Democratic marathon – hurdles and mud holes


This is only a flying look at the near future of some of the Democratic top candidates as they trail round the endless and stultifyingly tedious campaign trail.

Bernie Sanders appears to be leading just at the moment. Tr Neptune square his Jupiter from late March and through April may puncture his enthusiasm since it tends to deflate over confidence. He’ll have some ups late April but he’s struggling against tr Pluto square his Mars all year and indeed his Solar Arc Pluto opposing his Mars on the same degree within weeks – both of which are blocked.

Peter Buttigieg has the usual swings and roundabouts of a long and punishing campaign with a disappointing tr Neptune square his Sun/Jupiter from late February to late March at the same time as tr Saturn is conjunct his Capricorn Sun. He’ll get some lift from tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter (on his Midheaven) in late May/early June and across the election.

Mike Bloomberg, has one sparkler of success and that comes in July with tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter/Midheaven midpoint (birth time being absolutely accurate). But he’s also got a failed-plans tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Neptune midpoint on and off all year which isn’t great.

Amy Klobuchar may spring a surprise or two as she picks up a ‘lucky break’ tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint late February to early July. Though she also has less useful influences as well.

Joe Biden isn’t in a happy situation and has a raft of unsupportive influences ahead including tr Neptune opposition his Midheaven from the spring onwards which look ominous for any recovery.

Elizabeth Warren is also falling back in the polls and is limping badly through late March to late August with various stuck and unsuccessful transits ahead.

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  1. It’s been an “interesting” primary season so far. I’m still supporting Joe Biden at this time and I’m waiting to see how Nevada, South Carolina, and March 3rd Super Tuesday (Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Democrats Abroad, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia) vote. If Joe Biden doesn’t manage to pull through in any of these states or territories, then I hope he’ll concede and endorse Amy Klobuchar (who’s my second choice and proving to be a real contender).

    Many African-American voters in the South are now considering Mike Bloomberg as a second choice to Joe Biden and I just saw a poll yesterday showing Mike Bloomberg is now leading in Arkansas over Biden.

    Here in Florida, our Democratic Presidential Primary isn’t until St. Patrick’s Day (which is March 17th). So, I still have time to decide who to vote for if Biden doesn’t pull through. I’m heavily weighing in on Amy Klobuchar and Mike Bloomberg as second and third options.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • “Many African-American voters in the South are now considering Mike Bloomberg as a second choice to Joe Biden and I just saw a poll yesterday showing Mike Bloomberg is now leading in Arkansas over Biden.”

      Yes, I also saw a poll where he was second first choice for African American Nationwide. “Woke” Twitter has been baffled about this, due to his “stop-and-frisk” record.

      But they do not take on account that 1) only 20 per cent of adults in The USA use Twitter 2) most of those 20 per cent weren’t there for political content to begin with, of the 20 most followed accounts Worldwide only 3 are of politician, and one news site 3) Twitter stopped suggesting political tweets last Autumn. So, if you weren’t actively following an account centered on specific political issue, this won’t be raised 4) Most US residents still get their TV News from local stations, not cable news, and that content is localized. Even Rudy Giuliani only became a household name Nationally due to 9/11. People outside NY would know Mike Bloomberg for being incredibly rich rather than his specific policies 5) Bloomberg is spending obscene amounts of money in TV adds that run on strategic markets. I’d guess this includes Florida.

      Therefore, I think we maybe shouldn’t be surprised after all that he is doing so well.

  2. Of all the candidates left on the field, Bloomberg’s chart has the most resonance, given the times and the transits. His Saturn will be moving above the DC this year, which is a more high profile phase in his life. The Aquarius/Taurus emphasis in his chart is going to be very heavily activated by Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus next year. Overall his chart suggests a very strong, activist presidency should he be elected, but also technocratic and even occasionally autocratic. Such tendencies can also be found in the 2021 US inaugural chart. Given that Jupiter and Saturn will be conjuncting at the end of the year at 0 degrees Aquarius, it definitely points to a new direction in politics. But first he has to get past the primaries, which is no guarantee.

    • @ragnar1

      Stock markets can change on any given day. Just because the economy (thanks to our REAL former President Barack Obama) is doing well, doesn’t mean that’s the only thing people are going to vote on. Trump still can’t even get up to 50% approval….and that one poll from Gallup that had him at 49% is regarded as an outlier by the data analysts.

