John Kasich – try, try, maybe try again


John Kasich, Ohio Republican Governor, former Congressman, Fox News TV host, investment banker, has not ruled out standing in the 2020 Presidential election, though he’s twice lost the GOP nomination in 2000 and 2016. He refused to back Trump in 2016 and has been described as a solid conservative with an independent streak.

Born 13 May 1952, he has a solidly Fixed chart with a Taurus Sun on the focal point of a T Square to Pluto opposition North Node in Aquarius; with Venus Jupiter also in Taurus opposition an ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio; a hard-working Capricorn Moon; and an autocratic Uranus square Saturn and Neptune in Libra. Enduring, stubborn, controlling, ego-centric, can turn on the charm when necessary but can also be vengeful, doesn’t budge easily from his opinions.

His Governorship is up in 2019, when he has tr Pluto trine his Sun (2019/2020) which is usually progressive; with a lucky-break tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter in 2019 though also opposition his Mars so he’s likely to be overly impulsive.

He doesn’t look too happy over the election itself in November 2020 from a variety of blocking Saturn and Pluto transits to midpoints. But will get a real lift in 2022 from Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus. He’s the sort who’ll never be short of work no matter what happens.

One thought on “John Kasich – try, try, maybe try again

  1. Kasich has turned Ohio upside down with his republican big-business favoritism. He’s rubber stamped legislation that is ruinous to the middle class, the sick, the poor, the elderly.

    This has not gone unnoticed by the major newspapers, but little can be done about it. Ohio is gerrymandered and Diebold machined to the max. The Republicans could run Martin Shkrili for governor and get him elected.

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