Queen’s uncle – a shocker for improper behaviour


Lurid Royal scandals don’t come any more outrageous than those that swirled around the Queen’s uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George V and younger brother to the Duke of Windsor and King George V1.

According to wiki – there were “strong rumours” that he had affairs with musical star Jessie Matthews, writer Cecil Roberts and Noël Coward. The security services “reported that Coward and Kent had been seen parading together through the streets of London, dressed and made up as women, and had once been arrested by the police for suspected prostitution”. Kent is rumoured to have been addicted to drugs, especially morphine and cocaine, a rumour that reputedly originated with his friendship with American socialite and member of the Happy Valley set, Kiki Preston. Reportedly, he shared Kiki in a ménage à trois with Argentinian Jorge Ferrara; and she bore him an illegitimate son. Other alleged sexual liaisons were with the art historian and Soviet spy Anthony Blunt, Indira Raje, Maharani of Cooch Behar, and José Uriburu, son of the Argentinian ambassador to the Court of St James’s.

He was Grand Master in the Freemasons and was killed in a plane crash in 1942 while serving in the RAF, the first time a member of the Royal Family had been killed on active service in 450 years. He had three children – the present Duke of Kent, also a Freemason Grand Master, Princess Alexandra and Prince Michael born a few weeks before his death. His father George V preferred a dull middle-class life, opting for a small house before his elevation and stamp collecting; his mother Mary of Teck was described as ‘cold and hard.’ Though both were solid monarchs when the time came.

Prince George, 20 December 1902 7.35 pm Sandringham, had a fairly riotous chart – with a fiery Sagittarius Sun in the party-loving 5th house along with a maverick Uranus and Mercury Venus in Capricorn. His Uranus (Sun) opposed Pluto and squared a Virgo Moon, making him emotionally unpredictable and highly strung. His Mars squared his Sun, Mercury, Venus so he’d be impetuous, reckless and not overly sensitive about others’ feelings with Mars Venus in square.

There does seem to be a recurring Venus Mars theme – Queen Victoria had Venus and Mars both in Aries though wide-ish for a conjunction. Her son Edward V11 and grandson George V had Venus square Mars as had Prince George, Duke of Kent and the present Duke of Kent – and Prince Andrew has a Venus Mars conjunction in Capricorn – which is a recurring theme through the main players in the Epstein saga. See post August 14 2019 on Ghislaine Maxwell.


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