Inauguration omens – friends and enemies ** Add On

The 2021 Inauguration chart has an explosive and disruptive Moon Mars Uranus conjunction in the hidden 12th house square a Sun Saturn Jupiter conjunction (assuming 12 noon swearing in). The theme of these administration start charts can indicate internal political challenges or external events.

George W Bush’s First Term, 20 January 2001, which kicked off after a deeply flawed election result, and led into 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars had a dirty-dealings behind-the-scenes 8th house Moon Pluto; with an explosive Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus Mercury – so reflecting internal and external events.

Abraham Lincoln’s Term chart, 4 March 1861 which led into the Civil War and then his assassination had a brutal Mars Pluto in Taurus trine Saturn; with a Saturn square Uranus reflecting the conflict between conservative and progressive.

Franklin D Roosevelt’s 3rd Term, 20 January 1941, leading into Pearl Harbour and World War 11, had a stark Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter Saturn in Taurus; with Mars trine Pluto, which is warlike enough.

George H Bush, 20 January 1989, oversaw the first Gulf War, and that inauguration chart had an argumentative Sun square Mars, with a volatile and disruptive Mars trine Uranus Saturn.

John F Kennedy, 20 January 1961 12.45pm was another Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn with a stressed Yod of Mars sextile Pluto inconjunct Midheaven. Though was a good deal less challenging than any of the above.

Ronald Reagan’s First Term, 20 January 1981, which was followed by an assassination attempt from which he nearly died, has yet another Jupiter Saturn conjunction this time in Libra – with a potent Mars Mercury trine Pluto as well as trine Saturn Jupiter.

Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have a bad reputation for US Presidents. Every American president in the past 200 years who has been inaugurated on a Jupiter–Saturn conjunction has either been assassinated or survived an assassination attempt or died in office with only two exceptions, Thomas Jefferson and James Munroe. See post 3 January 2019, Tecsumeh’s Curse.

Richard Nixon’s Presidency, 20 January 1969, which ended in his resignation after Watergate is curiously free of aggravating aspects; with a lucky Sun trine Uranus Jupiter and Pluto and an unengaged Mars and little aspected Saturn. Though the Sun is conjunct the Mars/Saturn and Neptune/Node midpoints suggesting setbacks and deception; with Saturn opposition the Mars/Pluto midpoint which is catastrophe-prone.

Add On: In fact his 2nd Term chart (above) 20 January 1973 is more illuminating with an 8th house Mars opposition Saturn, always a sure sign of a setback and ill-luck – which also figures in Trump’s Term chart from 8th to 11th houses.  In Nixon’s case there is also an unstable Uranus square Midheaven (assuming 12 noon))

From the above I’d kind of assume that not all of the stressed aspects of the 2021 Inauguration chart will come from internal political strains. There could well be global events involved as well. The 2021 Uranus square Saturn is redolent of the 1861 Civil War  in the conflict between conservative and radical, and although angry and potentially violent nowhere near as destructive as 1861. Also if the swearing in time is not noon for any reason then the Mars Uranus may not be 12th house.

Some of the above charts have 12 noon start times since there was no information to suggest otherwise.

From Lincoln Inaugural Speech 1861: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

“With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan—to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

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    • Rachel Bitecofer. Inspired by Rachel Maddow to study politics and gained notoriety fo her 2018 midterm seat gain prediction for Democrats. Her original forecast was 42 seats but she revised it to 45 in a later update. Dems gained 41. The article is deceiving in saying that Nate Silver’s team got it wrong. They never predicted a GOP victory for the House, only for the Senate. They gave a range of gains for Dems like most forecasters. E.g 36 to 39. She was unique in stating a definitive figure.
      Her thesis has merit. I only disagree in the sense that it’s not only about turnout. Swing voters still exist despite her dismissiveness of their power and they will be crucial to building a solid coalition to defeat not only Trump, but also Mitch. The GOP are planning to cheat in every which way to retain power. So historic voter turnout is required and the Dem base alone won’t achieve this enough to offset any cheating. While any of the current top six could likely beat Trump, it’s a matter of the margin of victory. Bernie or Warren(even if they could squeak out a victory) would be extremely risky in their ability to help galvanize those swingers to help regain control of the Senate. If Dems don’t regain the Senate, it’s going to make the Obama years under Mitch’s control seem like good times! Remember, Trump and Mitch have put a record amount of judges in the courts. So the GOP will have control of the judiciary for years to come. The Dems only hope is to regain the Senate and keep justice Ginsburg alive long enough until they hopefully beat Trump. If she dies and he gets another SCOTUS pick, God help America!
      Midterms is one thing(the moderate Dems, not the so-called progressives were the ones responsible for that Blue Wave House victory as the Senate map wasn’t favorable for them then, but It will be this this time). A general election is a whole different beast!

