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  1. Leo. Varadkar has saturn conjunct his sun like I have right now. He has resigned. I can only resign from the washing up. Is this the main indicator in his chart for this ending?

  2. Roger Stone was just sentenced to 40 months in the slammer. It’s a given that Trump will pardon him. Even so, I can’t imagine him riding off into a rosy sunset all smiles. Can you take a look at his trajectory from here? I vaguely recall a post you did re Stone a while back. Maybe not. If so, can you provide the date? Would very much like to read it again. Thank you!

  3. Marjorie, could you have another look at the Labour Party in the light of the controversial Trans Rights Pledge which was signed by two of the Leadership candidates, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey? Under the rules of the pledge, I understand that any dissenters have been threatened with expulsion, including Women’s Place U.K. and the LGB Alliance. Thank you.

  4. Hi Marjorie
    Can you give us your take on the Euro? How long could it continue to exist as a currency?

    With gratitude for your wonderful work.

  5. How is Melania Trump doing this year? And what about her composite with DJT? She was at a Nascar Event with DJT and The Beast (again, some “Stan” Dictatorship style stunt) on Sunday, and was visibly holding back tears when he was reading his speech with very obvious difficult. WH program showed she did not fly back to Washington DC with DJT, who’d attend Steve Miller’s wedding reception later that evening.

    I have no sympathy for this lady (one thing she seems to be doing right is protecting her son), but it seems she is completely through with what ever sham for a marriage this is, too.

  6. “…after the grinding transformation of 2019/2020, the following year 2021 will see setbacks of a major order as the Solar Arc Saturn opposes the Boeing Jupiter and squares the Neptune; followed in 2022/23 by the panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Boeing Mars.”

    News from Boeing is not looking good. Locally , workplace shifts are downsizing, mgmt are bailing for private but solvent companies.

    Will it eventually become a candidate for a Presidential Bailout, same vein as Ford, GM, Chrysler?


  7. The diamond princess ship has the most cases of corona virus infected outside China. All nationalities but the British are being evacuated. Anything to note astrologically?

  8. Hello Marjorie, Was there any sign in Savid Javids chart that he was a stepping down or demoted within his major role in Politics? With thanks.

  9. TV presenter, Caroline Flack, who was in the news over Christmas for her alleged domestic violence and was waiting her trial in March (and lost her Love Island job because of this situation), has been found dead. Apparent suicide aged 40. She seemed like a tormented and complicated person. All quite sad, really.

  10. Thank you for the Jon Peters reading. Pleas would you now have a look at Ireland with special ref to Sinn Fein and possibility of the north leaving the UK.

    Many thanks as always.

    • Not sure how reliable this is but interesting if accurate. Twitters: @TomJChicago

      This is 100% true. You can take it to the bank. Dementia is dominating everything w/ Trump now. What’s sickening are his enablers thinking Hope Hicks can buy them more time. He needs to be removed & receive neurological evaluation & caregiver assistance that eases his decline.
      Quote Tweet
      Andrew C Laufer, Esq

      Was just told by one of my contacts that the actual reason why Hope Hicks is being brought back to the WH is due to Trump’s declining mental state.
      Tom Joseph

      Hope Hicks is returning to the WH bc Trump has become unmanageable due to his worsening dementia. It’s a desperation move- Hicks may be the only person he’ll listen to. He has already crashed & burned. She can’t fix the unfolding disaster. She can’t create a “dead cat bounce.”

      • Hi there; scary news.

        What’s a “dead cat bounce”…or shall I ask the two experts here at home?

        Trump may insist on a wedding to seal the deal…ensuring for better or for worse.

      • That Laufer guy responding has been clinging his dear life to every Never Trump / Resistance grift in the Internets, including offering legal backing to Louise Mensch’s United States Marshall arresting Trump and Orrin Hatch secretly already been sworn POTUS story back in 2017, so maybe not the most reliable commentator. But I do agree Hope coming back does fit what I know about dementia cure. I remember looking at her chart back in the day, and she seems to have one of the luckier ones around, which probably means she can be another “Marla”. Probably marries a rich, relatively non-abusive man and does a lot of yoga after this is over.

      • Interesting comments there about Trump’s “declining mental state” due to apparent dementia. I could very well believe it. In a twist of coincidence, I heard on a recent ‘Connecting Consciousness’ videocast by Simon Parkes that Trump would soon be afflicted by a mysterious, evermore debillitating disease. Parkes suggested that this disease’s origin would not be organic or natural, however. Essentially, this disease would constitute his enemies’ final ammunition in their arsenal to finally oust him from presidential power…

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