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  1. Marjorie,

    Could you write something in regards to the U.S. – North Korea nuclear strike threats. When I heard that North Korea was threatening Guam, I gasped. I was even more horrified when that idiot Donald Trump responded with threats of his own. Donald Trump is stupid and mentally unstable and I’m very concerned about his feud with North Korea. Trump is antagonizing North Korea – a country that has large and powerful military and a VERY obedient population that is devoted to its leader. This whole situation could lead to devastation to everyone.

    Chris Romero

  2. Glenn Campbell died today, “Campbell died Tuesday around 10 AM in a Nashville facility for Alzheimer’s patients … according to a source close to his family.” RIP.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    Any thought/s on Eric Bolling who works for Fox News now suspended, born March 2 1963 in Chicago, IL?
    Suspended for allegedly sending texts to fellow Fox colleagues, read up on detail yourself.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hello Marjorie
    In light of the current eclipse season, I was wondering about the prospects for Hilary Clinton. She has a tight mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo alongside Saturn too, in the tenth if the Scorpio ascendant chart is accurate. Her Scorpio planets in the 12th must be impacted too I think. She’s been very quiet of late..

  5. Jennifer, In answer to your midpoint question. The Sun in aspect to Jupiter/Uranus makes you optimistic, gives you a sharp bright mind, lucky, a lover of freedom.
    You can have both if you like – and since Jupiter/Pluto is definitely positive I’d still claim it at three degrees, though perhaps marginally weaker than an exact aspect. Sun in aspect to Jupiter/Pluto gives great confidence and the ability to turn thoughts into things, almost like magic.

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