    • Considering how panicky Trump is over this, it’s likely his legal team considers at least one of on going investigations being “the bomb”. Not only for him, but his family, who are not covered by legal immunity. I think that while Ivanka’s chart doesn’t demonstrate much stress, she is the one that has the biggest legal liability here, because she was intimately involved in development of many of the “nixed” Trump projects which now seem awful lot like money laundry. She will probably negociate a deal with a country with no extradition treaty with The US – most likely UAE, where she is currently, talking about women’s rights -, and that’s it.

    • Thanks Marjorie. Yes, this has been rumbling away like a bad tempered volcano for quite a while. Deutsche Bank was apparently founded on 10th March 1870. The planets on that day have many connections with Trump’s natal chart – here are a few of them: The bank’s Sun and Mars in Pisces square Trump’s Sun, Uranus and Nodes in Gemini, and Moon in Sagittarius. His Mars in Leo opposes the bank’s Mercury and Venus, and his Saturn and Venus in Cancer are conjunct the Bank’s Nodes in Cancer. Tr Saturn opposes that at the moment – financial history and fate?! Neptune is approaching the Bank’s Sun and Mars, so either there’s a scandal (surely not) or they will shape shift, and skip away in Neptune’s fog. But Pluto is around for Trump and the Bank as well, so possibly some kind of accounting is actually due……

  1. “The 2021 Uranus square Saturn is redolent of the 1861 Civil War in the conflict between conservative and radical…”

    There’s a large movement afoot called “Sanctuary Counties” which fully (and violently) support our 2nd Amendment rights, in response to gun control laws which are intended to limit illegal access to weapons.

    Here’s an example article from BBC: “”, titled “Sanctuary counties: Inside Virginia’s gun rights resistance.” I would foresee this topic to be the core/crux of armed resistance within the US during the upcoming periods of American astrological trauma. What do you think?

    Arrr. Heady times ahead, maties…

    • Larryc – you may want to read an article from the NYT titled “border patrol will deploy elite tactical agents to sanctuary cities” snipers and grenades, tanks etc. read it. published 2/14/2020

      • “Sanctuary Cities” which refuse to enforce WH immigration are different thing than “Sanctuary Counties”, which refuse to enforce State and Federal Laws they think are against 2nd Amendment of Constitution stating that “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The argument, here, is obviously what or who constitute a “well regulated Militia”. As an outsider, I would think Founding Fathers were intending this to be something akin to Finnish Home Guards in the interwar period. These were established during Civil War of 1918 as White Guards, and continued to carry some functions up until 1944 in very close collaboration with Finnish Armed Forces. This was not an unproblematic organization, but had its’ functionality in much the same way Militias would have had in the late 18th Century America, without well defined boarders and clusters of homesteaders truly having to defend themselves against English, French, Spanish and yes, even if for more arguable reasons, First Nations.

      • There have been incidents where “Militia Like” groups have violently stormed State Capitols. Richmont, Virginia had a relatively big, if peaceful, and consisting mainly of larpers (people so obese they couldn’t run 100 yards with such a vague idea on gun safety they’re more likely to shoot themselves on foot than anything else), rally just two weeks ago).

        I don’t think they are the most dangerous people, though, the real hardcore Militia are in Texas, near Mexican boarder and Northwest in Eastern Oregon and Washington (areas I think Larry is familiar with). Some would have infiltrated The US Military, too.

        But this is a real issue many US “Liberals” living in larger cities are almost completely unaware of, since this hardly gets reported by MSM. One (fairly) competent lone wolf can do a great deal of harm, as demostrated by all but forgotten Timothy McVeigh or or Anders Breivik here in Europe.

        • I don’t like to simply paint any particular group a particular color…but Texas is a strong hold of rebelliousness. While Obama was running the show, the Birther movement aimed to rid the WH of all who were non-white and not “born in the USA”. One Texan acquaintence boasted that it would be a real bloodbath – whites against “Mooslims and other non-native species. ” He looked forward to it.

