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Boris Johnson’s chequered love life continues to run along the same roller coaster track. He divorced his previous (second) wife a few days back and now intends to marry Carrie and have a baby in early summer. Which is almost a carbon copy of the end of his first marriage – annulled, 12 days later remarries, five weeks later has baby. His second marriage, lasting 25 years, produced four children; during which he also had one affair which resulted in two terminated pregnancies; and either one or two children from another.

Carrie Symonds herself comes from a wayward family lineage which may track back to an illegitimate daughter of Herbert Asquith, prime minister in the early 20th Century. And down the line there were other illegitimate offspring of journalists until Carrie herself was born out of wedlock on 17 March 1988.

They are both high-octane, very scattered personalities. He with his focal point Mars in Gemini on a Mutable T Square with Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini. She’s a Pisces Sun square a needs-to-be-free Uranus and Saturn; with a highly volatile, erratic and at times chaotic Saturn Uranus Neptune and Mars in Capricorn.

Her Jupiter falls in his 7th which is supportive and her Venus in indulgent Taurus is conjunct his 8th house Jupiter for a deep connection; though her Venus opposition Pluto sits on top of his Jupiter opposition Neptune which does suggest a fair amount of confusion around money apart from other considerations. Her Uranus Saturn is also opposition his Sun Venus so she won’t sit quietly if he goes jaunting and will be fairly autocratic in her demands.

Their relationship chart does have a tied-together Grand Trine of Venus in a passionate trine to Pluto and a workmanlike trine to Saturn; with a successful and confident-together Sun Jupiter conjunction; but also an illusory Venus opposition Neptune. There’s also a very up and down, impulsive Jupiter opposition Uranus square Saturn which is being rattled at the moment. Plus a Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Sun North Node – a fated connection that will irrevocably change both lives for good or ill.

It could work but given his track record with women, the question is for how long? 2021 looks a testing time with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun and a sagging tr Neptune conjunct the composite Mars.

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8 thoughts on “Boris and Carrie – a firecracker baby

  1. O dear….Boris is such a tart, and this girl has all that Pisces stuff. What I don’t like is his Saturn on her Mercury in the 5th – does he want the baby? Has he given her hell over ‘being careless’? I suppose one or two more won’t make a difference, since he churns them out and abandons them…..with all that mutability its a wonder he stopped to even ask her name…..and what if its twins or more? all that mutability….the only comfort will probably be the cat at No. 10……

  2. Thanks Marjorie – is the pink hat in the picture a clue?! Whether he or she is born in May or June, there is scant fire – Chiron, and perhaps the Moon. Mars in Pisces and Venus in Gemini from mid-May, and Jupiter close to Pluto. Tr. Saturn in Aquarius squares Boris’ Moon and Carrie’s Jupiter this summer – reality bites? As Marjorie says, “a fated connection”, and all babies are life-changing.

    • Nope. Just couldn’t find a tousled headed blonde baby amongst free pics. It was more the fiery Martian parents I was thinking of.

  3. Symonds’ Mars in Capricorn can indicate older, powerful men. Same as Catherine Zeta Jones, sure there are other examples.

    • I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I have Mars in Libra. Please can you let me know what that indicates. Thank you.

      • @ Sherry

        Mars is the planet of action, aggression and war. Libra is the planet of relationships and harmony. Because Mars rules Aries and Aries is directly opposite Libra, Mars in Libra is said to be in its (Mars) fall or it’s worst sign (position).

        Mars in Libra could be about strategy as in how to prosecute a war (Libra is an air sign so it is associated with thought or mental prowess).

        Mars in Libra could also means acting in a passive-aggressive manner because Libra is considered the wishey-washy sign which has difficultly making a decision.

    • Yes you’re right. I was comparing Carrie a bit too much to someone I know with a Venus/Mars in Taurus opposite Uranus in Scorpio. Another person I know who goes for that type has a Venus/Saturn conjunction In Gemini with Mars in Taurus close by.

  4. I could see something was up with them this summer starting around May (the Uranus and Neptune transits and all those stations) but I didn’t imagine this. I know some women are into that “powerful, older man” thing…and perhaps that’s her close Pluto/Venus opposition in play there….but this is Boris Johnson, what is she thinking?

    It’s ironic the firey arguments they have when they don’t appear to have a single fire placement between them (so all externalised). There is a rumour that Boris went missing because she gave him a black eye for cheating on her. God help that poor child. I wonder if they’ll have the same Venus Rx in Gemini like daddy?

    For now he remains married to his second wife, no decree absolut yet.

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