Syrian Refugee crisis – Turkey says enough


A flood of refugees is likely to overwhelm Greece (and the EU) as Recep Erdogan, the Turkish president, warned his country could not cope with the new wave of refugees after an escalation of the Syrian conflict. Turkey is already hosting 3.7 million Syrian refugees, as well as migrants from other countries such as Afghanistan – but previously stopped them from leaving for Europe under a 2016 deal which saw Turkey handed €6bn (£5.2bn; $6.7bn) in EU aid for migrants and refugees. Nearly a million Syrians have fled to the Syrian-Turkish border since December and Erdogan warned that “millions” will soon head towards Europe.

The Turkey/EU relationship chart indicates severe problems from mid April and through May as tr Uranus opposes the composite Mars and squares the composite Pluto; and those repeat mid November to early March 2021 – an extended period of aggravation and high-tension.

The Turkey national chart, 29 October 1923 8.30pm Ankara, is ploughing through discouraging times from exactly now, on and off till late 2021 with tr Pluto square the Turkey Saturn; with some lift from tr Pluto sextile the Jupiter. Tr Uranus will also oppose the Turkey Scorpio Sun for the final time late March/Early May for a significant upset. Neighbourly relations will continue to be fraught for a considerable period ahead with the tr Saturn Pluto moving through their 7th house (start time being accurate).

Erdogan’s Fourth Term, 9 July 2018 4.30pm was also going to be challenging with a stuck and intense 8th house Sun opposition a 2nd house Pluto, with Saturn also in the 2nd. That chart will get a fair jolting come late May into June, with tr Uranus square the Uranus which could be violent and at the very least bringing high-insecurity leading to rash decisions and over-reactions, repeating onto early 2021.

It’s difficult to see where a solution will come from since Turkey can’t host endless millions and Greece is in no position economically to be landed with more than its fair share – and other EU countries have turned their back.

Assad’s Presidency is moving into its most challenging and unstable phase over 2021/22/23 with tr Pluto opposition the Cancer Sun and the Solar Arc Uranus squaring the Pres Pluto. If or when he goes he’ll leave a wrecked country behind.

7 thoughts on “Syrian Refugee crisis – Turkey says enough

  1. What influx of refugees? Most on the North West of Syria are of Turkish origin or are Turkish Kurdish.
    And what escalation?, this has been happening since the start of the war in 2011, when Turkey invaded as did a load of Turkish Kurdish, they loathe each other by the way. Britain no doubt promised a huge tract of Northern Syria to both of them, Middle Englanders don’t half have a cheek.
    Yes it is the Turkish who are invading Syria, can you ask you government to call off the dogs please?
    The region around Idlib is the size of a postage stamp, you can drive around it from the city of Hama in an hour. True not all the people who live there accepted that they were in Syria, after the Sykes Picot accord, but that was over a hudred years ago and such disputes happen everywhere Britain redraws boundaries, look at Cashmere.
    Get it straight Syria was there and at peace and then it wasn’t. doesn’t that make you think? I lived there and it was the most civilised Arab country.
    On the East side of the country America is pilfering Syria’s oil. Don’t you question anything?
    By the way it is Turkey that is deporting lots of Turks into Greece, not Syria. That would definitely on the west side of both countries cos that’s where Greece is. Also Turkey doesn’t want its holiday resorts disturbed on its west side.
    Still the whole process stinks of foreign intervention, probably from Britain as it has never forgiven Greece for getting rid of the fascist government it imposed on it after the Hitler war, and for electing a left wing one. This will finish Greece.
    Turkey is a bully, Syria is tiny, its inhabited parts is the size of Scotland, its uninhabited desert, in the South East makes it appear bigger. But centuries ago Syria contained the bulk of Turkey or Anatolia as it was back then.
    Please stop helping Britain to tell lies.

  2. Erdogan is playing games, along with many other individuals in positions of power. It’s an impossibly Neptunian situation – we talk of refugees and migrants as “waves” and “floods”, and people being “overwhelmed” by those seeking safety. Heartbreaking to think of the suffering, and also the cynicism – the Turkish/Greek borders have long been a location for people smuggling, there’s decades of it. The EU will have to finally give this some rational thought, and not just throw money at Turkey. The 1st January, 1822 (OS) chart for Greece has a 22 Capricorn Sun. Astrologically, and geographically, they are under great and unsustainable pressure. It has Neptune at 3 Capricorn, and Uranus at 4, activated by the December 2019 eclipse, and quite symbolic of this mounting crisis I think.

  3. Poor people! I think that if there’s one group that’s been betrayed by everybody, it’s Syrian refugees. There simply aren’t “good guys” here, among World Leaders.

    But as I said in comments, this move somehow smells of desperation from Erdogan. Especially considering that Turkey and Russia are now engaging directly in Syria. Therefore, I’d also count Russia as a player here. Turkey might fear Russia will weaponize Syrian and other refugees in the country the way Soviets weaponized Palestinians particularly in Lebanon. Both Putin and his perpetual Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov trained as diplomats in the early 1970’s Soviet, and Lavrov’s first posting was Sri Lanka, hotbed of destabilizing activities.

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