          The pacific northwest still remains another silent bastion of the KKK. Let’s not forget that.

          The Deep South never recovered from the Civil War. Not just Eastern Oregon but all of it – I lived there for over a decade – a very fractured population – along with Washington and the northern border states: they are rather isolated due to the fact they were settled apace from the rest of the US, east of the Mississppi.

          Some years back, an A-10 Warthog “disappeared” from military exercises in Colorado. Rumors were that the Confederate Air Force infiltrated the US Air Force and stole one of the ‘Hogs. This was quickly put down by the powers that were.

          It all makes for interesting fireside chat, don;t you think? 😉

  2. The void of course 12th house moon is an interesting element of ‘it will all come to nothing’ for this inauguration ceremony. I see this as potentially very hopeful.

  3. Maybe there won’t be an Inauguration on the usual date? Mercury goes direct on election day, November 3rd. Plenty of things can go wrong with the final vote count, voter suppression, problems with voting machines and the possible hacking of voter data. Mercury was retrograde during the Bush-Gore fiasco. If Trump appears to be behind in the vote count – he could say the entire thing was rigged and refuse to leave the Presidency. The thought that he won’t step aside when the time comes in not unthinkable, in fact, it is openly debated.

    • The problem with using Election Day chart is that many states including Florida have early voting which means that a large number of the voters will be casting ballots under the mental confusion the Mercury retrograde and all that will be left on the actual election day will be tallying the votes.

      Of course Trump wouldn’t want to step aside because he knows that the state of NY wants to indict him on several crimes if he loses in November and that was why Trump was going nuts about investigating Biden for ‘corruption’ so he could decrease Biden’s “elect-ability” which it seems as if he has since Biden is almost out of money and came in fifth in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

      Now there isn’t much talk about investigating the Bidens. Coincidence?

      • Agreed. I’ve said for sometime now that Trump would never entertain stepping aside because he’s in legal jeopardy and knows no deal will be struck with SDNY in terms of stepping down if they wouldn’t prosecute. They are dogged in going after criminals and they’re chomping at the bit to get Trump. Sealed Indictments await and Barr suspects this. Which is why he’s trying to snuff out what may be in the works in regards to coming after Trump.
        Boy was Con Don narrow minded in thinking Biden was his biggest threat. Buttigieg is a worthy adversary, and Bloomberg will spare no expense. He strategically used the Super Bowl to tug at the heart strings of women with a gun violence ad. The Data analytics guru is on a mission, and he knows how to strategically target specific demographics. It worked in the midterms after all.
        Democrats should be grateful for Bloomberg as this is no time for sanctimonious purity tests. They will need all the cheddar they can get as Trump is willing to tear down the U.S if needs be to stay in power. And the racists are enthusiastically funding him.

        • “Boy was Con Don narrow minded in thinking Biden was his biggest threat. Buttigieg is a worthy adversary, and Bloomberg will spare no expense.”

          Hate to say this, because when it comes to what matters to me, in other words, The US Foreign Policy, Buttigieg is surprisingly enough is one of the more informed candidates, but you may have to rethink Buttigieg a bit after the next two primaries.

          That said, it is still a crowded field and as I noted before, there’s that Mercury square Mars during The Democratic Convention. I’m now starting to see people mentioning “Brokered Convention” a lot. If it’ll go down to Buttigieg and Sanders, Buttigieg will win, hands down. This could lead to rioting, because
          maybe a small, but significant part of Bernie Base is completely out of control (Sanders isn’t doing anything effective to disown them, either, but “both siding” the issue).

          • Not worried about Buttigieg. He just needs to finish in the top 3 in NV and SC is not a big deal. What some people apparently miss is that the black vote is watching who is the strongest among white voters. That’s why they’re deemed as pragmatic. Noticed they never consolidated around any of the black candidates. It’s no coincidence that right after Biden’s dismal performance in 2 of the whitest States, his poll numbers dropped off a cliff with the black vote. And who gained the most? Bloomberg. Even Buttigieg gained 4 points from zero in just 2 weeks. Biden was only as strong with blacks as the perception that he’d be the Moderate white voters choices. They will coalesce around whoever the strongest Moderate is.
            Now the main prize is delegate rich California. If Buttigieg finishes at least second there, then he’s good to go. As to Bernie, there’s something called Super Delegates. These are powerful “establishment” types and Bernie will not be getting those. Furthermore I’ve seen some astrologers expecting another health scare coming soon. Either way, not worried about him or his followers. Klobuchar is the main sticking point for Buttigieg, but just a minor setback as fortunately she should be done after Super Tuesday.
            As I suspected and stated previously, I expect it’ll be a battle of the brainiac Mayors. Buttigieg has 4 important advantages over Bloomberg. Age, humility, favorability and less political baggage.

