Hunter S Thompson – a libertarian control-freak


Hunter S Thompson, was a writer and journalist, associated with Rolling Stone magazine and an icon of the counter-culture, known for his drink and drug abuse and his dislike of authority. He committed suicide in 2005, aged 67.

His son Juan, a remarkably normal IT manager, has written an affectionate but warts-and-all memoir of his father. He writes in the book. “[My father] didn’t care what she [his wife] was trying to say, he cared about breaking her,” he said. In the book, he also recalls his father’s “deliberate distortions and carefully chosen words that would inflict maximum hurt”. Astonishingly they made an effort in later years to come to some acceptance of each other.

Hunter S Thompson was born 18 July 1937 10pm Louisville, Kentucky and had a ferocious chart with an ego-driven, controlling 5th house Sun Pluto in Cancer in a pushily confident, rules-don’t-apply-to-me opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn; with Sun Pluto trine Mars in vengeful Scorpio. Talented certainly with an Earth Grand Trine of Neptune in Virgo trine Jupiter trine Uranus but a nasty streak as well.

His son, Juan, 23 March 1964, is a Sun Jupiter in Aries with a Leo Moon which probably helped him bounce above the emotional cruelty of his childhood. His Sun did conjunct his father’s hard Saturn in Aries so his father would come across as cold and block him out. Though he’d also induce shame in his father since Saturn is always one of the wounds in the chart. It clearly mellowed with age as Saturn usually does.

Their relationship chart is a curious mix of an affection Sun Venus in an argumentative trine to Mars, square a dominating Pluto; with an idealistic composite Jupiter Saturn conjunction. It says a lot for the son that he tried to reach across the abyss and make some kind of connection.

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