going absolutely batsh_t bonkers over the prospect of losing the election because of a virus. He’s in extreme panic mode. The only thing he had going for him in terms of re-election was a robust economy. He’ll do anything to get it back, even if it means jeopardizing lives. Not only has the train left the station, it’s about to go off the rails. Fire up the barbie and pass the popcorn. It’s going to be a Trump show like we’ve never seen before.

  2. Most frightening news today was the crazed announcement of his “Economic Restart” council…Jared and Ivanka with hyper-partisans Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin…
    In a sidenote, I realized today that the mail-in ballots Trump has been ranting against so hysterically could not be hacked by Russians.
    Since they’re routinely used by the U.S. military, his claim that they’re “corrupt” never made sense…

  3. So far Barr seems to be getting away with his destruction of the Justice Dept., with no one holding him to account. Does there come a time when justice is meted out to him?

  4. I wish it were different but his base simply bark for more of his crazed antics. Even if the doctors could administer the biggest Valium and Largactil cocktail ever, he would fail to wander quietly through the daisies.

    The man is as resilient as a cockroach after a nuclear winter.

  5. The train is now so far along down the tracks we can hardly see it! Thanks Marjorie, this is both thought provoking and possibly, just possibly, signposts an end to this madness. I am so concerned about dear friends in the USA at the moment, everything seems so fragile during this crisis. All eyes on electrifying Uranus then….

  6. Where is KellyAnne Conway when he needs her most…? Suspect that she has her own demons to deal with.

    Gotta love the dead TwitterBird.

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