          • Ok, not able to respond directly to that message, but Buttigieg is likely NOT going to finish 3rd in Nevada. He is not polling anywhere near, but most importantly, does not have much of a ground operation there. Nevada is a (maybe) surprising Union State. Sanders is leading the pack there heftly, but expect a surprisingly strong showing for Biden and Warren there, too, after Sanders supporters harrashed Hospitality Union Leaders who want to keep their privately negociated health plan.

            Also, the idea that “black voters will support who ever is leading” is very reductive. It’s much more likely that in absense of anyone inspiring, they will sit this one out. Which would, yes, help Pete in Primary. But it’s demostrably really white boomer moderate voters who just hate Trump and want to see someone to beat him abbandoning Buttigieg for Bloomberg AND Klochbuchar.

          • @Solaia. Polls?! . Do you know how many Nevada polls were done in February? One so far. Not a highly rated one at that. Nevada is a caucus state like Iowa and they’re notoriously hard to poll. Why? Voters realignment after non viable first choice. Betting markets aren’t perfect but they pick up on trends far quicker than polls. Here’s 2 of them. Now who’s in third place I wonder?!

    • And that chart, if I recall (I’m on my cell phone, so no access to files), tells a clear story. Especially, if you add asteroid Vesta to the mix. Vesta does seem to show up in question of accountability.

    • Thanks for that. Have amended above. Does make more sense. Though on a quick look none of the inauguration charts are clear on the timing of the critical events which follow.

      • The date and time of the inauguration was set in the U.S. Constitution by the 20th Amendment, which moved the date from March 4 to January 20 to reduce the “lame duck” period between presidencies. Could Trump tamper with it? Sure, but not legally. The new president can be sworn in a private oath-taking ceremony without the usual pomp.

  4. Hi – you touched on this kind of analysis a few yrs ago but had concluded there seemed no real trend. But with time and another playoner on the board, seems there could be a trend toward another kettle of boiling water being knocked off the stove.

  5. George Washington (22 February 1732) had Jupiter in Libra opposite Saturn in Aries. His own inauguration in April 1789 had a Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces. There’s a wide square, too, between Jupiter and Saturn in the USA founding chart. Possibly the cycles of these two planets are woven into US history?

    I came across this quote from George Washington. I can’t help but wonder what he would be thinking now…

    “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
    ― George Washington

  6. “Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have a bad reputation for US Presidents. Every American president in the past 200 years who has been inaugurated on a Jupiter–Saturn conjunction has either been assassinated or survived an assassination attempt or died in office with only two exceptions, Thomas Jefferson and James Munroe. See post 3 January 2019, Tecsumeh’s Curse.”

    As noted, though, Roosevelt’s Saturn/Jupiter in the 12th house term was not FDR’s final one, and there was a “real” election in 1944, despite US being in War. So, technically, he’d be another survivor, although he was already likely dying by the time he began this term.

  7. Wonder if Trump does succeed, as sadly is possible, he may not survive the ‘Jupiter Saturn’ curse, whichever form it may take. If I were him I’d retire to his Scottish golf course.

    • It’s worth to note that most of the Democratic front runners are in their 70’s, too. Bernie Sanders had a cardiac arrest just couple of months ago. Hasn’t published the medical record, as promised previously. Biden and Bloomberg seem to be in good physical health for their age, but obviously, do not recover as easily as younger people.

      • Former VP Dick Cheney was very heart-challenged—5 heart attacks and several heart surgeries, including an eventual transplant. His health and fitness for the job of VP, where many acknowledge he was the one actually pulling GWB’s strings, wasn’t very strongly challenged, at least by the mainstream media (to my memory, anyway).

  8. “George W Bush’s First Term, 20 January 2001, which kicked off after a deeply flawed election result, and led into 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars had a dirty-dealings behind-the-scenes 8th house Moon Pluto; with an explosive Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus Mercury – so reflecting internal and external events.”

    Houses matter a lot, in Mundane Astrology. Mars in 7th house of “war and peace” or conjunct Descendant definitely isn’t a good omen for a peaceful term, it seems.

