Afghanistan – the graveyard of empires


A cautious beginning of the maybe end of the US’s longest running war in Afghanistan comes with a deal signed with the Taliban. The war cost $2 trillion, took the lives of 3,500 plus American and coalition troops and tens of thousands of Afghans. At the height of the war, more than 100,000 American troops occupied Afghanistan, as did tens of thousands from the NATO coalition. Resources were withdrawn too quickly early on as the focus switched capriciously to Iraq in 2003.

It started on 7 October 2001 4.25pm Kabul in retaliation for 9/11 in an effort to hunt down eradicate Al Quaeda. Since then it has perplexed three administrations and ends – if it does – with remarkably little to show as the superpower proved unable to combat Afghanistan’s punishing terrain. And found as the Russians did before them and the Brits in the 19th Century that retreat was the only option – which is why it became known as the graveyard of empires.

Whether or not the Taliban will honour their promises or the Afghan government can work with them is questionable. But Trump is in election year and wants to show he can live up to his promise of pulling back.

The start chart had the war-like Saturn Pluto opposition sitting firmly across the Ascendant/Descendant axis tied into a bleak Moon and it was the driving rod of an Air Grand Trine of Uranus and Neptune to a grandstanding 5th house Sun trine Moon Saturn in Gemini. The Sun was also on the focal point of a T square of an opportunistic, risk-taking Mars opposition Jupiter. Too much Air suggested not enough practical planning went into the venture; with the crusading Mars Jupiter gives a hint of recklessness; and the ego-centric Sun, particularly in the 5th, points to a need to show superiority.

The North Node of the War chart at zero Cancer will be triggered by this June’s Solar Eclipse but whether that suggests a full cycle has truly come to pass or not is moot. Tr Neptune is conjunct the War Solar Arc Midheaven which could suggests a fizzle-out, low key finish.

The Afghanistan national chart does have a blip of cheer at the moment but in general it’s not in great shape with corruption rampant, the country’s institutions feeble and the economy dependent on American and other international aid. Financial problems loom large in 2022/23 with tr Pluto opposition Mars; and most of this decade is restrictive with tr Pluto moving through the 8th.

The Afghanistan/USA relationship chart does have hints of an untying of the knot with tr Uranus square the composite Sun exactly now; but there’ll be an uphill struggle this year with discouragement from tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn so it won’t be an easy disengagement. And further disappointment in 2022/23.

6 thoughts on “Afghanistan – the graveyard of empires

  1. Today, March 4th just as retrograde Mercury lands on natal Uranus and squares the nodal axis in Afghanistan’s chart, US air strikes against the Taliban have begun again.

  2. Why was Greenwich Time used for the Afghanistan War chart??? Afghanistan is on AFT TIME -4:30 which would make the Asc 20Pisces56.
    The war was fought in Kabul not England.

    • Morris, What are you on about? Both the war and country chart are set for Kabul. The composite chart has no location since it shows the midpoints of two already located charts.

  3. The Taliban had eradicated poppy production by the time of the US invasion. There was a bumper crop the following year and high yields ever since. The proceeds of onward sale of heroin is used by the CIA as illicit funding for black ops.

  4. No one who’s been paying attention to this administration over the past three years expects this ‘withdrawal’ to be successful, and what I noticed is how the opoiod crisis in America skyrocked after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan.
    Coincidence? Doubtful.

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