David Icke – turning every disaster into a dastardly plot


David Icke, the controversialist conspiracy nut, is back in the headlines after a quiescent period. On a London Live TV show he blamed Israel for the coronavirus, suggesting it was using the pandemic to “test its technology”. The broadcasting station owned by Evgeny Lebedev, owner of the Evening Standard newspaper and The Independent, has been reported to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. Icke described moves to require people to be vaccinated as “fascism”. He has previously spoken of “the global conspiracy Rothschild-Zionism, a secret society putting its agents in places of power.” He early on described himself as “the Son of the Godhead”; and suggested that an inter-dimensional race of shape-shifting reptilians were an elite (the Illuminati) in place to manipulate global events. The reptilian thesis may (or may not) be a Swiftian allegory.

Born 29 April 1952 5.15pm Leicester, England, he has an intense 8th house Taurus Sun, which will prompt him to explore realms beyond reality. His Sun is in opposition to a money-making and angry 2nd house Mars in Scorpio which is in a rage-filled, trapped square to Pluto. That will be where his hatred comes from and his aggro against anything that smells remotely like an authority or power figure. He has a contrary Uranus Moon conjunct his Midheaven in an autocratic square to a paranoid Saturn Neptune on his Ascendant opposition Mercury.

He does have talent as an influencer, gained a vast popular following and gave a voice to child abuse stories when no one else would, though tended to go too far in naming names without evidence. His output has been described as “a mishmash of most of the dominant themes of contemporary neofascism, mixed in with a smattering of topics culled from the U.S. militia movement.” He is against gun control.

It’s not clear what he’s been up to recently but he did have the tr Uranus square tr Pluto battering its way round his central Cardinal T Square of Midheaven, Uranus, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune through the middle of the last decade; along with tr Saturn ploughing through his low profile First Quadrant.

He’s now embarking on a new cycle with tr Saturn moving into his through his 4th; though the Eclipses this year will rattle his cage somewhat. Tr Uranus will conjunct his deeply buried Taurus Sun starting in June which will give him a jolt or two and that continues into next year, when it opposes his Mars – so there may be financial upsets.

As if life wasn’t difficult enough without unhinged cuckoos squawking nonsense about the place.

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  1. Well I read what people like him say, form my own opinion and go on my way….I actually like the world to have different thinkers.

  2. 5 things David Icke predicted that actually came true

    24th November 2015Print Email Share
    Always outspoken, David Icke has often been ridiculed for his predictions. But do you know just how many of his predictions have come true? The theories in his books were dismissed by many as conspiracy. However, over the years, many of the things he forecast have actually begun to emerge in the pages of the world’s press. From sexual abuse allegations to the acts of terror that shook the nation, here are just 5 of the events that Icke predicted in his writing.

    1. Sandy Hook

    One of the worst atrocities of the past few years, the Sandy Hook shooting shocked the world. But, incredibly, David Icke predicted with uncanny accuracy that something exactly like this would happen. Amazingly, he predicted way back in 2012, that there would be a spate of shootings across the US. And indeed, the Sandy Hook shooting was followed by the shooting at the movie theatre in Aurora where 12 people were killed, and then there were also shootings in Oak Creek and Minneapolis.

    2. 9/11

    Still one of the biggest terrorist attacks in history, 9/11 traumatized the world. Back in 1999, David Icke chillingly prophesied that, between 2000 and 2002, the US would suffer a major attack on a large city. His book ‘Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster’ documents his quest to uncover the truth about what really happened on that day. He spent over a decade researching the event and interviewing those connected to the attacks in pursuit of the truth.

    3. Jimmy Savile

    The allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile were also predicted by Icke, who bravely spoke out about Savile’s sexual interest in underage girls. He was also the first to expose that Savile’s perversions also encompassed necrophilia. There was much press speculation about this after it was revealed that he had access to dead bodies during his time as a hospital poster. Icke’s claims that Savile’s connections to the celebrity world created a supply and demand service for underage girls were also remarkably prescient.

    4. Ted Heath

    Another paedophile exposed by David Icke was Ted Heath. In his books he pointed the finger at former 1970’s Prime Minister, Ted Heath, who has been investigated by the police for historic child abuse. There is a whole section of his book ‘The Biggest Secret’ dedicated to Heath, in which Icke shares his belief that Heath was involved in both child sex abuse and satanic ritual.

    5. Microchips

    Finally, Icke predicted that governments were considering using microchip implants for each new born baby. At the time many thought this suggestion ludicrous, however just this option has recently been mooted by some in the European Union, although the majority are against it as it will infringe on privacy and civil liberties.

  3. I remember you wrote that hardline conspiracy theorists tended to have had a difficult experience with the father in childhood. His childhood as described in his natal chart doesn’t look particularly happy or safe. Saturn does appear to feature strongly on DI’s angles and with Mars, his 7th house ruler in Scorpio, he will be paranoid with a tendency to see the world as a battleground. His followers are mainly white, male and middle-aged.

    • It’s interesting if you factor in Chiron in Icke’s natal chart. It’s at 12 Capricorn, completing a grand cardinal cross with Mercury, Moon, Uranus and Saturn. Perhaps this adds something to the effects of July’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn? He does appear to see himself as some kind of spiritual leader, alongside all the rest of the conspiracy rubbish he promotes. Possibly, this is compensation for what went wrong in his relationship with his father? I’ve always thought conspiracy theories are broadly an attempt to blame everything on all poweful, invisible parental figures. Of course, there are real conspiracies and cover-ups in our world, and our history, but mostly these do not involve lizards or the Rothschild family…..

      • Thanks Jane. That makes it a Cardinal Grand Cross in the angular houses. I would think there is wound/shame around the father and the childhood home. Looking at Wikipedia, Icke’s father hoped to become a doctor but due to lack of funds enrolled as a medical orderly in the RAF. He was also awarded a BEM for saving an airman from a crashed and burning aircraft. Post war, the family were cleared from their terraced house in Leicester as part of the post war slum clearance and were moved to a housing estate and lived in poverty. They would hide when the rent collector arrived. Icke describes his childhood home thus: “To say we were skint is like saying it is a little chilly at the North Pole.”

        That 4th house Chiron tells of a sense of failure and disappointment that his father’s aspirations were never fulfilled aa well as the shame of domestic poverty. So the Saturn square Chiron, square Mercury, square Moon in Icke’s chart makes more sense. And with Neptune also conjunct Saturn and the ascendant, the fantasy he weaves involves the powerful, the royals, the establishment and the very roots of what he sees as the world order and is wonderfully described in his astrology. I would imagine that is also why his books and persona appeal to so many other men who feel rootless and marginalised.

        • Thanks VF – the story about his father really makes sense. There must be resentment and anger simmering somewhere, and it’s found an outlet. It’s curious he was once a goal keeper too – a role both protective and combative in football, guardian of a vital boundary in the game…..quite Saturnian I think, Saturn the gatekeeper.

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