    “Franklin D Roosevelt’s 4th Term, 20 January 1941, leading into Pearl Harbour and World War 11, had a stark Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter Saturn in Taurus; with Mars trine Pluto, which is warlike enough.”

    This was his 3rd term. There was a 4th and final term that only lasted a couple of months. What’s interesting for 2021 influences here is Saturn/Jupiter in the 12th house, since 2021 has similarly challenged Uranus/Mars in 12th house. FDR was notably very physically ill through his 3rd term, and died only months into his 4th term. I think it would be impossible to keep this kind of physical decline under wrap these days, but I still think that this 12th house influence does mean person inaugurated in January may be somehow incapacitated. Whether it’ll be Trump or someone else, health issues may be visible.

    • Well, good astrologers never cease to learn, either. I think that what many astrologers find difficult with Inauguration Charts is that they always have the same Sun/ Ascendant, Mercury and Venus are more or less in the same houses and Jupiter too can only fall to certain houses/signs. Since these are some of the main aspects one looks at any chart, there’s only a limited set of explanations available.

      I started looking at Inauguration Charts seriously with Obama I, because I was frankly terrified he’d get assassinated. Fortunately, this did not happen. However, this chart did teach me things that were vital in understanding Trump’s Term Chart – for instance, I did not see many astrologer pay attention to 8th house Saturn square 11th house Mars on that chart interpreting this as a conflict with Congress. But seeing that Obama I had 5th house Saturn opposing 11th house Venus, I thought it would be likely that Republicans would lose The House in 2018, the way Democrats did in 2010. And it’s telling Hillary would have had the same issue, or even worse.

      Another random observations:

      – Although midday chart does not give terribly distorted houses, I prefer to use the equal house system for this chart. It’ll change Sun from 10th to 9th house, which kind of undelines the concept of US President “not being a King”, but subjected to Constitution.

      – Asteroids matter. Juno is clearly VP, Vesta Rule of Law and, I’ve come to notice that Ceres might be First Lady/Gentleman. Trump 2017 has Juno in 12th house conjunct Uranus and opposite Jupiter in 6th house. Explains why you never see Pence. Ceres is in 8th house conjunct Saturn, and First Family is leeching on Presidency. Vesta is in Cancer opposing MC and squaring Jupiter – does this need to be even explained? 2021 has a Sadgittarius Juno in 7th house sextile Jupiter, lonely, but visible, maybe an indication VP will be a visible diplomat (if Trump will be re-elected, I don’t see him doing any foreign travelling, so this could be it, too). Ceres conjunct Neptune, trining Venus and sextiling MC/Pluto, which at least seems more inspiring than the current one (and if I should base my POTUS prediction on this only, I’d say Pete Buttigieg will win, since Chastain Buttigieg would definitely be inspiring Globally). Vesta on 2017 chart is exactly opposite MC and squares Jupiter in 6th house of Public Service – need to say more? On 2021 Chart, Vesta in 5th house Virgo trines Venus, Pluto (most exact) and MC. So I guess that this will be less of an issue starting from 2021.

      • @Solaia. I think the section about Buttigieg is going to prove prescient on your part.

        Another astrologer wrote this about the 2021 Inauguration: “Wow, Pete Buttigieg’s Inauguration Day Solar Return chart is very, very interesting. The Sun is exactly conjunct the Ascendant, making the year all about him. Being himself to the utmost fullest.

        The Capricorn Ascendant itself shows a certain degree of poise and ambition, maybe even status or an increase in status.

        The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will take place in the first house, along with Mercury, which I take to be a symbol of good luck, or at least great power.”
        I asked Marjorie about this but no reply. Care to opine?

        • I didn’t respond since when I pulled up his Solar Return for 2021 it doesn’t have those placings. Unless my software is awry can’t think where they got the info

        • I am sorry but there is no way that Buttigieg could be elected president because African Americans are too homophobic and resent white gay males (I say this as a gay African American male).

          The only way that Mayor Pete could win would be if the entire Republican party collapsed before election day and I don’t see that.

          Some astrologer stated that the next president would be transitional so that sounds more like a Bloomberg or Biden and since Biden is almost out of the race it’s looking more like Bloomberg for the win.

          • And America is too racially sensitive to elect a black man and also moral enough to NOT elect a wretched person like Trump! Hmm

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