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  1. “Ivanka for president: The chances are higher than you might think”


    It’s here, it’s now, it’s real. But…we’ll see!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, someone shoot this down before it takes off. Or is this article just a hangnail?

    From the article, “…This dynasty effect is strong. Argentina, Myanmar and Thailand are among the countries where women have followed in the footsteps of a male relative to become head of state…Are the Trumps the next American dynasty? “

  2. Re. Bernie Sanders and him hitting the wall in late March: I saw a clip with him meeting the press from yesterday, and have to say, he is not well physically. Gasping for air, ruddy face, apparently has lost some weight. He had a heart attack in October, had stents inserted and no time to recover. This reminds me of the man who made Sanna Marin, Antti Rinne. He is 20 years younger than Sanders, yet took months to recover from an angioplasmy and hospital bacteria he got. Sanna Marin substituted him during the campaign, and became a household name. I have a really bad feeling about what might happen to Sanders.

  3. More revelations over work place bullying by Priti Patel on the BBC just now. Junior worker tried to take their own life after Patel had verbally abused them. That Mercury retrograde in Pisces is turning out to be quite leaky for Ms Patel. She’s toast, surely

  4. That’s incredible, I don’t understand George Monbiot,
    Writer and environnementalist born on January 27, 1963
    in Paddington, London, United Kingdom: he now supports farm-free food: what shows his 2020 solar return? I don’t have his time of birth though

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    With another refugee crisis brewing in Turkey/Greece, what is the short-term prospect for Turkey/Greece/EU/Germany?

    • This is interesting one. That said, even our Green Party Minister or Foreign Affairs who risked his career to get children out of Al-Holy said, today, that this is a Turkish hybrid war operation. I think this will amount to Erdogan going home to lick his wounds – especially since there’s a full blown Covid-19 epidemic in Iran. This will get to Turkey through Syria, if a conflict ensures.

  6. wst using fake crises to steal your stock AGAIN. i went to a (NYC) vinyl record fair (jumble) yesterday. it was jam packed . Two miles away a st patricks parade in queens had irish nationals as marchers .it’s mostly media hysteria .

  7. Marjorie I’ve heard/read that Trump asked/asking for legal advice re delaying the Presidential Election if
    the coronavirus continues to get out of hand and a stimulus package of at least €250 Billion being
    looked at. Does this correspond with any upcoming Transits? (e.g., Mars being in Aries for 6 months
    later this year and squaring all of the Planets being in Capricorn in the U.S. Chart?)
    Thank you if you comment/look into.

    • I go to some pretty dark places in the internets, and haven’t “heard” this. I’m pretty certain his handlers are doing their best to keep the real information from him, because obviously, Trump thinks “a solid flu shot” will cure this. He is incredibly out of depth here.

  8. Marjorie,

    Joe Biden had a huge victory by winning the South Carolina Primary last night (Biden won every county in South Carolina…he also won the state by 28 points). Biden received a few major endorsements from Jim Clyburn, Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe…as well as a celebrity endorsement from Chaz Bono. Also, Biden raised $5 million right after the primary (the most he’s raised in one night in a long time). Biden’s victory speech was also very impressive – even the media and the pundits admitted his speech was quite powerful.

    All in all, it was a very good night for Joe Biden…and he’s now leading in the overall popular vote (while Bernie Sanders still has a slim lead in the delegates). South Carolina is the first primary Joe Biden has ever won outside of his state of Delaware.

    I’m read your previous posts regarding Biden’s astrological prospects and the upcoming election…and I have noticed much of what you’ve predicted appears to have played out. However, I was just wondering if you had any further astrological insights at this point. I’m curious to know if Biden has come into a bit of luck. I know he’s supposed to have transiting Neptune opposing his Midheaven coming up – which I’ve noticed is often seen as a major challenge since Midheaven represents a person’s highest aspirations….but could there be other aspects that are making him more resilient to these challenges?

    I’m asking this because Biden appears to have improved significantly in the debates (he did very well in the last few), moderate Democrats are starting to regroup and rally behind him, he still have unwavering support from African-American voters (a core constituency) here in the South, and a few of the other candidates have recently dropped out (Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg have suspended their campaigns and many believe there voters will likely go to Biden).

