Henry V111 – first English-exit

Pluto in Aquarius picking up in 2023 for twenty years, which recurs roughly every 250 years, has already overseen one seismic split between England and the European continent. It happened in 1533 when Henry V111 defied the Pope by ditching his first wife Catherine of Aragon and marrying Anne Boleyn. He was excommunicated for his trouble and thus started the great religious schism which marked England out as a separate entity.

Henry, despite his six wives and reputation for gluttony, didn’t have that lustful or greedy a chart. Born 23 June 1491 JC 8.45 am he was a Sun Cancer with a hidden Aries Moon, Venus in social butterfly Gemini in a cool trine to Saturn; and admittedly an impulsive Jupiter opposition Neptune square Mars in Virgo.

There are not many recorded birth dates for his various wives and the available two may be iffy. Catherine of Aragon, 16 December 1485 Madrid, was a Sun Capricorn conjunct Uranus with a downtrodden Mars Saturn in Sagittarius. 7 of her planets fell in his 4th so she’d very much part of his domestic life though an unsettling presence there as she failed to produce him a male heir and was dispensed with.

Anne Boleyn, 5 May 1507 11.30 am, was a confident and stubborn Taurus square Saturn in Leo with Jupiter trine Pluto. She resisted his seductions until he married her and then gave birth to Elizabeth but no boy and turned into a shrew so was eventually beheaded. Her Venus in Aries fell in his 8th for a deep connection and was in the same sign as his Moon; and her Libra Moon was trine his Jupiter – but it really wasn’t that strong a bond. Except for the Yod in the relationship chart of Neptune sextile Saturn inconjunct the composite Sun. Usually when Yods appear in relationships the individuals are fated to come together to irrevocably change their lives and broader destinies. She ended up minus her head; and he altered the course of English history.

The next spin round of Pluto in Aquarius 1778 -1797 coincided with the Brits in retreat from the American colonies having lost the War of Independence.


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  1. Can I ask where you have got Anne Boleyn’s birth date from? It has been widely debate for many decades and renowned historians have come to the conclusion that 1501 is the most likely because of her age she would expected to be when she was taken to France as a girl. As there is no certain record of the year of her birthday so where did you read she was born on May 5th..I’m intrigued

      • interesting as this is, and with respect, the data bank is100% wrong and been fed false information ..there is No historical record of Anne Boleyn’s birth date..
        Eminent historians have never found any document citing the year Anne was born, let alone date and time. She was executed in May. .and her Coronation celebrations were begun in May. .her birth date is still unknown till this day, and if it was discovered it would make great news in the world of history

  2. If you want to be taken seriously, use the correct symbols to designate Roman numerals. It’s Henry VIII (capital “I”) not V111.

    • English PHD; showing the world how to disappear up ones own hoop with one patronizing statement. You must be an utter joy in person. Sitting there, sipping your Earl Grey with your little finger cocked to the skies and casting judgements at the great, dirty unwashed. I bet in real life you are one of the biggest hypocrites walking around. Your kind ALWAYS are. Honestly, I can’t believe you pulled her up on something so PETTY. Marjorie posted a BLOG. I bet 99% would know what she meant. She didn’t submit an academic essay for a critique. I’d bet my last coin you probably go through life as a miserable, critical snob and notice hundreds of ridiculous things daily. Life’s too short to get ones knickers in a snag over correct symbols and Roman numerals. Dear me…

      • Some people are very particular, petty perhaps, thats a fact..and this can be irritating to some, definitely…rise above it.
        It doesn’t warrent your rude personal attack in defence of the author

  3. This Tudor “exit” was also shaped, at least in part, by Henry’s influential and powerful advisers – Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell, a lawyer. Both their careers ended badly, both being accused of treason. Only Cromwell was executed. Maybe this is Henry’s Jupiter Neptune Mars manifesting. We currently see both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn with their own advisers, Dominic Cummings and Seamus Milne. We like to think things change, but how much do they change really?

      • Oh dear! Yes, its all a bit slippery out there, and this coming week is shaping up to look like something from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia.

  4. Alan Clay came to our astrology group on Saturday to give a talk about Sedna. Sedna apparently goes into Gemini in 2024 so I think it’ll be interesting to see how that and the Pluto in Aquarious plays out, especially as we’ve been getting so many Gemini in leadership roles.

    • It was a brutal age particularly for upper class women who were used as pawns by various aristocratic factions trying to win favour at the Royal Court. In many ways they had less control over their lives than poorer women.

      By the standards of his age Henry VIII was not a particularly promiscuous monarch. He seems to have been a bit of a sexual prude who liked to woo his wives and mistresses through extended rather formal courtship. Certainly he was no unrestrained lecher like Francis I of France. Unfortunately, where it all became deadly was over the production of a male heir. Because Henry’s royal spouse Catherine had failed to produce a son Henry turned to partners from the English aristocracy which inevitably led to rival families trying to get their daughters installed as the next Queen. For them to get the job it was necessary to persuade the king to get rid of the previous occupant using whatever means were necessary. England’s ‘exit’ from the Roman Catholic church was largely a by product of these internal battles rather than being driven by events in Europe though clearly the rival factions used the Protestant Reformation to ideologically under pin their position. In that respect it has some similarities the current conflicts over Brexit.

      Both Henry VIII and his people regarded the securing of a peaceful succession as the monarchs most important job. They believed no male heir potentially could lead to rival claimants contesting the throne leading to civil war as had happened in the Wars of the Roses. As it happened these fears were largely unfounded as all Henry’s children both male and female were able to secure the crown and reign until their natural deaths, though none bore any children. In fact it was the far more fecund Stuarts who had no problems producing heirs that took the country back into bloody civil conflict.

      Oddly though Ann Boleyn ousted Catherine of Aragon as Queen her own survival in the job was partly dependent on the latter remaining alive. All the time the first Queen breathed the second Queen was safe even if she had failed to provide the male heir that Henry wanted. Once Catherine died Anne Boleyn’s days were numbered

      • Very astute, Mr. Fowler.

        To carry your summation forward, the death of Queens did not end with the death of Henry. When his son Edward knew he was dying, he named Lady Jane Grey as his heir. After his death, the “nine day Queen” Jane joined the list of murdered high-born women. She was one of the best educated women in the land, and would have done as well as Mary, who kept her imprisoned for a year before ordering her murder, or Elizabeth (after Mary). The Crown might have been more stable under Queen Jane and her husband Lord Dudley, because she might have had heirs, and the country would have had a line of succession, rather than an endless jumble of competing factions.

      • Talking of brutal times for aristocratic women – Sarah Dunant’s novel Sacred Hearts was an eye opener for me. It was hugely well reviewed so I ordered it and then couldn’t understand why I had bought a book about nuns around that period. If they could escape to it, a convent was a civilized refuge compared to a life being sold by fathers/brothers into the arms of husbands who used and abused them. They were places of education and culture.
        Francois 1 of France was a Sun Jupiter in Virgo – male Virgos can be go-ers in the lechery camp; with a 5th house Pluto square Venus.

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