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  1. Hi Marjorie
    Your new website is great,however we cannot get our birthday horoscope (i.e. when we go to then drop down for missed your birthday there is no option apart from Jan). I hope it is a minor glitch that shall be fixed soon.

  2. Hi Marjorie
    just a thought but would you consider putting the this general comments section below News in the drop down menu. That way it would have its own page and be easy to find. As it currently is I am never sure where to find this. Maybe you could give it a trial. Best regards J

  3. I am not able to post a comment in the Comment section..and add always appeared and I cannot close that add.
    Anyway my comment is about Bowie health and death.
    He is having Neptune in VIII – Libra square Sun/Mars/Mercury.
    Looks more – to me – it’s begun by a lung cancer, not liver cancer.
    It can have begun with lung cancer (he smoked a lot and had heart attacks in the past) and the cancer could had spread to his liver.
    I guess heart attacks is because Moon/Saturn/Pluto in Leo opposition his Aquarius ascendant.
    Anyway it’s a big loss in the musical field!

  4. My comment is about the new design of your website. When you click on an item in the news section from the left hand menu the story that comes up is far too wide on the page the read comfortably. In fact the main item in the news section although narrower is also a bit too wide as well. This is why newspapers and magazines are in columns. Your designer should have known this.

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