    Any thoughts you could share but be greatly appreciated. As always, thank you for sharing your insights with with us. I do enjoy your daily posts.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • What’s remarkable is that now that Buttigieg has suspended his campaign, NONE of the Presidential Candidates left in race has good transits around Inauguration. Therefore, I think that who ever wins, has “mixed feelings” about the achievement and/or might be aggravated on personal life. This would definitely make sense in Biden’s case – I always had a feeling he accepted the candidacy out of sense of duty, seeing the incredible damage Trump Admin and his enablers were doing to Rule of Law in The US. It would also make sense with the Term Chart – I don’t think it would be beyond his character to leave midterm due to, let’s say, health issues. And, if he choses Kamala Harris as his running mate, as he has alluded, Kamala has good transits around Inauguration.

      • @ Solaia,

        I’m actually a Joe Biden supporter. I’m voting for him today. Today is the first day of in-person early voting here in Northeast Florida. I really do hope he gets the nomination and wins the general election. I agree with you; Biden does appear to have many challenges (astrologically speaking) and many of the predictions have appeared to play out.

        However, I am hoping there are other aspects that have been overlooked that might be giving Biden some resilience to the setbacks his campaign has faced.

        I haven’t looked at Kamala Harris’s chart….but I have read Marjorie Orr’s posts about her prospects. I understand she has a verified birth time (like Biden) and I do remember reading something about Harris having some strong aspects around election day. So, it’s highly possible Biden chooses her as his VP if he gets the nomination.

        And..I do think you’re right about the reasons why Biden is running. I too think he’s running out of a sense of duty – Biden was our Vice President under President Obama and we made so much progress during those years. I’m sure it’s very upsetting to Biden (as it is to many of us) to see Trump doing all of these horrible things.

        • I think Biden is technically one of the candidates I have least in common policy wise in The US, although practically all Democratic Candidates scored above 80 per cent with me at “I Stand With” poll when I took it. Kamala Harris topped the poll. That said, I can’t help liking Biden and trusting him, which probably has a lot to do with him having a very similar chart to my father. And I think this is a big factor. Sanders has a certain grumpy charisma, but Biden is incredibly personable, and I think many people in The US crave for this, after over 3 years with a clinical narcissist.

          • @ Solaia

            Same here. Ideologically, I’m actually a little further to the left on certain issues than Biden. However, I’m a very pragmatic Millennial voter. I know the U.S. isn’t a progressive country. So, we need a moderate candidate like Biden if we want to appeal to wide range of demographics. And I agree with you, I like Biden’s personality too….he comes across as very honest and sincere as well as personable and empathetic. Biden’s 50 plus years of experience also compelled me to support him – experience really matters when considering a candidate for President. And, Dr. Jill Biden would make a wonderful First Lady…she’s very professional and an inspiration to so many.

          • Kamala Harris has ethical issues which would prevent me from voting for a team with her on the ticket. (Nor would I vote for Trump.) Twenty-five years ago she had an affair with a powerful man 25 years older than her, which is how she got her a start in politics. To this day, Willie Brown says he gave her the start in politics. Her current husband was counsel for a company the state of California was suing and she dropped the charges and then married him. She’s certainly extremely bright, but there’s a shallowness about her and much of her record that is hard to stomach. If we don’t want men to use and abuse women, and abuse power, why would we want a woman who uses men and abuses power to be our vice president? I am a woman, but don’t get the double standard. Would rather see Amy Klobuchar as VP.

          • So you are a purity voter, @JAS? Please know that I am not trying to be snarky. I am genuinely curious. Do you apply this same purity test to the male candidates and prospective VP choices? I dislike past actions all of the remaining Democratic candidates and prospective VP picks, but I think that says more about me than it does about them. And my various dislikes fade to nothing when I compare them to the possibility of another four years under the dodgy-at-best, perpetually inept, overtly hateful “leadership” of the individual @Solaia so aptly termed “a clinical narcissist.”

    • Klobuchar just dropped out and endorsed Biden. This is big, because Klobuchar was supposed to hang on until Minnesota to take out Bernie votes there. This seems to indicated they have some internal polling numbers indicating this was not working. I’d suspect the shift has been to Biden’s, rather than Sanders’ direction, also because Sanders skipped Selma commemoration to be in California yesterday. California has been his strongest state, so why stay there? I suspect there’s some really wild internal polling they have access right now.

      • I’m curious to know why Tulsi Gabbard of all people is still in this race. Where is she getting all of her campaign money from?

        • Russia, India, China? I guess through “legit” private donators, but when The US private banking system is, in many ways, 20 years behind that in The EU, there are many ways to circumvent this.

          She doesn’t seem to have much of an actual campaign, either, so there’s that, too

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