      Plus, states like Michigan and Pennsylvania (which barely voted for him last time) are actually hurting economically right now…..that doesn’t bode well for Trump either.

  3. I see many Candidates have disappointing passages in late March-early April. However, Super Tuesday will be March 3rd this year. This is usually decisive for race. I wonder, however, whether it will be that this year, since the Mercury Retrograde starting this week will still be effective. I can see a truly mixed result. California, Northeast and maybe Minnesota are likely to go to Bernie, but Texas and much of the South in general still see Biden ahead.

    Also, I would start to look at transit around Democratic Convention from July 13th to 16th, because this will likely be much more contested than any Covention in recent memory. There’s, at least a Cancer Mercury square Aries Mars during that period. Moon mostly in Taurus. I would not expect anyone two radical to win under Taurus Moon. Could see Bloomberg and/or Buttigieg delegates ultimately moving to back Biden.

    • @Solaia,

      It’s interesting you mentioned the Democratic Convention. Data analyst Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEight posted his latest election model projections earlier today. Silver said the chances of a “contested convention” have actually increased to 36% since the New Hampshire primary.

      If we have a contested Democratic convention, this means the Super Delegates (who are not eligible to vote right now) will be allowed to vote at the convention. Pledged delegates are obligated to support the candidate who’s won them…however, super delegates can vote for whomever they wish.

      Personally, I can’t imagine the super delegates siding with Bernie Sanders….I think they’d more likely go with Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, or Joe Biden….possibly even Mike Bloomberg (if he does really well with core constituencies like African-American and Latinx voters).

      • “It’s interesting you mentioned the Democratic Convention. Data analyst Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEight posted his latest election model projections earlier today. Silver said the chances of a “contested convention” have actually increased to 36% since the New Hampshire primary.”

        Yes, I think I saw this too. Nate Silver has bit of a hit and miss record, but at least he bases his analysis to some numbers, unlike many pundits.

        The last Contested Conventions, for both parties, were in 1952. And, interestingly, Republican Convention was held during Leo Mercury square Scorpio Mars, while Democratic Convention occured partially with Leo Moon square Scorpio Mars. It’s also notable Adlai Stevenson hadn’t even been in primary race, but was talked over to participate by delegates, and ended up winnig. I think they’ve since changed rules and it’s not possible to enter the race at this stage. But a situation as the one happening with Republicans in 1952, where a person with fewer votes than frontrunners is trying to impose themselves as a compromise candidate is a possibility.

  4. If the 2020 election is to be hugely disruptive and “explosive,” as Marjorie and other reputed astrologers are predicting, that indicates to me a Trump defeat. His gun-loving supporters are much more inclined towards all-out war than his Democratic opponents. I’m envisioning Trump barricading himself in the White House until armed guards forcibly remove him, with his defeat sparking some kind of civil war amid rabid claims that the election was rigged. Trump could take it all the way to the Supreme Court, leaving the presidency in limbo. For a guy who was too chicken to serve in the armed forces, his appetite for fighting to the death is something to behold, not to mention a tad insane.

  5. Saturn leaves Capricorn in December and goes to Aquarius. How is this all going to play out astrologically, Inauguration day January 2021?

  6. I said it when Bloomberg entered the race that Biden was done. Of course it took time to highlight the magnitude of this, but here it is. Anybody who thinks SC is gonna save him is trafficking in delusion or wishful thinking. Contrary to the popular narrative, WOMEN are the backbone of the Democrat party, not a particular ethnicity. Fundraising will dry up for he and Warren. Klobuchar’s spark will likely flame out after SC as PoC are not interested.
    It’ll come down to Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and intransigent Bernie(barring no more cardio issues). Bloomberg will eventually capitulate to Buttigieg(best favorability ratio of any candidate since maybe Obama) to consolidate delegates, win the nomination, and subsequently put his exquisite “Hawkfish” machinery behind the young Mayor to counter the Trump wrecking ball campaign.
    So folks….prepare for the chaos; it’s gonna be one for books!

    • “Contrary to the popular narrative, WOMEN are the backbone of the Democrat party, not a particular ethnicity. Fundraising will dry up for he and Warren. ”

      Although I agree that Warren is likely to drop out, maybe even as soon as after South Carolina, she actually has this thing going for her. Her base and donors are from this Democratic base. This may give her campaign more staying power that thought. But it’s also a liability, since her backers are the likeliest, along with Biden backers, to “vote Blue no matter who”. I think many will make pragmatic choice here by voting for a candidate likeliest to beat Trump. Her supporters seem to be “leaking” to Buttigieg, Klochbuhar and even Bloomberg rather than to Sanders, who is closest to her policy wise.

  7. Isaac Starkman quoted Donald Clayton’s blog: “The birth of Bernard Sanders occurs in New York City, Borough of Brooklyn, New York. He is born at 00:00 A./P.M. on September 8, 1941. His mother is Dorothy Glassburg (married name Dorothy Sanders). His father is Eli Sanders. Certification of Live Birth – State of New York – No information or document appears to publicly exist”. Kanon McAfee reports per email: Donald Clayton, on whose Qala bist blog appears the 0:00 a./p.m. time has told me directly via twitter, “… the 0:00 is a space-saver entry for information that is not known …”

    Starkman quotes “Bernie Sanders’ birth time is not entirely certain. I talked with a man who campaigned with Bernie Sanders in the Burlington, Vermont races 35 years ago, and was also an astrology enthusiast. According to him, working off of his memory, Bernie’s birth time was 12:27 PM EDT”

    There exists no reliable source, it is all hearsay and speculation. The time has to be considered unknown, until substantial evidence comes forward.

    Starkman rectified to 11.43.40 am EDT Asc 16Sco39′

  8. You may have covered this already. What it feels like in the USA is those of us in the middle (80%) feel dismayed. Is the extreme Pluto or Uranus? My family has been here since the 1600’s. We are dismayed. The extreme is not healthy. Lurch right, lurch left. Is the forgotten man Neptune?

  9. Thanks Marjorie. I noticed that Pete B has a t-square with Saturn and the Moon’s nodes. It will be activated by Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto this year from Capricorn (and Aries Mars). There’s a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in March at those degrees too that might energise things for him. Also, what about Bloomberg’s Uranus in Taurus (with Algol) and Sun in Aquarius hitting D Trump’s Leo Mars? I suspect Bloomberg is playing some long game of his own, and it looks as if he will at least succeed in ruffling a few feathers, if not rubbing that Leo Mars’ fur up the wrong way! And yes, I agree with you about the endless campaign trail. I don’t know how anyone has the motivation left to vote after witnessing such a lengthy and tiresome process.

    • Yeah, the campaign is long, but the US is also a much larger country that Britain. How are the candidates supposed to ingratiate themselves with the voting public if they don’t tour the country, participate in debates and/or run ads/social-media campaigns?
      Whether or not it’s tedious to watch, all the voting public has to do is go vote (twice, if there’s a primary), barring any voter suppression. If ever there was a time to get off our butts and perform our civic duty, this is it!

        • The amount is jaw-dropping. Millions to billions!Here are the stats:

          And yes, Dig, I agree the candidates might need more time (and $$$) for their campaigns, owing to the size of the USA. But possibly it is now a little excessive? Not to mention the time involved. But voting this time is the main thing, as you say. Voter turnout isn’t high in the US, and I sometimes wonder if that isn’t because people are not only disillusioned, but suffering from campaign fatigue.

          • Thanks for that. It is staggering. I can’t cope with that many digits. Thousands of millions. Such a waste.
            And as you say there’s voter fatigue – the only people interested are candidates and the serious media who make a full time occupation out of it.

          • Yes, the amount of money spent is ridiculous and most of the information is biased (ppl tooting their own horns). So, it’s understandable that ppl get confused or want to tune out. But the voting public has to invest time to investigate candidates’ background and political history & experience. It’s ultimately for our own good.
            Campaign ads are part of business / revenue streams for media.
            Our political system (i.e., campaign finance, voter registration, redistricting, etc.) needs an overhaul. The way the US voting public look at politics also needs an overhaul. And with that, the way that the media covers politicians (the more popular gets more press) also needs an overhaul.

        • @ Marjorie,

          Mike Bloomberg alone has already spent $300 million in ads – most of which he’s been running here in Florida and in California. It truly is mind boggling.

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